5 Crucial Steps to Make When Choosing Bathroom Tiles

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Whether you’re renovating or building a bathroom from scratch, you must be careful when choosing bathroom tiles. Unlike ordinary tiles that you use elsewhere in your home, bathroom tiles are subject to moisture and changing temperatures.

Fortunately, there are a large number of bathroom tiles available on the market today. In fact, bathroom tiles are available in an endless choice of colours, designs, patterns and finish options. While this is all well and good, it also makes choosing the right bathroom tile a very tricky task.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I meet customers looking for bathroom tiles in Perth every single day. And in doing so, I’ve learnt exactly what it is that you need to know that will enable you to choose the perfect bathroom tile. Today, I will share some of my knowledge with you.

So, continue reading this post as I list five crucial steps that you must take when choosing bathroom tiles. This guide will help you choose the perfect tiles for your needs, so be sure to read through till the end.

Step 1 – Decide on a style

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Before you even start looking for bathroom tiles in Perth, you must choose a style. Bathroom tiles are available in a myriad of styles, colours, and design options, and you can create just the look you want.

Some common bathroom styles that people go with include hotel-style bathrooms, geometric bathrooms and decorative bathrooms (Also see 4 popular bathroom styles to consider for your renovation). Hotel-style bathrooms are minimalistic in design, and they include neutral colours. Black, white and other pastel shades are usually good colour choices for tiles to create a hotel-style look. Geometric bathrooms make use of printed tiles that come in geometric patterns. Such bathrooms look unique, and the patterns also make them look highly attractive. Finally, decorative bathrooms use decorative tiles to create a bold or cheerful look. These bathrooms offer a modern and quirky look.

What bathroom style you want will determine the type of tiles you need to purchase. Think about the overall style of your home and how your bathroom style will complement it.

If you also need help with your overall bathroom design, our article, Bathroom Design Trends You’ll Want to Follow, is a great starting point and also offers valuable insights and inspiration for the latest bathroom tile trends.

Step 2 – Consider your tile size preferences


Before you start looking at bathroom tiles in Perth, you must consider what size tiles you want. Bathroom tiles come in a range of sizes ranging from small format tiles to large format tiles, so if you don’t decide on the size beforehand, you will be overwhelmed by all the available choices.

When it comes to floor tiles, the most popular tile size is 300x300mm. This is also the standard floor tile size used in most bathrooms all across Australia. The biggest advantage of this size is that it can be easily laid out in a sloping manner towards the floor waste. If you’d like to go with this tile size, check out our Matang Cappucino and Della Beige (Floor) tile, which are both suitable bathroom tiles.

A popular tile size for bathroom floors is 300x600mm. This is considered to be a large format tile, and it can be used with a rectangular stainless-steel floor grate. With a large floor grate, there is no need to make excessive cuts and slopes in the tiles. Also, large-format floor tiles offer a much more elegant look compared to smaller tiles. Our Sandcastle Bone and Vogue White tiles are two popular large-format tiles to consider for your bathroom floors.

If you’d prefer to create a unique look, you can go with hexagonal floor tiles such as the Osaka Décor and the Image Décor tiles. These tiles come in a 450x450mm size and feature unique printed patterns which are right on trend at the moment. They’ll allow you to create a bold and unique look in your space. You can even use these tiles as wall tiles to create a uniform look.

As for your wall tiles, large-format tiles are always preferable over small-format tiles. You can either contrast tiles by creating a feature wall or create a seamless look using a similar tile.

Lastly, if you’d like to create a feature wall, our Edge Frame and Edge Wave make fantastic choices for your bathroom. On the other hand, if you’d like to create a seamless look, check out our Matang Charcoal and Paradigm Light Grey tiles. These tiles are available both as floor tiles and wall tiles, allowing you to create a seamless look.

Step 3 – Choose no more than three different tiles

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With the style and size decided, next, you have to narrow down your options. If you’re trying to mix and match tiles to create a unique look in your bathroom, you must take some care. While mixing and matching tiles are great, it can also lead to making your bathroom look busy. You should choose no more than three different tiles if you’re planning on mixing and matching.

As a starting point, always choose your floor tiles first before considering your wall tiles. Then, consider your wall tiles and how you will contrast them with your floor tiles. Finally, if you are creating accents or a feature wall, choose your feature tiles last.

Typically, your wall tiles will be used on 3 of your four walls with the feature wall being the fourth wall. Your feature wall will create the focal point of your bathroom, so make sure to keep it elegant. Our Chicago Gris and our Charm Shell Wave are some great feature tiles you can consider. You can even add texture to your bathroom wall with our Foster Black or our Frame Blanco feature tiles. Any of these make for excellent choices for your bathroom.

Step 4 – Consider your shower space

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If you have a separate shower space in your bathroom, you may want to consider using different tiles for your shower space. Now, you’ll have to make sure that you’re purchasing anti-skid tiles as showers can easily get slippery. Also, it makes sense to use the same tile for your shower floors and walls to create a seamless look. Make sure that whatever tile you choose for your shower complements the rest of your bathroom as well.

Step 5 – Take maintenance into consideration

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Lastly, if there’s one mistake people make when purchasing bathroom tiles, it is that they do not consider maintenance requirements. This often turns out to be a big mistake as some bathroom tiles are available at a cheap price, but they have heavy maintenance requirements. Always choose tiles that require little to no maintenance – even if they are slightly more expensive. Over the long run, they will work out to be the better option.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre stocks only the best quality bathroom tiles in Perth. While our tiles offer elegant looks, they are also designed to offer minimal maintenance. By choosing our tiles, you will get the best value for your money. And thanks to our extensive collection of tiles in Perth, you’re sure to find the best tile for your bathroom.

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Before you jump into buying bathroom tiles in Perth, there are some crucial steps you must consider. First of all, decide on a style for your bathroom. This will also determine what colour and design of tile to choose for your space. Next, consider your tile size preferences. Bathroom tiles are available in large format and small format tiles. Large-format tiles will produce a more attractive finish than small-format tiles. You can either choose to create a seamless look or mix and match tiles to create a unique look. If you’re mixing and matching tiles, choose no more than three different types of tiles. If you choose more tile types, you’ll unnecessarily make your bathroom look busy. Consider tiles for your shower space and make sure that they complement the rest of your bathroom. Finally, before you purchase your tiles, make sure you consider the maintenance requirements. If you follow these steps, you’ll face no trouble finding the perfect bathroom tiles for your needs.

Read our bathroom tile trends article for more inspiration. It is always updated with the latest trends.

And, if you’re after quality bathroom tiles in Perth, which you should be, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. From small-format tiles to large-format tiles, floor tiles to wall tiles and shower tiles, you’ll find everything that you need at our store.

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