Improve Your Bathroom with These Cheap Products

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There are many ways to improve a bathroom, and to do so, need not cost a fortune. You don’t have to undergo a full bathroom renovation to make it better. There are cheap products available that add style and function to a bathroom, and best of all, you can install them yourself!

If you’re looking to change your bathroom on a budget, then Ross’s Discount Home Centre has cheap bathroom accessories that will not only improve your bathroom but make it a more functional and stylish space.

Today, I will showcase some of the best (cheap) bathroom products to improve your bathroom. Choose one or choose all; either way, you’ll be enhancing your bathroom at next to no cost.

Toilet Paper Holder

Square Toilet Paper Holder
Square Toilet Paper Holder

If you ask me, a roll of toilet paper stilling on the top of the toilet cistern is the look of an unfinished bathroom. Not only that, it looks very unhygienic! Installing a toilet paper holder beside the thrown is one of the easiest improvements you can make in a bathroom.

You will find toilet paper holders from $25.00 – $30.00 at Ross’s Discount Home. The Square Toilet Paper Holder and the Round Toilet Paper Holder are two considerations for this improvement.

Toothbrush Holder

Square Toothbrush Holder
Square Toothbrush Holder

Do your kids leave their toothbrushes sitting on the vanity top? While this is acceptable, it isn’t exactly a great look when guests visit, and there are certainly better places to store them. By installing a toothbrush holder, you can keep your bathroom vanity clear of clutter and also, keep the kid’s toothbrushes cleaner.

You can implement this improvement for just $22.00 – $30.00, thanks to Ross’s Discount Home. Consider the Round Toothbrush Holder or the Square Toothbrush Holder.

Toilet Brush Holder

Toilet Brush Holder Mounted Square glass metal chrome Discount Perth
Square Toilet Brush and Holder

A dirty toilet is very uninviting and is likely riddled with germs. With an attractive-looking toilet brush holder, you can keep your toilet sparkling clean at all times, and make much more hygienic.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has toilet brush holders for a low $45.00. The Square Toilet Brush And Holder and the Round Toilet Brush And Holder are both great options to consider.

Towel Rail

Square Towel Shelf and Rail
Square Towel Shelf and Rail

Are you sick of the kids leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor? Have you considered that it might be because there is nowhere to hang them? A stainless steel towel rail not only looks great, but it will keep your bathroom looking its best at all times, and dry your towels as well.

You will find towel rails from $45.00 – $199.00 at Ross’s Discount Home. The Round 900mm Single Towel Rail and the Square Towel Shelf And Rail will both go a long way towards improving your bathroom.

Robe Hook

Square Robe Hook
Square Robe Hook

Some bathrooms are so small they don’t have space for a towel rail or the rail they have is too small to hold the towels of each family member. In such a case, a handy robe hook is ideal! They will keep robes and towels off the ground, making a bathroom look neat and tidy.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has robe hooks from just $18.00 – $25.00. The Square Robe Hook and the Round Robe Hook are popular choice to consider for this improvement.


To improve your bathroom, you don’t have to succumb to a full bathroom renovation. They are expensive and should only be taken if your existing bathroom is past its used by date or you’re completely renovating your entire home.

There are many affordable bathroom products available that will enhance a bathroom, making it more functional and stylish. Such products include toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders, towel rails, and robe hooks,

All these great products can be found right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s online store. We have everything in stock and ready to be shipped. View our range and improve your bathroom today!

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