Warranty Information

Construction and Warranty Against Defects

Alpine Cabinets warrants the following products free of manufacturing defects for the following set periods from the date of purchase on the terms set out below.

Bathroom Vanities
Vitreous China Vanity Tops5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
Vitreous China Basins5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
Engineered Stone Tops5 YearsRepair, Replacement parts or complete product
Acrylic Tops5 YearsRepair, Replacement parts or complete product
Cabinets –5 YearsRepair, replacement parts or complete product
 * Handles Replacement parts
 * Drawer runners / Door Hinges Replacement parts
 * Legs Replacement parts
Shaving Cabinets and Mirrors
Cabinet –5 YearsRepair, Replacement parts or complete product
 * Mirror Doors2 yearsReplacement parts or complete product
Please note chips and cracks to mirror doors are not covered under warranty once the unit is installed
Mirrors2 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
Toilet Suites
Ceramics5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
Internal Valves (Inlet & Outlet)3 YearsReplacement parts
Button Assembly1 YearReplacement parts or product
Seat & Hinges1 YearReplacement parts or product
Link and Flush Pipes1 YearReplacement parts or product
Please note parts subject to wear and tear such as seals and rubbers are not covered by warranty
Tapware and Mixers
Tapware –5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
 * Chrome Finish5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
 * Coloured Finish2 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
Wall mixers5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
Spouts5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
Shower heads and arms5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
 * Shower Hoses1 YearReplacement parts or complete product
Tapware and Mixers O-rings and Washers3 MonthsReplacement parts
Shower Screens
Screens, Doors and Panels5 YearsRepair, Replacement parts or complete product
Lakes Bathroom ProductsLife TimeLife Time replacement parts or complete product
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Acrylic Structure5 YearsRepair, Replacement parts or complete product
Overflow Kits1 YearRepair, Replacement parts or complete product
Adjustable legs and frame5 YearsRepair, Replacement parts or complete product
Kitchen & Laundry
Cabinets –5 YearsReplacement parts or complete product
* Handles Replacement parts
* Drawer runners / Door Hinges Replacement parts
Benchtops5 YearsRepair, replacement parts or complete product

In Australia, consumers are protected from the consequences of faulty or defective products by the Australian Competition and Consumer Act.
Products must be fit for purpose and free from material and manufacturing defects.
Alpine offers warranty terms that in many cases exceed the basic requirements, and different product types have different warranty periods and conditions. Warranty applies from the date of purchase. This guide provides a reference as to what is covered by warranty and for how long.

The Warranty – Repair or Replacement
Alpine Cabinets will at its election, pursuant to its obligations under the Competition and Consumer act 2010: repair or replace the defective product or part, and make appropriate adjustment.
The warranty shall expire after the set period from the date of original purchase, where a Product is covered by this Warranty. Alpine Cabinets will undertake the replacement parts and/or product, regardless of the interim service within that period.
This Warranty is subject to the conditions and exclusions below, Alpine Cabinets warrants that products manufactured and distributed by Alpine Cabinets, will be free from inherent defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period applicable to the Product.
This Warranty only applies within Australia.

Defects Warranty: Regulation 90 of the ACL 2010, states;
“Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure”.

Warranty Procedure and Claims
Customer may obtain warranty service for faulty product, either by contacting the authorized supplier from whom the product was purchased, their State or Territory Agent or Alpine Cabinets at the details below. In all cases customers must provide a copy of the purchase receipt as PROOF OF PURCHASE and all documentation concerning the installation of the product by qualified persons, to obtain warranty service. Where no documentary evidence exists to support such proof, Alpine Cabinets may at its discretion accept a production date appearing on the products as the date of purchase. Alpine Cabinets takes no responsibility to repair product of unknown origin under warranty.
The Customer/Supplier is responsible for the accurate provision of all known relevant details of model, finish and nature of the problem to enable identification and rectification of the fault.
Misidentification of Alpine Cabinets product with another brand Bathroom Furniture or misidentification regarding nature of fault by the Customer/Supplier may incur a service call charge.
Alpine Cabinets’ service calls are conditional on being provided during normal working hours of Alpine Cabinets or their nominated service agent. Where service calls are unavailable then arrangements for the repair of the product will be at the discretion of Alpine Cabinets. Alpine Cabinets reserves the right to request the return of the faulty product for inspection/repair. Where faulty parts are requiring replacements e.g. doors, drawer runners, legs and handles, Alpine Cabinets will supply these products as parts only for warranty replacement to customers.
Transport cost in sending such replacements to the customer will be at Alpine Cabinets discretion.
In addition to your rights under Australian Consumer Law, Alpine Building Products provides a warranty against defects for our plumbing fixtures and fittings (products) for the following warranty periods (as per each specific product). The warranty shall only extend to the supply of a replacement product or credit to the value of the purchase and specifically excludes consequential damage ensuing from the product’s application or use.
The responsibility for the removal and replacement of the product shall be with the installer and/or owner or where the manufacturer accepts that the product is at fault, a maximum contribution to the removal and replacement costs of $200:

Suppliers Liability and Statutory Rights
This Warranty is to comply with the Australian Consumer Law governing Competition and Trade Practices 2010. Alpine Cabinets hereby acknowledges that levels of warranty claims are available to consumers. Consumers are advised that the installation and maintenance of Alpine Cabinets products must be clearly observed so that any consumer claims for warranty issues are protected.
The terms and conditions herein do not affect any Statutory and mandatory conditions, term or warranties implied by the Government laws and legislation or statutory rights.

Not covered by this Warranty
The Supplier and this Warranty does not cover damage or defect arising out of the following: Normal and fair wear and tear Misuse, abuse or mishap; Broken ceramics that have been installed. Exposure to excessive moisture e.g. directly beside a bath or open shower. If the installation is likely to encounter excessive moisture please consult your reseller for further advice. Care must be taken to immediately dry any spillage or leakage of water that may gain access to the cabinet, as water damage is not a justifiable claim. Exposure to excessive heat, direct flames, ultraviolet radiation or harsh chemicals; Use of abrasive cleaners, steel wool, metal implements or objects with sharp edges; Failure to follow installation instructions; Any event not due to a defect in the manufacturer of the Product.

Warranty may become void for the following reasons:
Damage as a result of insufficient flushing of lines prior to operation, Damage to finishes which arise from installation or post-installation use, Damages to finishes caused by adhesives, sealants and abrasive cleaning products (pre and post-installation), Inability to provide proof of installation by a licensed plumber and proof of purchase documentation, Products (Mixers, Tapware, Showers, Toilets, Shower Screens) NOT installed by a licensed and registered plumber, Products not installed to relevant national standards or local regulations, Products not installed in line with manufacturer’s instructions, Tapware / Mixers exposed to water pressure / temperature that exceeds stated limitations as per product installation instructions. (Note: AS/NZS 3500.1-2003 – clause 3.3.4 specifies 500kpa maximum water supply pressure at any outlet within a building for new installations, Fitting of other devices to the outlet of tapware (e.g. Water filters), Product removed from installation, without Alpine’s Prior approval, Non-Installation of flow regulated check valve in wall elbows for hand showers or veggie mixers, Products used for incorrect applications, non-potable water etc, Service or repair with non-standard replacement parts previously undertaken without Alpine’s prior written approval, Failure to clean and replace outlet aerators/flow restrictors etc, Tapware / mixers / showers/ accessories :- installation using acetone silicones, harsh or abrasive cleaners, use of wax based furniture cream, use of undue pressure etc, Products used with water additives (i.e. Cleaning or deodorising additives in toilet cisterns), If used for outdoor applications, Damage due to abuse and/or accidental damage as determined by authorised service agent or Alpine Building Products, Failure to install isolation cocks to basin and sink mixers, basin sets, hob sink sets and pillar cocks, Use of offset pan collars/connectors with an offset greater than 20mm used on Alpine toilet suites.

Ceramic Tops/Basins/Toilet Suites
All Alpine Cabinets ceramic tops, basins and toilet suites are warranted against manufacturer faults and workmanship, including crazing and cracking (excluding cracking caused by faulty installation of wastes) also excluding normal wear and tear for five (5) years from the date of purchase. Broken ceramics are not covered under warranty once they have been installed.
A waterproof sealant should be used to help seal the basin and fill the gap between the basin and vanity bench. Do not use epoxy type glues – these glues harden and prevent the expansion and contraction of the basin which can lead to the basin cracking, breaking or crazing. The use of epoxy glues will void this warranty.

The materials used in the manufacture of Alpine Cabinets vanities are water-resistant, NOT WATERPROOF unless stated otherwise.
Installation of the product must be by qualified & Licensed Tradespersons.
Do not induce a twist in the cabinet when screwing to the wall.
The cabinet must remain true for the doors and drawers to operate correctly.
Do not expose any part of the vanity to “solvent-based” cleaners.
Ensure water temperature at the tap outlet does not exceed 55oC.
This warranty guarantee is for normal domestic use only and does not cover damage by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence, excessive ware and tare, solvent-based cleaners and reactive substances, improper care and maintenance, water and natural causes such as sunlight, humidity and other environmental conditions.
This warranty will not apply where
Products have been improperly installed and not in accordance with BCA 2010 standards.
Products have been misused and not in accordance to which it was manufactured.
Products that are exposed to excessive moisture due to lack of ventilation and exposure to water drenching e.g bathing in the basin, washing down with hoses.

Please ensure that you inspect your products for manufacturing defects or damages in transit prior to installation.
If any defects or damages are found the product must not be installed.
Claims for defects, size, shade variation, incorrect delivery and other faults that should have been reasonably obvious before installation was carried out will not be accepted. This also applies to products that are not installed by a licenced professional.