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Bush Fire Rating

In Western Australia, new construction work is required to comply with the performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia. The Building Code contains specific bushfire construction requirements for buildings in designated bushfire-prone areas that aim to reduce the risk of ignition from embers to minimise risk to lives and property. The primary concern of Australian Standard AS3959:2009 is to improve buildings in bushfire-prone areas to withstand attack from a bushfire and provide a level of protection to the building occupants, as well as the building itself. If you are not sure of the requirements for your area, you can check with your local council or fire authority.

As a standard, Ross’s Discount Home Centre provides all Windows and Doors with a minimum standard BAL Benchmark rating of 19.

For detailed explanations of what is specifically required for windows and doors for each of these ratings, please refer to the Australian Glass and Window Association: www.awa.org.au

BAL Rating

Ross’s Discount Home Centre provides high-quality windows and doors designed to meet BAL-19 residential standards. Our Benchmark Product Range ensures that all our windows and doors are fully equipped with external protection, featuring a minimum mesh with a maximum aperture of 2mm, meticulously crafted in accordance with AS 1530.8.1 regulations. With a BAL-19 rating, our products are engineered to safeguard your building against ember attack, burning debris, and radiant heat up to 19 kW/m2, providing you with peace of mind and superior protection for your home.

Aluminium Frame & Screen

With a BAL-19 rating, our supporting frames are expertly crafted from aluminium, a material renowned for its exceptional fire-resistant properties. Aluminum possesses a natural oxide layer that effectively inhibits its reaction with oxygen, thereby preventing ignition. Notably non-flammable, solid aluminium does not combust; instead, it withstands extreme temperatures up to approx 600°C without catching fire. Rest assured, our aluminium frames offer robust fire protection, ensuring the safety and security of your home

5mm Toughened Glass

All our windows feature a minimum of 5mm toughened glass, ensuring durability and safety. Our toughened safety glass boasts a nominal thickness of 5mm, suitable for blade widths up to 230mm and blade lengths up to 1000mm, providing reliable performance and peace of mind.


White Lustre

The light sheen of the lustre gives a subtle shimmer while the white creamy tone evokes a sense of class and sophistication. Whether you want to add an opulent charm or just give the space a hint of luxury, White Lustre provides the perfect finishing touch.

Pearl White

The pale hue gives a soft, almost pearlescent glow that is both inviting and calm. Pearl White will bring a touch of elegance and grace to any room.

Night Sky

A strong, inky black commanding an air of strength and confidence. With its timeless appeal, Night Sky complements any colour palette.

Anotec Dark Grey

A bold combination of dark bluish-grey tones, Anotec Dark Grey will bring your windows and doors to life.

Storm Front

The stormy grey hue provides a dramatic contrast and lends an air of mystery and allure that will bring an unexpected touch to your home.

Silver Lustre

The silver is complimented by the light sheen of the lustre and exudes a modern, yet timeless charm. The cool tone will add an eye-catching touch to your home.

Charcoal Lustre

The deep smokey charcoal hue provides warmth to the light shimmer of the lustre. Charcoal Lustre is a perfect accent to light colour palettes.