Grey Kitchens Are a Growing Trend!

grey kitchen

When it comes to choosing a kitchen colour, the majority of homeowners opt for white. But white is now becoming so overused that it is losing trend, causing many to turn to alternative colour options. And at the top of the list is grey.

Houzz’s 2018 Australia Kitchen Trends Study reveals that grey kitchens are a growing trend in Australia. Of all people who upgraded or renovated their kitchens last year, a large percentage of people chose grey. Grey may still be behind white as the colour of choice for kitchens, but there’s no denying that grey kitchens are a trend. Also, grey kitchens look absolutely gorgeous.

So, if you’re renovating your kitchen, why not stay on trend by choosing grey? You can find all kitchen products that you need to build the grey kitchen of your dreams here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Continue reading this post as I recommend some of our products which are perfect for use in grey kitchens.

Kitchen Benchtops

Houzz reports that 22% of homeowners who upgraded their benchtops last year chose grey benchtops. Benchtops occupy a lot of space in any kitchen. If you’re looking to build a monotone grey kitchen, a  grey benchtop is a must.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer a huge range of stone and laminate benchtops for you to choose from. For a light grey benchtop, our Laminated Bench Top Quarzite and our Silver Nube stone benchtop make for fantastic choices. If you’re looking for a grey benchtop without too many patterns, our Cemento stone benchtop is perfect for you.

Floor Tiles

While grey flooring is not the most popular colour choice for kitchens, 13% of renovators chose grey last year. To create a seamless, monotone grey kitchen, grey floor tiles, such as those we offer here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, are a must-have.

For floor tiles that mimic the look of grey concrete, you’ll find nothing better than the Max Grey porcelain tile. If you’re looking for a lighter shade of grey with a sophisticated design, the Luna Bianco is a perfect choice. And, if you’re after a minimalist grey tile, consider the Celina Grey ceramic tile, which mimics the look of graphite. Any of these grey floor tiles are perfect for use in your kitchen.

Max Grey
Luna Bianco


Splashbacks are a feature of any kitchen. So given the current grey trend, it should come as no surprise that 15% of homeowners who renovated their kitchens last year chose grey splashbacks.

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer a range of wall tiles in grey designs. To go bold, check out our Image Décor feature tile which comes in a dark grey design. Alternatively, our Grenier Black feature tile also comes in a gorgeous black design. For calmer and more modern design, choose our Cotopaxi feature tile which includes varying shades of white and grey. These tiles are all ideal for creating grey kitchen splashbacks.

Kitchen Cabinets

While 9% of kitchen renovators upgraded to grey cabinets last year, white still remains the colour of choice when it comes to cabinets. White cabinets actually do very well to complement a grey kitchen.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we do not stock any grey kitchen cabinets. However, those of you who are looking to break up your grey with some white, check out our range of preassembled cabinets. Our preassembled kitchen cabinets come in a white high gloss finish, and they will do well to blend in with grey kitchens.

Kitchen Appliances

Grey is not a colour that is usually associated with appliances. However, over time, stainless steel appliances have grown in popularity. Stainless steel appliances are perfect for use in a grey kitchen. In fact, Houzz reports that stainless steel is the colour of choice for kitchen appliances by far. 61% of renovators upgraded to stainless steel kitchen appliances last year.

For the best quality stainless steel kitchen appliances in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Take a look at our 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher and our 60cm Fan Assisted Gas Oven. These appliances all come in an elegant stainless-steel finish, and they are ideal for use in grey kitchens.


White may be the most popular colour to be used in kitchens. However, Houzz’s latest kitchen trends study reveals that grey is the second most popular colour choice for kitchens. A large number of renovators upgraded to grey benchtops, floors, splashbacks, cabinets and appliances last year.

If you’re looking to build the grey kitchen of your dreams, you’ll find all the products you need here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.  Be sure to visit our online store to view our complete range of kitchen products, including those mentioned in this article.

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