How to Design a Luxurious Walk-in Shower

Master bathroom renovations are fairly common here in Perth. The Houzz & Home ‘Overview of Home Renovation in 2017 and 2018’ report found that 18% of all Australian renovations undertaken in 2017 were master bathroom renovations. This came in fourth behind renovating a bedroom, living/family room and the kitchen; which not surprisingly, was the most renovated room of the home.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in the next 12 months, then including a luxurious walk-in shower is a must! Walk-in showers in Perth have surged in popularity over the past few years, and there is a good reason behind this. After all, walk-in showers look incredibly stylish and luxurious, and they are much easier to clean and maintain as compared to standard shower enclosures. (See Walk-in Showers vs Shower Enclosures.)

As Ross’s head of purchasing, I know everything there is to know about walk-in showers. Today, I’ll offer some useful tips to help you include a luxurious walk-in shower in your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Consider the space in your bathroom

shower head

In theory, walk-in showers can be included in a bathroom of any size. However, to design a practical space, walk-in showers should have at least 1 metre of space on each side of the showerhead. This creates a wonderful, open showering space.

If you find your bathroom to be smaller, then you should include a shower panel in your bathroom. This will prevent water from spraying beyond the shower. Shower panels are available in many different styles and designs, and they can help you create a door-less shower space, while also keeping water within bounds.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer an extensive range of shower panels which are perfect for creating a walk-in shower. Check out our Nice Shower Screen and our Marseilles Shower Screen, which are two of my personal favourites. Either of these will help you create an elegant walk-in shower, even in tight spaces.

Pay attention to waterproofing and drainage


Because walk-in showers are designed to offer an open shower experience, you must ensure that your bathroom is waterproofed. Our Waterproof Membrane is perfect for this. It is also recommended that you include a mortar bed or setting under the shower area and pay attention to the detailing as well.

To create proper drainage for your walk-in shower, the floor, as well as the mortar setting, should gently slope towards drainage. Always choose non-skid tiles that are suitable for use in shower floors to reduce any hazard of slipping.

You’ll find a huge collection of bathroom floor tiles in a range of colours, patterns, and styles here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. From our range, I’d like to recommend our Magnetic Mosaic Tile and our Atelier Feature Tile which are suitable for use in shower floors. Either of these will help you create a luxurious look in your walk-in shower.

Accessorise your shower area

shower niche

Walk-in showers are much easier to clean and maintain than standard shower enclosures because of the absence of glass panels. This also offers you more space to play. Make sure to accessorise your walk-in shower area to include shelving or racks, towel rails, and hooks for increased functionality. Creating a shower niche in the design of your shower enclosure is also a good idea.

You can also consider including glass mosaics on your shower walls to create an interesting look. The Hinchinbrook mosaic available at our store is one such glass mosaic which will allow you to add a feature to your shower walls.


When it comes to designing a luxurious walk-in shower, you need to make a few considerations. First of all, consider the space available in your bathroom. If your shower area is too small, you will need to include a shower panel to prevent water from spraying everywhere. Also, pay extra attention to waterproofing and drainage. Choose your shower floor tiles carefully and consider accessorising your shower area to make it more luxurious and functional. Apart from shelves, towel rails, and other accessories, you can also add a shower niche and use glass mosaics to create a feature in your walk-in shower.

For shower panels and shower floor and wall tiles that’ll help you create a luxurious walk-in shower, choose us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Shop from our online store to purchase our walk-in showers in Perth today!