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How to choose Bathroom Floor Wastes

As per the Building Code of Australia and AS 3740, floor wastes are a requirement for a shower area, a room containing a urinal, and a part of a building where a bathroom or laundry is located above a sole occupancy unit or public space. Thus, if you’re renovating a bathroom or laundry or building a new home, you will need to purchase floor wastes in Perth.

Thankfully, floor wastes have come a long way in recent times and can now make a space look more modern. Knowing which floor wastes to choose comes down to the application and your style preference.

Types of Bathroom Floor Wastes

Floor wastes are available in various formats, with floor wastes and channel wastes being the most common types.

Standard floor wastes are a popular no-fuss solution and are suitable for all applications and all installations. Channel wastes, however, differ from conventional wastes. They are elongated in design and are most suitable for showers and wetrooms.

Bathroom Floor Waste Designs

Both floor wastes and channel wastes are available in two design options: standard and tile insert. A standard floor waste is either round or square in design, with both channel wastes and floor wastes featuring a grill and a chrome finish. Floor wastes and channel wastes of the tile insert floor wares are more contemporary and are quickly becoming the preferred choice for new builds and renovations. They feature a tile insert cap, which means they can seamlessly integrate with the flooring.

Besides the aesthetical design options, floor wastes are also available with various waste pipe outlet sizes (50mm and 80mm are standard) and may also come with a reflux non-return valve option.

For quality floor wastes in Perth, look nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We stock a wide range of the latest floor waste designs to meet all needs and budgets. Shop online to avail of free Perth Metro delivery, or visit our bathroom showroom in Guildford to see our entire range.

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