Front Loader vs. Top Loader. Which Washing Machine Is for You?

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Of all the white goods, washing machines are arguably one of the most necessary. Sure, they may be tucked away from sight in laundry areas, but there’s no denying that they offer great utility.

I see how inconvenienced customers are when they walk in needing a new washing machine immediately. But you must make an informed decision when you’re in the market for a new washing machine. Buying the wrong washing machine – one that underperforms – can really impact your day-to-day life significantly.

So, when it comes to buying washing machines in Perth, the #1 question is whether you need a front loader or a top loader. While top loaders have always been the traditional choice, modern front loaders are now gaining popularity all over the world. Both top loaders, as well as front loaders, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ve helped countless customers buy washing machines in Perth. Over the years, I have gained a lot of knowledge about washing machines, and today I’ll share some of my knowledge with you.

Whether you’re buying your first washing machine or you own a top loader, and you’re considering if a front loader will be better, you’ll know just what to look for by the time you’re done reading this article.

Top loaders and their pros and cons

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Our 12KG Top Load Washer is one of our most popular top loaders

Top loader washing machines may be the traditional choice, but they are still extremely popular with homeowners across the world. This is because top loaders offer a range of benefits that are not offered by front loaders. Let’s take a look at them.

For starters, top loader washing machines usually have a larger capacity than similarly sized front loaders. The largest commercial top loaders have a capacity of up to 10kg, and even domestic models boast better capacities than their front loader counterparts.

Also, top loaders generally have a faster cycle time than front loaders. Most top loaders typically have a run cycle of about 15-30 minutes. On the other hand, front loaders may take up to an hour for each cycle. This is because, in a top loader, clothes are always immersed in water which is not the case with a front loader.

Some people also consider top loaders to be more convenient than front loaders. This is true to some extent. With a top loader, you don’t need to bend over to load or unload your wash cycle. This can be a big benefit to elderly people or those who suffer from back problems.

Also, top loaders allow you to add clothes during the washing cycle, which you cannot do with most front loaders. Top loaders also respond better to fabric softeners as compared to front loaders.

Top loader washing machines certainly offer many benefits, but they do suffer from some drawbacks as well. First and foremost, top loaders are generally less efficient as compared to front loaders. A top loader will use significantly more water and energy for washing the same load as compared to a front loader.

Many top loader machines make more noise than front loaders during a wash cycle. This is because top loaders create a lot of friction between the clothes due to twisting and turning while washing. This friction can also cause lint to be deposited on the machine after every wash.

While top loaders are usually much cheaper than front loaders of the same or slightly smaller capacity, the price difference is not very large. In fact, considering that front loaders are more efficient in operation, the cost per wash cycle is somewhat comparable.

Whether a top loader is for you depends on the layout of your home and your laundry habits. If you wash small loads and your household isn’t very big, then a top loader will do you just fine. Also, if you suffer from any back problems, then a top loader is for you.

And, when it comes to finding the best top loader washing machines in Perth, you’ll find them all at our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Of our entire range of top loader washing machines, our 10kg Top Load Washer and 12kg Top Load Washer are bestsellers at our store. This top loader is extremely efficient and reasonably priced as well. If you need to look at other models, please check out our entire range of top loaders at our online store.

Front loaders and their pros and cons

7KG / 3.5KG Front Load Washer / Dryer Combo

As mentioned, top loaders are the traditional choice, but they are losing their popularity to the more modern front loader washing machines. This is because front loaders are packed with more features, and they offer better benefits to users. Let’s take a look at them.

Front loaders are much more energy and water efficient as compared to top loaders. This is all because of the horizontal drum of a front loader which makes use of gravity to tumble a load of clothes.

Front loaders use less detergent and up to 50% less water (warm water) than top loaders. With cold water, the water efficiency of front loaders and top loaders is somewhat comparable.

Also, front loaders usually have more built-in cycle options and features than top loaders. Front loaders are more modern and have new features incorporated into them. Typically, a front loader will have higher spin cycles as compared to a top loader of the same capacity. Front loaders are also better at cleaning hard-to-remove stains. And, front loaders do not deposit any lint on the machine during a wash cycle. A front loader washing machine is also much gentler on clothes as compared to a top loader.

However, front loaders also suffer from a range of drawbacks. First of all, washing clothes in a front loader usually takes longer than a top loader. The average washing cycle of a front loader is about an hour, while that of a top loader is 15-30 minutes.

Front loaders are also not available in very large capacities, and they cost much more upfront as compared to top loaders. While front loaders are more water and energy-efficient than top loaders, it does take time to recover the expensive upfront costs.

One more thing about front loaders is that you cannot overload them. Overloading wears out a front loader, and it also puts a lot of pressure on the drum bearings. While you shouldn’t overload a top loader either, it is far less risky than front loaders.

Another drawback of front loaders is that they tend to have problems with mould and mildew. This happens especially if too much detergent or the wrong fabric softener is used or the gaskets and drum remain wet between washing cycles. On the other hand, top loaders rarely suffer from mildew or mould because water can easily evaporate from the top door.

Whether you need a front loader over a top loader completely depends on your personal needs and washing habits. If you already own a top loader and your washing requirements are not too strict, you need not upgrade to a front loader. However, if you’re buying your first washing machine, it does make more sense to go with a front loader. This is because front loaders are more cost-effective in the long run, and they are also environmentally friendly.

And, when it comes to finding the best front loader washing machines in Perth, you’ll find them all at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Of our collection of front loaders, our 6kg Front Load Washer is the most popular at our store. It offers exceptional efficiency and is designed to offer you many years of service. While you can go with either of these, you can also look at our other front loader models featured in our online store.


When it comes to choosing between a top loader and a front loader washing machine, there are several things to consider. Top loaders may be cheaper than front loaders, but they are less energy and water-efficient. Top loaders are generally available in larger capacities as compared to front loaders and they also have a shorter wash cycle. Top loaders are more convenient to load and unload as well. On the other hand, front loaders offer exceptional water and energy efficiency even though they are higher priced. Front loaders are more modern as compared to top loaders and they come with several features and different washing cycles. However, front loaders take longer to wash clothes, they are not available in large capacities, and they often suffer from mould and mildew.

Whether you should choose a top loader or a front loader completely depends on your personal requirements. If you’re a small family and you already own a top loader, it doesn’t make much sense to upgrade to a front loader. However, if you’re buying your first washing machine, it makes more sense to get a front loader. Consider your requirements before making a purchase.

And, for the best washing machines in Perth, look no further than our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Take a look at our online store today!

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