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If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and straightforward laundry unit, then the Classic Trim Laundry Cabinet & Sink is exactly what you need. It is manufactured by Everhard Industries and provides a simple and practical approach to cleaning. It is elegantly designed and is available in a classic white finish.

The Classic Trim Laundry Cabinet & Sink features a large 30-litre square stainless steel sink and measures 397x570x870mm in dimensions. It is certainly more than capable of handling all your laundry cleaning duties. The cabinet is made out of quality white polymer, which makes it scratch resistant and eliminates maintenance. Equipped with a single bypass assembly, the Classic Trim Laundry Cabinet & Sink also includes a wastebasket that meets the Watermark Australian standards.

Everhard is well known for manufacturing really high-quality products and this is reflected in the Classic Trim Laundry Cabinet & Sink as well. This product is covered by the manufacturer’s warranties of 25 years on the stainless steel bowl and the polymer cabinet, and 1 year on rods, hinges, wastes and plugs. Rest assured, this is a high-performance product that will easily last many years, even with substantial usage.

Add a touch of class to your laundry with this stylish laundry cabinet/sink combo. Grab hold of this product and get it installed in your home today!


  • 30L Stainless steel bowl
  • Australian Made White polymer Cabinet (maintenance-free)
  • Single bypass
  • Watermarked Australian Standard basket waste
  • 395 x 570 x 870mm


  • Polymer cabinet: 25 years
  • Stainless steel bowl: 25 years
  • Plug and wastes: 1 year
  • Hinges and rods: 1 year

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