Bi-Fold Door

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Where space is at a premium this simple shower screen provides a stylish solution, complete with an attractive handle detail.

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Lakes Bathrooms Lifetime Warranty

The Bi-Fold Door can help create stunning shower enclosures even in the smallest of bathrooms. Simple, stylish and extremely practical, this fully reversible door is ideal for bathrooms with limited space.

The Bi-Fold Door is available in size options of 900mm or 1000mm width. Shower enclosures that can be created include a corner, alcove, recess and flat wall enclosure.

This door has been designed for easy fit and installation in any bathroom. It is made out of quality 6mm toughened safety glass, which is equipped with an AllClear coating. This makes cleaning the door and shower panel extremely easy.

This Bi-Fold Door is manufactured by Lakes Bathrooms, a reputed manufacturer of bathroom products. As a mark of top-end product, Lakes Bathrooms offers a lifetime guarantee on the Bi-Fold Door.

The Bi-Fold Door is the perfect shower solution for a small bathroom space. Purchase this practical product at a rock bottom price from Ross’s Discount Home Centre and enjoy free shipping to Perth Metro areas.

Read ‘The Ultimate Shower Screen Buying Guide‘ for help choosing your shower screen.

Lakes Bathroom Logoreversible


  • AllClear as standard
  • Minimum 6mm toughened glass
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Fully reversible
  • Easy fit


  • Corner Shower Enclosures
  • Alcove Shower Enclosures
  • Recess Shower Enclosures
  • Flat Wall Shower Enclosures


Bi-fold shower screen specs


Don’t forget to purchase new shower tapware and a floor waste to go with your new shower!

Shower Screen Adjustment Sizes

Semi-framed Bi-fold Door


Standard Size (mm) Adjustment (mm) Height


900 840-900


LKVB1000S 1000 940-1000


Lifetime Warranty


Superior as standard

We use only the finest materials, and it’s why you’ll find a lifetime guarantee on shower doors, enclosures and bath screens for domestic application, protecting you against any manufacturing or material defects. If it’s our fault we won’t quibble and we’ll supply any replacement parts totally free of charge. When we say ‘superior as standard’, it’s a promise that really holds water. Take our AllClear® stay-clean coating, for example. Some other manufacturers offer similar coatings as an expensive extra. We apply it as standard, so you can spend more time enjoying your shower and less time cleaning it.

AllClear Advanced Technology

We believe your shower time should be lavished on you, not be spent cleaning and scrubbing the enclosure. It’s why our AllClear stay-clean coating is standard on both sides of the glass on every product in our Classic and Coastline Collections.

What does it do?

AllClear’s advanced technology effectively cleans your shower for you, repelling water, lime scale and soap scum so a quick wipe is all that’s needed to keep that ‘as new’ sparkle, and it’s kinder to the environment too.

In a side-by-side test you can clearly see the difference between normal glass (right) and glass with our AllClear coating.


Free to enjoy

Some manufacturers charge in excess of $100 to apply similar coatings as an optional extra. Our Classic and Coastline Collections give you the extra benefits of AllClear protection on both sides of the glass at no extra cost. AllClear is guaranteed to outperform untreated glass for 3 years so you’re free to enjoy every refreshing minute of showering.

How does it work?

Look into a microscope and you would see that standard glass actually has a pitted surface to which water, lime scale and soap scum can cling, building up with every shower and requiring regular scrubbing to keep your enclosure clean and hygienic.

Inspired by nature, the AllClear coating forms an invisible, microscopically smooth shield to prevent this build up of grime.

AllClear’s hydrophobic properties cause water to run off freely, washing away residue and dirt as it goes.

It’s an amazing effect which has to be seen to be believed – one reason why we’ve produced a video demonstration so you can see the AllClear magic for yourself.

Good for you, better for the environment

AllClear is truly eco-friendly. Water sheets off the coated glass, washing away soap scum and grime as it goes, so it’s more hygienic and with less bacteria, there’s less need for harsh chemical cleaners – which is kind to the environment and to your pocket.

Clearly better

AllClear not only means superior performance, it’s a superior product in its own right, proven to outperform other coatings on the market.

Glass coated with AllClear also has greatly enhanced the impact and abrasion resistance and 20% more brilliance.


Screens, Doors and Panels 5 Years Repair, Replacement parts or complete product
Lakes Bathroom Products Life Time Life Time replacement parts or complete product.
This does not include any parts that are subject to wear and tear such as wheels and rubber.
Screen Installation Please use an experienced installer. Screens that are not installed by a professional will not be replaced. Screens that are damaged or broken during installation will not be covered under warranty.

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