The Ultimate Bath Buying Guide


A bath has to be one of life’s best luxuries. Such a simplistic product, yet it offers so many rewards: the reward of relaxation, the reward of privacy, and for many, the reward of having some quiet time without kids nagging them every second. Ah, bliss.

Carrying on from my last post which looked at the types of baths available, today we take a closer look at buying baths in Perth to include every consideration – the type, the material, shape, colour and more. Everything you need to make an informed decision on choosing the best bath for your new bathroom I cover in this one article.

Choosing a bath type

Freestanding Bath
Freestanding Bath

There are many types of baths to choose from, and your choice of bath type will directly impact where you can position the bath for installation. Therefore, first, consider your space to assess where your bath can fit. Then, you will know which type of bath to look at to find the perfect bath for your bathroom or ensuite.

Typically, you will have two options; to position it against a wall, which is the case with smaller bathrooms, or to position it anywhere in the room, which is the case for larger bathrooms.

Against a wall: If you’re only able to position your bath against a wall, then the type of bath you should look at are insert baths, back to wall baths and some spa baths.

In the corner on the room:  Baths are quite often positioned in the corner of a small bathroom. If this is the case, then you should look at our new Madrid Back to the Wall Corner Bath.

Anywhere in the room: If you have the liberty to position your bath anywhere in the room, then you have much more freedom in your selection. The best types of baths include freestanding baths, clawfoot baths and spa baths.

Visit my previous article for an overview of each bath type.

Choosing the Material

Stone Bath
Stone Bath

Baths are available in a range of materials including acrylic, stone, steel and copper. There are pros and cons to each.

Acrylic is by far the most popular and common material for modern-day baths, and it is what we make our baths from here at Ross’s. Acrylic is strong yet lightweight, affordable and easy to clean.

Stone, of course, looks amazing; however, it is very expensive. It is also very heavy and will call for extra floor support, and it is porous, which makes it hard to clean.

Choosing the Shape

rectangle bath
Rectangular bath

Each bath type is available in a variety of shapes and designs; therefore, this is another consideration. The type of bath can, however, restrict the available shapes. For instance, insert baths are generally all rectangular as they have to fit into a hob or cavity. However, other baths, such as freestanding baths, can come in a plethora of shapes including square, circle, oval and organic also.

When deciding on the shape, consider the design style of your bathroom and the fixers also. A modern or contemporary design supports circular, oval and square baths. A minimalistic design lends best to square-set baths, while a cottage or Hamptons style bathroom supports clawfoot baths and more organic shapes.

In terms of your fixtures, if your fixtures are curved, opt for an oval or circular bath. If your fixtures are square-set, consider a more square-set bath.

Choosing the Colour

black claw foot bath
Black Bath

When it comes to baths, there is very little choice for colour. While is and forever will be the most dominant and popular choice – you cannot fail in choosing a white bath. However, current trends see other colours emerging, black especially, which is why we have started to stock a range of black baths here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

White baths complement any bathroom design style, while black baths are more suited towards monochrome and contemporary bathrooms.


Deciding to include a bath in a bathroom is always a good idea. However, with baths now available in a variety of types, designs, shapes and sizes, it’s important to consider the most important elements before you choose one based on looks alone. When selecting a bath, consider the type of bath, material, shape and then colour – in that order. Doing so will ensure you get the best-suited bath for the size and design of your bathroom.

For quality baths in Perth, look nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a great selection of top-quality baths to suit your every need – we even have black baths!

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