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Which popular bathroom style would you choose for your renovation

<h3>Which non-white bathroom design idea would you choose?</h3>

<h3>What is your most important consideration when buying laundry appliances</h3>

<h3>Do you love or loath bath screens?</h3>

<h3>Which benchtop will you be choosing?</h3>

What will be the deciding factor when choosing your splashback?

Will you be following current kitchen tile trends?

Which sneaky solution would you use to hide your washing machine?

Price aside, which of these showers would you choose?

Would you install black framed windows in your home?

What timber look flooring option would you substitute for the real thing?

<h3>What is the most essential bathroom accessory?</h3>

How much have you budgeted for your renovation?

Which tile featured in this article would you choose for a urban hotel-style bathroom?

How much per square metre would you be willing to pay for your bathroom tiles?

On a $200 budget, which item would you most spend your budget on?

Which appliance could you not do without for your Christmas dinner?

Which designer bathroom look would you choose if you had an unlimited budget?

Which idea shared in this article would you most likely adopt to make your entrance more inviting?

What do you prefer, a dishwasher or hand-washing?

How much does the energy efficiency rating of an appliance influence your buying decision?

<h3>What is your bathroom renovation budget</h3>

<h3>What do you consider the most important element when choosing kitchen tapware</h3>

<h3>Which Bathroom Basin do you prefer the most?</h3>

<h3>What buying method do you use to get a better deal on whitegoods</h3>

<h3>Would you consider vinyl tiles as your flooring solution?</h3>

<h3>What is the deciding factor for your door choice?</h3>

<h3>What is your most important consideration when buying a gas cooktop</h3>

<h3>Which kitchen appliance are you most likely to buy</h3>

<h3>If you could purchase any new kitchen appliance, what would it be</h3>

<h3>What is the main reason for your bathroom renovation?</h3>

<h3>What is your most important consideration when buying laundry appliances</h3>

<h3>What is the main reason for wanting to install security screens in your home?</h3>

<h3>Which factor is most important to you when shopping for a family fridge</h3>

<h3>Which kitchen appliance do you consider to be most essential in your household</h3>

<h3>How long have you spent planning your bathroom renovation?</h3>

<h3>Will you consider purchasing a Electric Cooktop?</h3>

<h3>Which bathroom trend are you looking to follow in your bathroom renovation?</h3>

<h3>What is your #1 priority when shopping for a new oven</h3>

<h3>Who's doing your kitchen renovation?</h3>

<h3>What's your top priority when buying a new home?</h3>