How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Windows and Doors

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Building or renovating in Perth is very exciting. However, it can also be very stressful. It’s decision after decision, and every decision matters -after all, how often will you build a new home or renovate your existing home? Try every 15-20 years! Thus, it goes without saying: you will want to make decisions you can live with for many, many years to come.

One important decision you’ll need to make is the frame colour for your windows and doors. With many options available, knowing which is right for you can be gruelling. Do you go for dark frames or light frames? Neutral or contrasting? Decisions, decisions!

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, you will find everything needed to complete a new home build or renovation, including an extensive range of windows and doors. We’re proud to be a stockist of Jason Windows, providing Perth residents with superior quality aluminium windows and aluminium doors in a range of modern colours to suit all home designs and styles.

Today, we will look a bit closer into this topic, providing you with professional tips to help you choose the best colour for your windows and doors.

Matching is Essential

The first thing to understand about choosing a colour for your windows and doors is that whatever colour you choose, it must be the same for both the windows and doors – the need to match—coherency and vital. If you choose black doors, you should choose black windows. Opting for different colour doors and windows will leave your home looking unprofessional, like you only renovated half the house or that you couldn’t get everything you wanted in the same colour.

Choosing the same colour frames for your windows and doors will yield a far greater finish and will make your home much more attractive to potential buyers should you put it on the market in the future.

Style of Home

The style of your home may also help determine which colour windows and doors are right for your home. Hamptons style homes, for example, which is becoming very popular, almost always have white frames, such as our Pearl White and White Lustre frames, as this is needed to accomplish the style. On the other hand, industrial-style homes would be more suited towards black widows and doors, such as our Charcoal Lustre frames, because this is more masculine and raw, which are industrial design characteristics.

On a more basic approach, consider the style and match the colour accordingly. For example, if you have a traditional home, consider traditional colours such as cream, green, and brown. If you have a contemporary home, then modern colours such as Pearl White, White Lustre white, Silver Lustre, and Charcoal Lustre will be better suited.

Matching the frame colour of your windows and doors with the style of your home is a great way to narrow down the colour options, allowing you to concentrate on a select few.

Property Exterior

Another factor to consider when choosing a colour for your doors and windows is the exterior of your property. After all, street appeal matters, and your doors and windows will play a hand in this.

Consider the exterior colour and building materials used – your windows and doors need to complement these. Here, there are two main options – you may either choose a colour that contrasts or matches the exterior. For example, Charcoal Lustre windows and doors are an excellent choice for red brick homes, more so than brown, because they offer contrast, making the bricks stand as a feature. However, if your exterior is white – weatherboard or render – and you want an all-white look, it makes sense to choose Pearl White or White Lustre doors and windows.

It also pays to look around your street and suburb to see what other homes in the area are doing. Also, look beyond the exterior of your home and consider the surrounding environment. If you live by the beach or in an area with a hot, sunny climate, lighter tones are favourable. Likewise, if you live in a congested area where smog and dirt are abundant, you may want to consider grey windows and doors rather than opting for white or black – they will help camouflage the dirt more than any other colour.

Think Outside the Box

Black, white and silver, are so standard. Yes, they are the most popular choice, but if you’re looking to create a truly awe-inspiring home, consider opting for shades of these popular choices, such as off-whites, shades of grey, and charcoal.

Subtle changes such as opting for White Lustre over white, Silver Lustre over silver, or Charcoal Lustre over black can significantly impact your home’s overall design, and it may be the difference between having a great-looking home and a stunning home.


Choosing the right colour for your windows and doors is just as important as choosing the exterior colour for your home – they’re seen from both your home’s interior and exterior and need to look great from both perspectives.

There are some simple tips to draw from to help you choose the right colour. First, it’s essential that whatever colour you decide, the doors and windows need to be the same – you can’t have one colour for your doors and another for windows – consistency is key. My second tip is to draw inspiration from the style of your home – traditional homes should opt for traditional window and door colours such as green, brown, and cream. Contemporary homes should select from modern colours such as black, silver and white. Drawing inspiration from the exterior of your property is also essential in choosing the right colour. Decide whether you want your doors and windows to contrast or match your exterior, and lastly, once you have settled on a colour, consider using a shade of that colour to be a little different. For example, an off-white may look better than pure white.

Those are my tips for choosing the right colour for your windows and doors. If you’d like to see the colours mentioned in this article in person, head into our store at 57 James Steet Guildford, Perth and take a look at our window and door display. We have plenty of salespersons on hand to help you decide which colour is right for your needs.

We stock a wide range of windows and doors in the following colour options, and we’re the only supplier of Jason Windows in Perth to stock windows and doors that you can walk in and purchase off the shelf (Silver Lustre colour only). Click here to find out more about the types of windows and doors we stock, along with the sizes and prices, in our Ultimate Doors & Windows Buying Guide.

Looking for a personalised touch for your home? Ross’s Discount Home Centre also offers custom doors and windows tailored to your needs. So if our stock sizes don’t fit you space or needs, contact us for a quote!

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