4 Reasons to Make Room for a Freestanding Bath in Your Bathroom!

Freestanding Bath

Most people consider freestanding baths to be a statement feature that only lavish homes and mansions can accommodate. While this was more or less true in the past, it’s quite a different story today.

Today, freestanding baths are a fairly common feature in any new house or bathroom renovation. More and more ‘regular customers’ are choosing freestanding baths in Perth because they are now designed to fit all bathroom sizes and are more affordable than ever.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, I highly recommend you consider including a freestanding bath. Continue reading this article and I will explain how a freestanding bath will help you transform your bathroom into a more functional and more enjoyable space.

Reason #1 – To make your space luxurious and opulent

There’s no denying that freestanding baths look incredibly luxurious. By including a freestanding bath in your bathroom, you will immediately transform your space into a sophisticated and opulent one.

Moreover, freestanding baths in Perth are available in a large collection of contemporary and vintage styles. Because of this, you’re sure to find a freestanding bath that complements the style you’re trying to create.

Reason #2 – To create a spa-like experience

Freestanding baths allow you to enjoy a spa-like experience in the privacy of your own home. Unlike standard baths which need to be installed against a wall, you can position a freestanding bath anywhere you like in a room. This means you can create a warm and inviting retreat simply by positioning your freestanding bath in the right place. Just don’t forget to add some natural elements to your room to complete the spa feel.

Reason #3 – To provide easy access

Freestanding baths are a very practical addition to your bathroom. Because they can be positioned anywhere, they provide much easier access than standard baths. While freestanding baths will make your bathroom experience more pleasurable and efficient, you can also accessorise the space around the baths with items like a mixer tap. Our Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower and our Cube Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower are some excellent choices for accessorising a freestanding bath.

Reason #4 – To showcase your tiles

Believe it or not, by including a freestanding bath in your bathroom, you can actually create the illusion of extra space. This is because the walls and floor around a freestanding bath are free. Here’s where you can get creative with tiles and make a great style statement.

To create a seamless, uninterrupted look around your freestanding bath, choose a tile like the Saturn Nero for your bathroom floors and walls. Alternatively, you can also consider something like the Moonlight Mosaic on the wall behind your bath to make a feature statement.

Where to find freestanding baths in Perth?

Galaxy Black Oval Freestanding Bath
Galaxy Black Oval Freestanding Bath

For the biggest range of freestanding baths in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer an extensive range of baths that come in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from. We also offer free delivery across Perth Metro on all online orders, which is a massive win for anyone buying a freestanding bath (because they weigh a tonne!!!).

From our range, I would like to recommend our Bermuda Black & White Freestanding Bath and our Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath for contemporary bathrooms. For vintage bathrooms, check out our Morocco Back to the Wall Freestanding Bath. Any of these makes for a fantastic choice! And, if you’re unsure as to whether to go for a freestanding bath or a back to wall bath, read our post, ‘Benefits of Back to Wall Baths Over Freestanding Baths‘ – it may just make you switch.


Freestanding baths are available in a range of shapes, sizes and designs these days. Due to this, more and more homeowners include freestanding baths in their homes, and you should look to do the same.

Including a freestanding bath will allow you to make your space luxurious and opulent and help you create a spa-like experience at home. Freestanding baths provide easy access, and they will make your bathroom more efficient and practical. With freestanding baths, you can also showcase your bathroom tiles and make a feature statement.

For freestanding baths at the most competitive prices in Perth, visit Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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