Salvage… What is it? It has been in our name for over 40 years. It is where it all began for Ross’s and it is still an important area of our business.

Ross’s salvage is where you can find the ‘hard to find’, whether it be a unique item or one of many. When we talk about salvage it may mean something which is: new, ex-display, ex-lease, pre-owned equipment and / or items which may be surplus from a large organisation or project, liquidation stock (this often means not only the stock, but also shop fittings, office furniture and equipment, even the kitchen sink!) Salvage is where the savvy bargain hunters can be found regularly scouting our showrooms for the next salvage bargains which arrive almost daily… and can be anything from a single item to several truck loads.

This is where you can save big money by buying smart and ‘green’. Salvage is an exciting business to be in… due to the low prices and high turnover of salvage, it makes it hard to list on our web site… usually by the time it gets listed online, a shrewd salvage hunter is quickly paying for and loading their new ‘trophy’ in their vehicle… You may also think that salvage is ‘not all that fancy’, well at Ross’s you may be surprised at how ‘fancy’ and ‘cheap’ our stuff is…

We are always keen to do a deal and clear some space on our floor for the next delivery… so if you are buying in bulk or can’t see a price sticker… please don’t be afraid to make us an offer!