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Many consider a home renovation to be a fun project, one that they look forward to – I know I certainly do. While there are many areas to take into consideration – and then even more products to consider as a solution, today I would like to focus on internal doors.

Too many people simply do not realise just how creative you can get when it comes to internal door solutions. And this is just what this article is all about.

While there are options available for internal doors, one not so common choice are cavity sliding doors. Personally, I am a little surprised as I believe they provide an additional level of class and elegance to a home.

I’ve reintroduced the concept of cavity sliding doors to many of our customers in Perth. As the head of purchasing, it’s part of my job. This also goes to say that I know a good deal about them. Continue reading this article as I try and convince you why cavity sliding doors are great. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be come to us looking for cavity sliding doors in Perth.

What are cavity sliding doors?

Cavity sliding doors are a wonderful alternative to the traditional swinging doors. As opposed to traditional doors, sliding doors are completely free of hinges and rest on a horizontal rail instead. These doors can be opened by sliding them along the rails.

While hinged doors are simple to install, cavity sliding doors have remained a popular alternative. This is because they are both functional and elegant to look at.

Cavity sliding doors are not new – they have been around for quite some time now. The only reason why they aren’t as popular as hinged doors is because of the additional installation effort required. To install these doors, you will need to create a cavity in the wall for the door to slide into.

However, cavity sliding doors are still used by many interior designers and home builders across Perth. In fact, even I have sliding doors installed my home and I must say I love them.

How cavity sliding doors work

The mechanism of cavity sliding doors is quite intriguing. These doors consist of a panel that is hung by top rails. When this panel is pushed sideways, the door slides into a cavity hidden in the wall alongside it. Given that the wall cavity is hollow, it is reinforced with steel bars that remain hidden from sight completely.

The cavity in the wall may allow leakage of noise and poor insulation. As such, it is a common practice to use soundproofing materials in the cavity. These doors completely slide into the cavity and remain invisible when opened completely.

3. Benefits of cavity sliding doors

I love the cavity sliding doors that I installed in my house. Of many benefits they provide, the biggest for me is the space saving factor. On an average, you can save up to 10 square feet by using cavity sliding doors instead of swinging doors. However, this doesn’t mean every door should be a cavity format. I actually prefer to have them as a feature. I installed only two; one in the master bathroom and one that separates the living area from the hallway.

Cavity sliding doors require little to no maintenance and remain trouble-free over their lifetime. While many people are apprehensive about the installation process, it is fairly straightforward for professionals. Moreover, cooling and heating ducts, plumbing, drainpipes and cables can be left in the cavity where sliding doors are installed.

Cavity sliding doors are incredibly safe for children and they reduce the chances of accidents happening in a home. Another wonderful upside of these doors is that they are sleek and offer an attractive and modern appearance, especially if you opt for those which feature panelled glass.

4. Where to get cavity sliding doors in Perth?

By now, you’re armed with enough information to start looking at cavity sliding doors in Perth. However, where do you start? Your best bet is to head out to reputable and trustworthy suppliers, such as our store here at Ross’s.

We are one of the largest home warehouse retailers in Perth and offer a range of high-quality cavity sliding doors in custom sizes to suit your needs. Our doors are also incredibly affordable. Nowhere in Perth will you find cavity doors of such high quality at such low prices.

Our cavity sliding doors are typically custom made to order, depending on specific requirements. As such, you will not see product listings on our web store. Should you wish to place an order for cavity sliding doors with us, please drop by our showroom in Guildford. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.


Cavity sliding doors are an excellent alternative to traditional swinging doors. They don’t use hinges, rather they slide into a wall cavity on a rail. While cavity sliding doors are sleek and great to look at, they are also highly functional and provide many benefits.

If you’re looking for the best cavity sliding doors in Perth, consider us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our doors are of the highest quality and are available at incredibly affordable prices as well.

To place a custom order for cavity sliding doors, simply visit our showroom or call us with your requirements. We’d love to assist you in every way possible!

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