10 Christmas gifts for the home renovator $150 or less

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With Christmas just around the corner, everyone’s busy planning for the festive season. While some are eagerly looking forward to an upcoming holiday, others are planning their Christmas dinner.  But, if there’s one thing common with everyone during Christmas, it is shopping for gifts.

Christmas is associated with giving back and shopping for presents is always a fun-filled experience, except when you’re not sure what to gift. This holds quite true when you’re shopping for gifts for the home renovator of the house.

The best gift to give a home renovator is, obviously, a home product that is functional and handy. However, finding such items – that are within your budget – can be difficult to find and can take hours to track down.

Thankfully, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has you completely covered when it comes to finding functional Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank. We offer a huge selection of affordable home products that make for perfect gifts for home renovators. Here are 10 such functional Christmas gifts for $150 or less.

  1. Home renovators always love products that are both highly functional and also stylish. As such, the Cube Shower Head (Satin Black) makes for an excellent Christmas gift for the home renovator in your house. This shower head sports a gorgeous square-shaped design, comes in a stylish matte black finish and is incredibly practical.
  2. The Cube Shower Mixer (Satin Black) makes for the ideal matching gift to the Cube Shower Head. It exhibits a beautiful geometric design in matte black which perfectly complements the shower head unit. The combination of this shower head and mixer tap will give a facelift to any bathroom.
  3. Another perfect little Christmas gift for home renovators is the handy Round Toilet Paper Holder. Despite being a simple product, this toilet paper holder comes in a sleek design. And, as a wall-mounted unit, it is incredibly functional. This may be a small gift, but it is sure to be appreciated by any home renovator.
  4. If you’re really looking to surprise a home renovator this Christmas, get them the Sydenham Single Bowl Sink. This kitchen sink is an incredibly practical product that features superior construction and is built to last.
  5. If you have a home renovator in the house who is looking to update the kitchen, laundry or bathroom surfaces, get them Muck Off. This detergent cleaner will help them get rid of all heavy scum with ease and they’ll love you for it!
  6. And, if you know a renovator who is after a cheap kitchen renovation, where they’re not replacing cabinetry, then our cheap “C” Handles in Black, Chrome, and White will surely freshen up the space with little to no effort at all!
  7. For the home renovator who loves a blend of form and function, the Renovator MK2 Kitchen Mixer is a sure winner. This gorgeous mixer tap is highly functional and incredibly water efficient as well. It makes for the perfect accessory for any kitchen sink.
  8. If your home renovator is looking to tackle the bathroom next, consider the stylish 32mm Pop-Up Waste With Overflow Matte Black as their gift. This stylish waste is modern and very budget-friendly! What’s not to love.
  9. Our Polished Edge Mirror is another bathroom product which is going to be loved by any home renovator. This mirror features a minimalist design and it will perfectly blend in with the décor of any bathroom.
  10. Finally, our Rohan Vessel is another Christmas gift that is sure to wow a home renovator. This elegant bathroom basin presents a great blend of style and practicality and it will enhance the look of any bathroom.


If you’re looking for functional Christmas gifts for home renovators that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has you covered. We have a wide selection of affordable home products that make for perfect Christmas gifts for home renovators.

Of our range of products, you can consider our Cube Shower Head, Cube Shower Mixer, Round Toilet Paper Holder, Sydenham Single Bowl Sink, Muck Off, the “C” handles, Renovator MK2 Kitchen Mixer, 32mm Pop-Up Waste With Overflow Matte Black, Polished Edge Mirror and Rohan Vessel. These home products all cost less than $150 and they present the perfect mix of form and function. Any of these gifts will definitely be loved by a home renovator.

Purchase these wonderful Christmas gifts by visiting our showroom in Guildford today!

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