Top 5 luxury appliances that will make your life complete!

Top 5 luxury appliances that will make your life complete!

Most people tend to stay away from luxury appliances, citing reasons such as they are not essential and that one can easily do without them. While this is somewhat true, luxury appliances definitely add a touch of sophistication and can enhance one’s kitchen experience, and I for one see an increasing number of customers looking for quality appliances in Perth.

In fact, according to IBISWorld, The Australian Domestic Appliance Industry is projected to grow by 2.2% annually through 2011-2016. It is a $14 billion industry, which only continues to grow. So it’s only fair to say that we love our appliances, both essential and non-essential.

Being the head of purchasing at Ross’s, I’ve met all types of customers seeking appliances in Perth  – ranging from your typical customers who purchase only appliances that they cannot do without, to savvy and high-end customers who purchase luxury items from us.

From my experience, I will list out 5 of the top luxury that customers often purchase from our store. While these appliances are in no way essential items, believe me, once you have one, you’ll never be able to go without!

1. Freestanding Oven

Of those customers looking for luxury appliances in Perth, the most popular appliance for many of our customers are freestanding ovens. Considered to be a foodie’s delight, freestanding ovens contain an electric oven and a glass or ceramic cooktop and offer an all-in-one cooking solution. Freestanding ovens offer great flexibility and offer you the option to use either gas or electricity to cook your food. Modern day products, such as the Euro appliances freestanding ovens that we feature here at Ross’s, present a stylish and sophisticated look and are packed with functionality.

Recommendation: If you want a small sized oven, choose our 50cm freestanding oven for your kitchen. However, if space and budget are not a constraint, you can opt for our elegant 90cm freestanding oven, which also features an induction cooktop.

2. Wine Fridge / Beverage Coolers

I’ve met some wine enthusiast customers of ours, who have a cherished wine collection. If you’re anything like these people, then a wine fridge is one luxury appliance you simply cannot do without. Wine fridges are designed not just to preserve your wine, but also to age it appropriately. Wine fridges, such as the ones we have listed on our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Perth, are compact and portable. Our wine fridges are high tech as well as environmentally friendly and will perfectly house your treasured wine bottles for years to come.

Recommendation: If you have a moderately sized wine collection, choose our 138lt Beverage cooler Solid Door. For wine connoisseurs with a large collection, I recommend our 208lt Double Door Beverage Cooler.

138lt Beverage cooler Solid Door (Stainless L Hinge)

3. Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Many customers opting for luxury appliances in Perth choose a wood fire pizza oven – they want to be able to bake great pizzas in the comfort of their homes, and who can blame them! If you’re a pizza lover yourself, then I recommend that you too take a look at the wood fire pizza ovens we have listed on our store. Wood fired ovens boost the flavours of pizza that you cook; they retain the necessary nutrients in food and cook pizzas quickly. Moreover, these ovens can be used for other cooking purposes as well, including baking bread, roasting meat or cooking vegetables.

Recommendation:  Choose from our 80×60 or our 80×80 wood-fired pizza ovens and enjoy an authentic pizza cooking experience in your alfresco.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven from Euro Appliances

80×60 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

4. Gourmet BBQ

If you’re anything like my better half and love to enjoy an alfresco dining experience, then a BBQ grill will be at the top of your list. Fortunately, with our range of gourmet BBQ grills in Perth, you can enjoy outdoor cooking with your family on weekends and holidays. Our built-in infrared BBQ grills are high tech and offer you great functionality. Grill like never before with our modern and extremely user-friendly gourmet BBQ grills.

Recommendation:  If you’d like a gourmet BBQ, consider our 6 Burner Built-In BBQ +Flat Hood. Alternatively, if you’re willing to splurge a little more, you can opt for our 6 Burner Built-In BBQ + Hood.

6 Burner Built-In BBQ + Hood

6 Burner Built-In BBQ + Hood

5. Dishwasher

While some customers tell me that they are happy to wash their dishes manually, I often convey to them that dishwashers offer many more benefits than just convenience. It is a fact that dishwashers disinfect dishes better, have a lower impact on the environment and of course, save your time and energy. Dishwashers also handle dishes better and there is less breakage. Sure, you can do without one, but buying quality dishwashers in Perth, such as the ones we have here at Ross’s, you will definitely add a touch of functionality to your kitchen.

Recommendation: I recommend that you take a look at our semi-integrated dishwasher and fully integrated dishwasher, both of which have been immensely popular with many of our customers. Also, take a look at this other blog post of mine – 7 Advantages offered by Dishwashers.


Luxury kitchen appliances may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but let me tell you one thing – these appliances definitely add a lot of style and functionality to any kitchen. If you’re looking for new appliances in Perth, then I suggest you consider our top luxury appliances, which include freestanding ovens, wine fridges, wood-fired pizza ovens, gourmet BBQs and dishwashers. If you’re worried that purchasing these appliances will cost you a lot, worry no more as we feature all these items here at Ross’s at prices that you can afford!

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we’re all about making the day-to-day life of our customers, both in Perth and around Australia, more efficient and luxurious, without having to pay top dollar for such luxuries. Our range of home improvement products boasts of exceptional quality at incredibly competitive prices. We have a warehouse stocked with over $1 million worth of goods, so when you buy from us, you get to enjoy speedy delivery in Perth, without any waiting time. Furthermore, if you’re in the Perth Metro area, shipping is free!

If you’re looking for any of these luxury appliances in Perth, visit our showroom in Guildford, or buy from our online store. For any queries regarding these products, get in touch with us and our knowledgeable salesmen will help you out in every way possible.