The Ultimate Bathroom Tapware Buying Guide

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There’s no denying that kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms of a home. They’re also the two areas that allow homeowners to show their personalities through their design choices. And while tiles go a long way in shaping a bathroom’s design, the role of bathroom tapware is just as important in today’s modern bathroom designs.

Long gone are the days when a bathroom tap purely served a functional purpose. Today, they contribute to the overall design of a bathroom, just like tiles. Your choice of bathroom tapware can improve the design aesthetics and functionality of the space to create a retreat-like space to unwind, relax, and adore.

Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom with new tapware, doing a complete bathroom renovation, or building a new home, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best possible tapware to meet your design goals and personal expectations.

As one of the leading suppliers of bathroom tapware in Perth, we’re just the team to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision when it comes to choosing bathroom tapware. Continue reading as we look at the types of bathroom tapware and the styles and design options to consider.

Types of Bathroom Tapware

There is no shortage of options when it comes to bathroom tapware. In addition to having different types of tapware for different bathroom areas, you also have various options per type. There’s tapware for showers, tapware for basins, and tapware for baths. While each type is purposely designed for each area, in some cases, they can be interchangeable and be used in different areas than their primary function. For example, wall mixer sets can be used for vanities and baths, as too can spouts and wall mixers.

To get a better understanding of each type of tapware and its various options, please continue reading.

Vanity Tapware

bathroom vanity

The vanity is the most crucial element in a bathroom’s design and is often the focal point. Thus, ensuring your vanity tapware lives up to the rest of your bathroom’s design whilst still offering functionality and ease of use is essential.

There are various options for vanity tapware, including basin mixers, hi-rise mixers, spouts with a wall mixer and spouts with wall assembles.

Basin Mixers

Basin Mixers are a popular choice due to their affordable price and easy-to-function lever handle. They’re generally compact in design and are top-mounted, usually into the vanity top. As such, they offer great flexibility regarding where you can position them in relation to the basin. They can be centre-aligned or positioned off to either side of the bowl – the choice is yours.

Hi-Rise Mixers

Hi-Rise Mixers are another popular vanity tapware option. They are essentially basin mixers with a higher spout. Their design allows a higher waterfall area from tap to basin, which can be handy if you want more space to wash hands etc.

Spouts & Wall Mixers

Spouts paired with Wall Mixers is a modern option for bathroom vanity tapware. The spout itself can be top-mounted, but it is more common to see wall-mounted spouts. In both cases, the spout is controlled by a wall-mounted mixer to add a contemporary touch.

Spouts and Wall Mixers that are wall-mounted can be sold separately or as a set, joined together on a backing plate. Sets are much cheaper and easier to install than separate spouts and mixers, making them a popular choice for those wanting modern tapware at an affordable price.

Spouts & Wall Assemblies

Spouts paired with Wall Assemblies, in my opinion, are the most contemporary vanity tapware option on the market today. Again, they can be designed for top-mounting or wall-mounting and feature a separate spout and a ¼ turn wall assembly for hot and cold water.

While spouts paired with wall assemblies look amazing, it is also one of the most expensive options next to separate spouts and wall mixers. However, if you’re designing the bathroom of your dreams, what’s a little more money to perfect the design?

Shower Tapware

Shower Head

With the vanity sorted, you should now turn your attention to your shower tapware. And, as with the vanity, there’s no shortage of options here. In fact, there’s even more!

There are two main decisions to make when it comes to choosing shower tapware; shower head, hand shower or shower set and wall mixer or wall assemblies?

If I can offer a tip, try and mirror what you have chosen for your vanity. For example, if you choose a wall-mounted spout paired with wall assemblies for your vanity, then opt for wall assemblies to control your shower head or shower set also.

Shower Heads

Shower heads have come a long way over the last 20 years to present refined style and superior functionality. However, their popularity is dropping in favour of shower sets.

Shower heads can be purchased complete with a built-in shower arm or just the head, giving customers the option of purchasing a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted arm. This option paves the way for rainfall shower heads, seen as the ultimate luxury. If this is one of the goals of your shower space, then a single overhead shower head may be all you need to achieve this.

Hand Showers

Shower heads are great, but you may want closer contact with the water and the ability to wash particular parts of your body; hand showers offer such functionality. Usually mounted on an adjustable rail, hand showers comprise a mini shower head on a hose that you can move around freely for a full body wash. While they can be installed stand-alone, they are more commonly installed in addition to a shower head.

Shower Sets

The alternate option to shower heads and hand showers is shower sets, which have grown rapidly over the past 5-10 years. Shower sets comprise a shower head and a hand shower in one, providing the best of both worlds. It’s usually cheaper than having a separate shower head and hand shower installed and provides a neater all-in-one design.

Wall Mixers

Shower heads, hand showers, and shower sets seldom come with a built-in mixer to control the water flow and temperature, which is why wall mixers are such a common bathroom tapware component. Wall mixers provide a single lever for control and can be installed anywhere in the shower. It’s not uncommon to see wall mixers installed by the shower entrance rather than below the shower head, where you traditionally find turn assemblies. This placement allows you to turn on the shower without getting wet while it reaches temperature.

Wall Assemblies

¼ Turn Wall Assemblies are an alternative option to wall mixers. They offer all the same benefits in terms of functionality and placement; the only difference is there is a separate assembly for hot water and cold water, whereas wall mixers control both temperatures with a single lever.

Choosing ¼ turn wall assemblies for your shower really comes down to personal choice… and what you choose for your vanity tapware.

Bath Tapware


Finally, if your bathroom has a bath, you can turn your attention to your bath tapware, and again, the options are many.

You can choose between wall-mounted sets, bath spouts with wall mixers, or freestanding bath spouts and mixers.

Wall Mounted Sets

Wall-mounted sets is great for baths because they’re simple to install, operate, and best of all, they’re very affordable. They comprise a spout and mixer mounted together on a backing plate and look very modern in their design.

Bath Spouts & Wall Mixers

Alternatively to wall-mounted sets are separate bath spouts with a wall mixer for control. These are essentially the same as wall-mounted sets. However, they’re sold separately and involve more work to install. But, this option gives you the freedom to position the wall mixer anywhere you like for more convenient access.

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Bath Spouts & Wall Assemblies

The other option for a stand-alone spout is, of course, to use ¼ turn wall assemblies to control the water flow and temperature. As mentioned, they offer all the same benefits in terms of functionality and placement as a wall mixer; the only difference is there is a separate assembly for hot water and cold water, whereas wall mixers control both temperatures with a single lever.

Freestanding Bath Spouts & Mixers

Lastly, a super contemporary option is to choose a freestanding bath spout or mixer as your bath tapware, which are best paired with freestanding baths.

While freestanding bath spouts need an additional mixer or wall assembly set for operation, freestanding bath mixers comprise a spout and mixer in one. This configuration makes them the only option for baths positioned in the middle of a bathroom, away from walls to support wall-mounted sets and bath spouts.

Style & Design of Tapware

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Now that you know what type of tapware you want for each area of your bathroom, you can then turn your attention to the style and design of the tapware.

It’s important that whatever you choose, it all matches, in both style and finish.

Tapware Style

The style of tapware you choose should match the overall design style of your bathroom. If your bathroom is contemporary, choosing bathroom tapware with a contemporary design style, such as our Sky Tapware, Bianca Tapware, or Opal Tapware range, makes sense. If it is modern, then our Cube Tapware or Fiona Tawpare range would be a good choice, and if it’s traditional, consider the Project Tapware range, which is also our cheapest range.

You will notice distinctive design differences between tapware styles. The key to choosing the right tapware range lies in selecting the right range for your bathroom design style.

Tapware Finish

The last decision to make in choosing bathroom tapware is the tapware finish. While we had options of chrome, chrome or chrome in the past, today, there’s a magnitude of finish and colour options to choose from.

Although chrome still dominates the finish options, today, you also have matte black, and, more recently, gold, rose gold, gunmetal grey, nickel, bronze, graphite, and many colours to consider. You also have various finishes, including an electroplated matte finish and a brushed metal finish, which are both contemporary choices.

As with choosing the tapware style, you should consider the overall design of your bathroom when choosing the finish. If your bathroom is contemporary, choosing gold, rose gold, gunmetal grey, nickel, bronze, or graphite finish will be a surefire way to achieve a high-level finish. If it is modern, then smart chrome or matte black tapware always fits the bill, and if it’s traditional, chrome or gold tapware are suitable choices.


While wastes are not tapware, they’re often overlooked and forgotten about when purchasing bathroom tapware when they really go hand in hand. Even if you’re simply replacing old tapware with new, updating your waste will go a long way in completing the upgrade.

There are modern, pop-up wastes for bathroom vanities and baths and floor wastes, including contemporary channel wastes and tile insert wastes for showers and bathroom floors.


Choosing bathroom tapware should be just as big of a decision as choosing bathroom tiles. With the magnitude of types, options, styles, and finishes available today, you can find tapware that not only serves an important function but also contributes to the bathroom’s overall design.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre is the #1 bathroom tapware supplier in Perth, offering hundreds of options, including vanity tapware, shower tapware, and bath tapware in various styles and finishes. We also have modern wastes and floor wastes to complete your bathroom.

Head into our showroom at 57 James Street Guildford today or view our vast online bathroom tapware range and enjoy shipping across Perth Metro.

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