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Choosing the perfect colour for your windows and doors can be challenging. This is why we have selected our seven most popular colours to help you decide.

Although we carry an extensive range in stock, some sizes or colours may need to be manufactured, and a supply period of 10-15 business days should be allowed.

Alternatively, if you have your eye on a special colour or design that isn’t in our standard range, talk to us about the wide variety of custom colours and sizes we can provide.

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If you’re looking for sturdy and stylish aluminium sliding doors in Perth, then our range of  Sliding Doors is the perfect option.

Sliding Doors are a great choice for anyone looking for an easy way to update the look of their home, and these doors will do just that. With their sleek and modern design, they will give your home a fresh and contemporary look. You can choose between two, three, or four-panel sliding doors, all of which can be coupled with window combinations to create the perfect window wall.

Our affordable sliding doors come in a range of standard colours and custom sizes, which can be ordered via Special Orders. However, we stock Silver Luster sliding doors in all sizes, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to walk away with any Silver Luster sliding door without any waiting time.

Our sliding doors are manufactured by Perth’s leading door and window manufacturer, Jason’s Windows and are made with high-quality materials. They feature an air conditioning rating, anti-skid threshold, and glazing to keep your home safe and looking great. Plus, their unique Plaster Stop minimizes cracking and reduces maintenance costs.

They are made in Australia and are backed by a 10-year structural warranty.

So if you’re looking for attractive and durable glass sliding doors in Perth, our Sliding Doors are a perfect choice! Purchase your doors today and enjoy years of style and function.

Features & Benefits:

  • STRENGTH Sturdy frame design maintains a minimum frame width of 75mm. Designed specifically for cavity brick construction.
  • RANGE Choose between two, three and four-panel sliding doors, all of which can be tastefully coupled to window combinations to create the window wall, allowing the homeowner to make the most of the available living space and take advantage of the view.
  • PERFORMANCE Products are designed to meet the performance criterion as stipulated in AS 2047 and tested by NATA-approved agencies. As a member of the Australian Window Association, products are subject to third-party audits designed to ensure that the product matches the publicized test results. Performance labels are permanently placed on all windows to confirm the structural rating and the water performance capabilities.
  • AIR CON RATING The dual seal design minimizes air leakage and produces an air conditioning rating, ensuring you get maximum efficiency from heating and cooling appliances.
  • ANTI-SKID THRESHOLD The extruded sill threshold covers unsightly dirt traps and has inbuilt ribs to increase traction.
  • GLAZING All sliding doors are glazed with Grade A safety glass.
  • PLASTER STOP Unique Plaster Stop minimizes cracking and reduces the cost of maintenance.
  • BUILDING IN DETAIL Twist-in lugs to the internal and external brick course provide added strength and enduring frame fixing. *Our standard colour range is supported by a 10-year warranty, provided the external window and door frames are cleaned thoroughly every six months or every three months when exposed to a high level of contaminants such as salt or industrial pollutants.
  • FLY SCREENS When purchasing your sliding aluminium door from us, you can also purchase a matching flyscreen. Our flyscreens are fibre mesh designed to prevent flies and insects from entering the home. If you require security screens to help keep pets and children on the safe side, please contact us at 9378 2233.

Read ‘The Ultimate Sliding Doors And Windows Buying Guide‘ for help choosing your windows and doors and ‘How to Measure Doors & Windows‘ for help choosing the right size.

CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE: Can’t find the right size? No worries. As well as our sock sizes, Ross’s Discount Home Centre also offers custom windows made to any size for the perfect fit in your home. Contact us for a quote.


Australian Made - 10-Year Warranty


Standard Colours


Choosing the perfect colour for your windows and doors can be challenging.

This is why we have selected our seven most popular colours to help you decide.

Alternatively, if you have your eye on a special colour or design that isn’t in our standard range, talk to us about the wide variety of custom colours and sizes we can provide.





Installation Instructions

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Structural product warranty for a period of 10 years and a moving parts warranty for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.

The extent of the warranty is limited to defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of ten (10) years from the date of practical completion, subject to the following conditions:

Moving parts which are subject to wear as part of normal use are guaranteed for a period of two (2) years from the date specified above.

  • The product must be installed and maintained in accordance with Ross’s Discounts installation and maintenance recommendations, and the relevant Australian Standards (
  • Manufacturing standards and tolerances are not deemed defects.
  • The customer must not carry out any remedial work to allegedly defective products without first obtaining the written consent of Ross’s Discounts to do so.





Doors & Windows BAL Rating

Bush Fire Rating

In Western Australia, new construction work is required to comply with the performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia. The Building Code contains specific bushfire construction requirements for buildings in designated bushfire-prone areas that aim to reduce the risk of ignition from embers to minimise risk to lives and property. The primary concern of Australian Standard AS3959:2009 is to improve buildings in bushfire-prone areas to withstand attack from a bushfire and provide a level of protection to the building occupants, as well as the building itself. If you are not sure of the requirements for your area, you can check with your local council or fire authority.
As a standard, Ross’s Discount Home Centre provides all Windows and Doors with a minimum standard BAL Benchmark rating of 19.
For detailed explanations of what is specifically required for windows and doors for each of these ratings, please refer to the Australian Glass and Window Association:

BAL Rating

Ross’s Discount Home Centre provides high-quality windows and doors designed to meet BAL-19 residential standards. Our Benchmark Product Range ensures that all our windows and doors are fully equipped with external protection, featuring a minimum mesh with a maximum aperture of 2mm, meticulously crafted in accordance with AS 1530.8.1 regulations. With a BAL-19 rating, our products are engineered to safeguard your building against ember attack, burning debris, and radiant heat up to 19 kW/m2, providing you with peace of mind and superior protection for your home.

Aluminium Frame & Screen

With a BAL-19 rating, our supporting frames are expertly crafted from aluminium, a material renowned for its exceptional fire-resistant properties. Aluminum possesses a natural oxide layer that effectively inhibits its reaction with oxygen, thereby preventing ignition. Notably non-flammable, solid aluminium does not combust; instead, it withstands extreme temperatures up to approximately 600°C without catching fire. Rest assured, our aluminium frames offer robust fire protection, ensuring the safety and security of your home.

5mm Toughened Glass

All our windows feature a minimum of 5mm toughened glass, ensuring durability and safety. Toughened Glass is 4-5x tougher than normal glass. Our toughened safety glass boasts a nominal thickness of 5mm, suitable for blade widths up to 230mm and blade lengths up to 1000mm, providing reliable performance and peace of mind.

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Priscilla E
glass sliding door

Good quality item, and fast delivery, will definitely shop at Ross's again.

Willem Joubert

They were great to work with. I received what I ordered on tome and intact. Reasonable quality product for the price. Still waiting on the flyscreen. …

Diarmuid O'Donovan
Glass sliding door

Great service, great price. Items available off the shelf for fast delivery. I’ll buy again

Mary Nicoloff
Amazing service and price

Glass sliding door almost half the price of competitors and great quality and service

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