Negro Tebas



Create a contemporary black kitchen that oozes sophistication with Negro Tebas from our impressive Silestone benchtop range. This bold stone benchtop will make a powerful statement to any kitchen design.

Silestone is a robust compound made from 90% natural quartz making it extremely tough and durable. It is highly stain-resistant and is non-porous – no need to worry about coffee, wine, oil, or any other everyday product leaving a lasting mark.

Negro Tebas is available in two ultra size formats; 140 x 306 cm and 158 x 320 cm, three thicknesses; 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm, and various edge types.

Negro Tebas is a predominately black stone with faint speckles throughout, adding depth and interest. It features N-BOOST technology, which boosts its technical properties, making maintenance and cleaning easier than ever before, and aesthetically makes the stone more colour intense and shiny. Two finish options are also available; Polished Texture and Suede Texture.

Negro Tebas is a high-quality stone benchtop that offers longevity. An impressive 25-year warranty backs it.

For stone benchtops in Perth, choose Negro Tebas from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s Silestone benchtop range. Contact our staff to place a Special Order for this desirable product.

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