5 Reasons Why Free Standing Baths Are the Absolute Best Bath

free standing bath

It’s true. There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a free standing bath. Whether you’re designing a spa-like retreat or looking to design an ultra-modern, ultra-luxurious bathroom, a free standing bath is an element you need to transform a bathroom from being good to being great.

While I’m clearly a fan of free standing baths, I still meet customers of Ross’s Discount Home Centre who are set on installing traditional inset baths in new bathrooms, having not given a thought to including a free standing bath in their design.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantages, there are many reasons to choose free standing baths over traditional inset baths. Today, I will share with you X reasons why I think free standing baths are the absolute best bath, so continue reading to find out.

They’re incredibly elegant

Free standing baths add a level of elegance that is unmatched by any other single bathroom fixture.  Regardless of style, they provide a contemporary look that will complement any bathroom design. They captivate attention and will become the feature of any bathroom design.

They available in a range of styles and designs

Whether you’re creating a contemporary bathroom or a traditional bathroom, you will find a free standing bath to complement your design. Today, there is a huge range of free standing baths available in the market – just take a look at our range here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre to see what I mean. We have everything from traditional clawfoot baths to modern oval baths. We even have back-to-the-wall free standing baths and black baths. The Morocco Back to the Wall Freestanding Bath is our most popular. Unsure which type is best for you? read our post, Benefits of Back to Wall Baths Over Freestanding Baths‘ – you may find the benefits surprising!

They’re uber-luxurious

Free standing baths are a symbol of luxury and are synonymous with relaxation. Many are ergonomically designed to offer ultimate comfort. For those homeowners dreaming to create a spa-like retreat, including a free standing bath is an absolute must.

They required no wall support

Unlike inset baths, free standing baths do not require any wall support. This allows a great level of flexibility and versatility in terms of placement. It also impacts the design as there are far more design options available for free standing baths as compared to inset baths.

Free standing baths do however require additional floor support as they are much heavier that inset baths. So, please keep this in mind should you choose to install a free standing bath.

They create a sense of spaciousness

Free standing baths actually make a bathroom appear more spacious than it really is. This is because unlike inset baths, they do not need to be boxed into a wall, which makes space appear smaller.

You can also utilise the space better as you are not confined to having to position it in the one space. This means you can place a free standing bath on any angle to best fit the shape and size of your bathroom.

These are just the top reasons why I think free standing baths are awesome, but there are many more. If this article has persuaded you to include a free standing bath in your bathroom design, then my recommendations would be for the Morocco Back to the Wall Freestanding Bath (for a back-to-the-wall bath), the Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath (for an oval bath), the Galaxy Square Freestanding Bath (for a rectangle bath) and the Elisabeth Clawfoot Bath (for a traditional clawfoot bath).


If you’re looking to make a statement, create a level of elegance and luxury and best utilise the space and size in your bathroom, then it’s wise to consider installing a free standing bath over an inset bath.

To shop for free standing baths in Perth, and to take advantage of free delivery of your free standing bath to any address in the Perth Metro area, simply shop online. You can also head into our showroom, which is located in Gilford to see the baths we have on display.

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