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How to Choose Alfresco & BBQ Appliances

Australia is all about the great outdoors, so it’s no surprise that outdoor kitchen and living rooms have rapidly grown in popularity. However, the ultimate outdoor living design is not complete without an alfresco area with a gourmet barbeque, alfresco rangehood canopy, and a wood fire pizza oven.

When selecting BBQ’s, grills, and alfresco appliances in Perth, consideration should be given to the type of appliance, along with the features, size, and required utilities.

Types of Alfresco & BBQ Appliances

There is more than one way to pimp out an outdoor area. While BBQs are a popular option, they are not the only option. There are many types of alfresco and BBQ appliances available, including gourmet barbeques, alfresco rangehood canopies, and wood fire pizza ovens.

Give thought to how you like to entertain to decide which is best for your needs. If you want to create a permanent outdoor kitchen, then a built-in BBQ and alfresco rangehood canopy would be ideal. However, if you’re more of a pizza lover than a steak lover, then a wood fire pizza oven may be better suited.

Alfresco & BBQ Size

Size should be a factor in the selection process also. Before you go and by the biggest BBQ and rangehood canopy you can find, consider the placement to ensure you choose the right size for your space. Also, think about how many people you will be entertaining. You don’t want to choose a BBQ that is too small, either.

Alfresco & BBQ Utilities

It’s important to consider the building requirements for such appliances also. While a gas cylinder fuels most BBQs, this isn’t always the case. And, if you’re purchasing an alfresco rangehood canopy, it will need power. The area must also comply with the definition of an outdoor area in AS4557:2004 clause1.2.46.

Shopping for BBQs, grills, and alfresco appliances in Perth is easy, thanks to Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our impressive range has something for everyone – all needs and all budgets. Shop online to receive delivery across Perth Metro or come into our Guildford showroom for personalised service.

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