User-Friendly Design Tools

Easily select from our extensive range of kitchen products to layout your space. The intuitive controls make designing as simple as a few clicks.

Real-Time Visualisation

See your kitchen design take shape in real time. Our 3D technology allows you to view exactly how your choices fit into your actual space.

Speed and Convenience

Have your entire kitchen designed in just 20 minutes! Start a design, make adjustments, and finalize your dream kitchen quickly and effortlessly.

Accessible Anywhere

While the planner is optimised for tablets and PCs to provide the best experience, it’s accessible online so you can start designing anytime.

3D Kitchen Planner

Our 3D Kitchen Planner is a dynamic tool that lets you design your kitchen with ease. Whether you’re upgrading or creating a new kitchen, our planner simplifies the process:

  • Intuitive Design Interface: Drag and drop preassembled kitchen cabinets and appliances into your virtual kitchen space. Our user-friendly interface removes the complexities of design work.
  • Real-Time Visualisation: Instantly see how your selections look in a 3D format. Adjust placements, try different finishes, and swap out appliances until everything looks just right.
  • Quick Setup: Complete your entire kitchen design in as little as 20 minutes. From selecting styles to positioning items, every step is streamlined for efficiency.

Looking for more help or detailed instructions? Visit our comprehensive FAQ and video tutorial directory for expert guidance and practical tips on using our 3D Kitchen Planner. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your design skills, our YouTube tutorials provide all the information you need to create your dream kitchen effortlessly.

If you need more personalised guidance, drop by our Guilford Store:

  • Personalised Consultation: Michelle, our kitchen specialist, is on hand to help you refine your design, suggest the latest trends and ensure your vision is perfectly captured. Book an appointment with Michelle today.
  • Plan Ahead: For best results, measure your kitchen area before your visit and consider bringing along any photos or previous floor plans to assist in the design process.

Device Compatibility: To ensure the best possible experience, our 3D Kitchen Planner is optimised for use on tablets and PCs. Please switch from mobile to a suitable device to begin crafting your new kitchen.