6 Things To Consider When Shopping for Laundry Appliances

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Let’s face it, spending the weekend at a laundromat is a boring and expensive process – and quite frankly, I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend my time. If you also value your weekends, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that laundry appliances are one of today’s necessities. While they don’t eliminate the laundry process, they make life easier.

According to Newstrategist research, Australians spend almost 3 years of their lives washing clothes! With so much time spent in the laundry, we must invest in reliable laundry appliances to ensure we save as much time as possible.

As the purchasing head at Ross’s, I certainly know a fair deal about laundry appliances. In this article, I will list 6 things that you must consider when shopping for laundry appliances in Perth.

1. Energy and water efficiency

When buying laundry appliances in Perth, the first thing most of our customers consider is the energy rating and water efficiency. Of many different options available in the market, front loading machines are known to be better both in terms of energy efficiency and water efficiency.

Take a look at our 10 kg Front load washing machine, which is one of the most energy and water-efficient units we have in stock. As a useful tip, always remember to check the energy guide sticker on a washing machine before making a purchase. This sticker will provide information on the machine’s energy consumption and water efficiency.

2. Size

It’s important to consider the size of a unit before purchasing laundry appliances for your Perth home. You may not be pressed for space, but it is always wise to consider washing machines that feature both a washer and a dryer. These units are much more compact than other types of washers and are usually good enough to accommodate laundry loads of a medium-sized family. Check the space in your laundry area and buy an appropriately sized unit. Also, remember that you’ll need to keep some extra space around your unit for proper air circulation, so choose wisely.

3. Capacity

Capacity is another important aspect that customers consider when shopping for laundry appliances in Perth. Depending on the size of your family, you need to choose a washing machine of adequate capacity. With smaller machines, you may have to run multiple loads, which means more energy consumption and more time. On the other hand, larger machines can run bigger loads, saving you time and energy. Our 12kg top load washing machine is one of our largest units, which offers you all the capacity you need. As an insider tip, never go by marketing descriptions such as “extra-large” or “ultra-capacity”. Always take a look at the sticker on the unit, which will mention capacity in cubic feet.

If you’re looking for a washing machine with a large capacity, then choose a top loader washing machine over a front loader.

4. Cost

Although washing machines are available at various prices, the more savvy customer chooses one that fits their budget. Indeed, this is the best way to select any laundry appliance in Perth. Consider your requirements and set fix a budget before you start shopping. Here, at Ross’s, our laundry appliances range from as low as $1,359.00. Always choose according to your budget.

5. Features

Everyone knows that any washer will wash clothes, and any dryer will dry them. Quality brands, including Euro Appliances, offer a plethora of features that tempt customers into purchasing models at the top end of the price range. Remember – not every feature is required. I suggest you opt for an appliance that offers cycle options, auto load sensing options, moisture sensors and smart displays when shopping for laundry appliances in Perth. These are generally the only features that will be useful to you – anything else is just a bonus feature and not a requirement.

6. Warranty

Finally, when shopping for laundry appliances in Perth, weighing up the warranties offered is very important. Manufacturers offer warranties on almost every appliance, so if you find an appliance without a warranty, it is best to stay away. At Ross’s, all our laundry appliances are backed by impressive warranties to ensure peace of mind.

If the cost associated with washing or drying your clothes is of concern to you, I recommend that you head over to lifehacker.com.au where you’ll find a fantastic laundry cost calculator.


When purchasing laundry appliances in Perth, you need to make some considerations about your purchase. The first thing to look for in a unit is its energy and water efficiency. You should always buy efficient units that will reduce your energy costs. Consider the size and capacity of a unit and choose one according to the size of your family and the space in your home. Laundry appliances are available at a range of prices, and you should choose one on the basis of your budget. Modern appliances offer many features, but you should be interested in only cycle and auto load sensing options, moisture sensors and smart displays. And before you finalise your purchase, make sure that a solid guarantee backs the appliance you are going to buy.

For the best quality laundry appliances at budget-friendly prices, see us here at Ross’s Home Discount Centre in Perth. We have an extensive selection of appliances for you to choose from. If you have any questions regarding our products or our service, please give us a call.

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