Ross’s Wheelbarrow Buying Guide

Wheelbarrows are not only for use on construction sites. In fact, they can be a very handy tool for any garden or homeowner looking to transport materials around a property.

Whether you’re a weekend gardener who potters around the garden or you’re looking to completely renovate your backyard, chances are you will need a wheelbarrow to get the job done.

In fact, according to Houzz’s latest Landscaping Report, when upgrading an outdoor space, 56% of Australian homeowners choose to upgrade their backyard. While only 12% of homeowners do minor updates, 56% opt for substantial renovations and 32% go for a complete overhaul.

This is no surprise. At Ross’s, we’ve certainly supplied hundreds of wheelbarrows to Perth homeowners. As such, I do know a thing or two about what you should consider when you’re buying a wheelbarrow. Continue reading this article as I compile a brief guide on the wheelbarrow buying process.

Determine your needs

Before customers visit Ross’s, they have generally already determined what they will be using their wheelbarrow for. Wheelbarrows are available in contractor and homeowner grades, so it is important that you determine your personal needs before you even start looking.

If you simply need to clean your garden or need to occasionally transport materials around your property, then a homeowner grade wheelbarrow, such as our Garden Wheelbarrow, will do the job. On the other hand, if you need to transport larger loads on a very frequent basis, then you should opt for a contractor grade wheelbarrow, like our Wide Wheel Steel Tray Wheelbarrow.

Always determine the amount of load that you need to carry and this will give you an idea of which grade wheelbarrow you should buy.

Choose user friendly designs

All wheelbarrows are designed to provide ease of transportation however, you must still pay close attention to its design. Wheelbarrows, such as the ones we feature here at Ross’s, are available in standard and wide wheels. While wide wheeled wheelbarrows are well balanced, they are more difficult to maneuver than their standard wheeled counterparts.

Whether you choose a standard or a wide-wheeled model, make sure that the wheels are sturdy and that the barrow has sufficient ground clearance. You should also select a model that evenly distributes weight on your body so that your back or arms do not feel strained.

Wheelbarrow handle grips

A wheelbarrows handles and grips should also be given close consideration as they are the only point of contact between you and the barrow. While rubber grips are commonly found in most wheelbarrows, polypropylene grips are a great alternative as they prevent the build-up of friction around the palms.

Whichever type of handle grips you choose; they should be comfortable enough to allow you to maneuver the wheelbarrow with ease.

Making the purchase

There are several places where you can buy wheelbarrows, ranging from retail stores such as Ross’s and even online stores.

Before you make a purchase, read the manufacturer’s description and instructions carefully. Also, make sure to consider customers reviews to find out what people have liked or disliked about a specific wheelbarrow model. I also recommend that you try out different wheelbarrows in store and test them under different load conditions. And finally, make sure to enquire about warranties and return policies before you make a purchase.

Let’s now take a brief look at the wheelbarrows that we feature here at Ross’s.

Contractor Grade Wheelbarrows

We offer contractor grade wheelbarrows, which are available in standard wheel and wide wheel steel tray variants. These wheelbarrows are specifically designed for heavy-duty use in construction warehouses, hospitals, shops and factories.

Homeowner Grade Wheelbarrows

We also feature a collection of garden wheelbarrows, which are also available in standard wheel and wide wheel poly tray variants. These wheelbarrows are necessary tools that every homeowner with a garden should have.


Wheelbarrows can be very handy not only on construction sites but also around the house. If you’re looking to purchase a wheelbarrow, you must first assess your personal needs and buy a model accordingly. Wheelbarrows are available both in homeowner grade and contractor grade variants and you should choose one depending on your usage requirements. Make sure to choose a model that is comfortable and easy to use. Before making a purchase, it is always recommended that you test the barrow under different load conditions to get an idea of how the model feels.

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we feature a wide selection of contractor grade and homeowner grade wheelbarrows. Our wheelbarrows are top grade products, which are covered by warranties to assure you peace of mind. Once you have determined your needs, all you have to do is to visit our showroom in Guildford or browse through our online catalogue to purchase our products. The best part about our wheelbarrows is that they are available at incredibly affordable prices – far cheaper than what you will find elsewhere on the market.

Make your life easier by buying a high-quality wheelbarrow from us at Ross’s. If you have any questions regarding any wheelbarrow model that we sell, please feel free to give us a call.

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