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How to Choose a Freestanding Oven

When shopping for freestanding ovens in Perth, there are more things to consider than the price. Yes, cost plays a role in the selection process, but more important is to choose an oven that provides the right features, is of decent quality (or better), and is the right size for your kitchen.

Types of Freestanding Ovens

Like all appliances, there are various types of freestanding ovens also. Some freestanding ovens are fueled by gas, others by electricity; some are fueled by both electricity and gas. The first decision is choosing between a freestanding gas oven, freestanding electric oven or a dual-fuel freestanding oven. There are also freestanding induction ovens, which are a form of the freestanding electric oven.

If you love cooking with an open flame, then opt for a freestanding gas oven. If you want instant heat without the flames, then consider investing in a freestanding induction oven. Otherwise, a standard freestanding electric oven will serve well.

Freestanding Oven Functionality and Features

Functionality and features should be the first thing you look at when shopping for freestanding ovens in Perth. Consider how many burners you need for cooking and consider whether or not you need a wok burner. Pay attention to the cooking zones, internal space, shelves, grill element, and cooking functions.

Freestanding Oven Quality

A freestanding oven is an investment; therefore, it needs to provide longevity. Factor the quality into the price and look for features such as AAA grade enamel interior, flame failure safety device, Cast Iron trivets, and a minimum warranty of 2-years.

Freestanding Oven Size

It’s essential to choose the right size oven for your space. Not always is ‘bigger’ ‘better’. If you have a smaller sized kitchen, then a 50cm or 60cm freestanding oven would be a better choice. If space is not an issue, then a grand 80cm or 90cm oven would be an optimal choice.

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