5 Bathroom Basin Styles to Consider For Your Bathroom

wall mount basin

Upgrading a bathroom basin may sound deceptively simple, but you have much to consider when choosing a basin style. Bathroom basins come in various designs and styles, and you’ll need to choose something appropriate for your space in terms of style and size.

So before you start looking for bathroom basins in Perth, you must decide what type of basin you need. Bathroom basins are generally classified into five categories: wall mount basins, top mount basins, inset basins, pedestal basins, and all-in-one vanities.

Today, we’ll look at these five basin types to help you decide which is best suited for your space. I will offer three suggestions for each type to consider incorporating into your bathroom. And, of course, you can purchase any of these bathroom basins in Perth right here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Wall Mount Basins

wall mount basin

As the name implies, wall-mount basins are fixed directly onto walls. They do not require an additional benchtop, and they offer a streamlined and minimalistic look.

The biggest advantage of wall-mount basins is that they do not consume floor space. This gives the illusion that space is bigger than it is. However, the absence of a benchtop and storage cabinets means that wall-mount basins aren’t as functional as other bathroom basins. Because of this, wall-mount basins are best suited for small bathrooms, ensuite bathrooms, and powder rooms.

While you may find wall-mount basins in fancy designs, sticking with a conventional design is best. Our Quado Wall Basin at Ross’s Discount Home Centre is perfect in this respect. It comes in a simple but elegant rectangular shape with slightly curved edges and interiors. It exudes subtle charm and is perfect for minimalist bathrooms.

If you’d like to go with something a little more modern in design, you should look at our Melise Wall / Pedestal Basin.  This bathroom basin features an oval bowl with a curved design and offers a refined and contemporary look.

For a wall mount basin that offers a mix of conventional and modern looks, you’ll find nothing better than our Tetragon Wall / Pedestal Basin. This basin sports a smart design with a curve and offers a great blend of style and functionality.

Top Mount Basins

Top Mount Basins

Top mount basins are the most common type of bathroom basins in Perth and are available in many different styles and designs. Also known as drop-in basins, top-mount basins are designed to be installed on benchtops and are ideal for use in elegant bathrooms with a minimalist scheme.

They can easily be installed on any benchtop material, which makes them easier to clean – spills and water can be wiped straight off the benchtop into the basin.

For a gorgeous top-mount bathroom basin in Perth, check out our Asha Vessel Basin. Available in a sleek and stylish oval design, this vessel basin will transform any bathroom into a contemporary space.

As an alternative to the oval design of our Asha Vessel Basin, you can also consider our Jordan Vessel Basin. This top mount basin has a rectangular design with curved edges and looks elegant.

And, if you’re looking for compact top-mount bathroom basins in Perth, our Rhys Vessel Basin is ideal. This vessel basin features a round bowl, perfect for creating a refined ensuite bathroom.

Inset Basins

inset basin

Also known as under-counter bathroom basins, inset basins are a relatively common type of bathroom basin in Perth. With inset basins, the basin is installed into the benchtop or vanity, while the rim of the basin sits on the underside. Inset basins offer a seamless and neat look as the basin rim is completely hidden from sight.

Inset basins are ideal for creating a minimalistic look in a bathroom. They work best in large spaces with a grand benchtop or vanity unit. However, inset basins are more challenging to install than top-mount and wall-mount basins. Inset basins are usually more expensive than other types of bathroom basins.

If you choose an inset basin, then you should make sure to consider the space available in your bathroom and the size of your vanity top. Inset basins are available in a range of sizes and configurations, so you need to be sure of what you want.

And, regardless of what size inset basin you need, you’ll find it here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. For a medium-sized inset basin, consider our 60cm Ceramic Vanity Top, which has a beautiful, rectangular design. If you’re looking for something bigger, our 75cm Ceramic Vanity Top should work very well for you.

For a double bowl inset basin, check out our 150cm Double Bowl Ceramic Vanity Top. This grand inset basin will allow you to make a sophisticated style stamen without having to break the bank!

Pedestal Basins

wall mount basin

If you’d like a wall mount basin but find that your plumbing is from the floor and not the wall, then you should consider going with an pedestal basin. Pedestal basins are similar to wall mount basins, except that they contain a pedestal to conceal plumbing and waste pipes.

Pedestal basins are visually pleasing, and they can help add a classic vibe to space. However, as with wall mount basins, there is no option to add storage under a pedestal basin. As such, they are suitable only if you’re looking to create a traditional look.

For a classic looking pedestal basin for living areas and halls, you’ll find nothing better than our Living Wall / Pedestal Basin. This pedestal basin features an elegant design with a curved look and will add vintage charm to your space.

To use a pedestal basin in a contemporary bathroom, consider our Brio Wall / Pedestal Basin. With stylish looks with a well thought out design, this pedestal basin is designed to offer a neat and seamless look.

All in One Vanities

all in one vanity

All in One Vanities are an easy solution for an instant complete vanity unit. They include a benchtop with an integrated basin and often include storage cabinets as well.

The biggest advantage of choosing an all in one vanity is that they offer a complete solution. You won’t need to accessorise your bathroom any further as these vanities offer all the functionality you need. Moreover, they can be installed faster much quicker than installing a separate vanity and basin. There is, however, a downside – all in one vanities are only available in select size options, and they are usually not custom made.

If you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary all in one vanity unit in Perth, consider our Brianna PVC Vanity. It features gorgeous looks, and it is available in a range of sizes and bowl configurations. This vanity offers everything you need to make your bathroom stylish and functional.

For a vanity that offers a more traditional look, check out our Charli Semi-Recessed Glass Doors vanity. It is designed to offer a timeless look, and it comes equipped with glass doors, which offer a classic touch.

Or, to create an ultra-modern bathroom, our Shayla Vanity Unit is an ideal choice. It features a trendy design and will allow you to keep your space looking fresh and updated at all times.


When it comes to choosing a bathroom basin, you must first decide which style of basin to go with. If you’re considering wall mount basins, our Quado Wall Basin, Melise Wall / Pedestal Basin and Tetragon Wall / Pedestal Basin are excellent choices. For top mount basins, consider our Asha Vessel Basin, Jordan Vessel Basin and Rhys Vessel Basin, which all offer amazing looks. For inset basins, nothing beats our 60cm Ceramic Vanity Top, 75cm Ceramic Vanity Top and 150cm Double Bowl Ceramic Vanity Top. Our Living Wall / Pedestal Basin, Heart Wall / Pedestal Basin and our Brio Wall / Pedestal Basin are fantastic choices if you’re considering going with pedestal basins. If you’d like to go with an all in one vanity then you should choose from our Brianna PVC Vanity, Charli Semi-Recessed Glass Doors Vanity and our Brio Wall / Pedestal Vanity.

You’ll find all these bathroom basins in Perth, as well as many more, here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We’re Perth’s largest retailers of bathroom products and accessories, and our products are always in stock. While our products are covered by a 14-day money back guarantee, we also offer free delivery across Perth Metro. With us around, you needn’t look anywhere else for bathroom basins in Perth.

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