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How to choose a Toilet

Choosing a toilet is relatively straightforward. It comes down to selecting a pan and the best type of toilet to suit your needs and design preferences. However, if you’re renovating and don’t want to change your plumbing, then specific considerations need to be made.

Toilet Plumbing Considerations

The first step in selecting a toilet is considering the plumbing. As mentioned, if you are renovating, then plumbing will already be in place, and the toilet will need to be compatible. If you are building a new home, then your plumbing can be tailored around your toilet choice.

Toilet Pans

There are three pan options in Australia: S-Trap, P-Trap and Skew trap. S-Trap toilet pans are those suited to floor installations, meaning the plumbing is coming up through the flooring. P-Trap toilet pans are those suited for wall installations, where the plumbing connects to the wall, and Skew toilet pans are an older style, where the pipe connects to the side of the toilet. Some toilets in our collection offer both S-Trap and P-Trap pan options.

Toilet Types

Once you know which pan type you need, you can filter your choice by the types of toilets. Some of the most common types include closed coupled toilets, rimless toilets, back-to-the-wall toilets, wall face pan toilets, wall-hung pan toilets, and in-wall cistern toilets.

Closed coupled toilets join the cistern and pan together to hide the flush pipe, back-to-the-wall toilets are attached directly to the wall to hide the pipes, wall face pan toilets hide the entire cistern in the wall cavity, and wall-hung pan toilets are mounted on the wall with space below. Rimless toilets use a special interior flush system that reduces the rim area for better flushing efficiency.

If you’re designing a contemporary bathroom, then wall face pan toilets and wall-hung pan toilets are stylish choices. Wall face pan toilets are also efficient space-savers for small bathrooms. However, for something more affordable, closed coupled toilets and back-to-the-wall toilets are a practical choice – they are also the most popular toilets in Perth.

Choosing the perfect toilet is easy with Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s extensive range. We have toilets to meet all needs and budgets. Shop online for $50 Perth Metro delivery, or visit our Guildford showroom to see our range in person.

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