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The Silex Decor feature tile makes for an excellent addition to your home. It is a striking and incredibly attractive tile, which perfectly complements both modern and traditional décor. The geometric design features a sequenced pattern of hexagons and square, which each feature a random pattern in multiple shades of grey, brown and white.

It is available in a standard size of 450x450mm and is sold per piece.

The Silex Decor feature tile is incredibly versatile and it is suitable for use as both a floor tile and as a wall tile. It has been specially designed to withstand light and heavy foot traffic and it can also withstand high vapour condensation. This makes the Silex Decor feature tile ideal for installation in bathrooms, showers and kitchen spaces.

The Silex Decor feature tile offers an excellent blend of style and practicality. The rectified edges means it can be installed with minimum grouting and the hardwearing surface means it is scratch and crack resistant. Not only is Silex Decor a modern tile, but more importantly; it is a high-quality tile that is built to last.

If you’ve been looking for a feature tile in Perth that is both modern and manufactured to last, look no further than Silex Decor. Buy this feature tile at a very low price from our online store today!