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Not all bathrooms have the luxury of having a separate bath and shower. Those on the smaller side often only have room for a shower and forgo a bath. But this isn’t always ideal, especially for growing families. If you’re in the position where you can’t expend your bathroom space but need a shower and bath, then a combined shower and bath is really your only option.

Adding a shower over your bath is a great way to make your bathroom more functional. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of both a shower and a bath without consuming extra space, and this is vital for smaller bathrooms!

However, a shower/bath combo has been looked down on as an inferior solution in the past. The disdain was partly due to water splashing about the bathroom while showering and partly due to daggy shower curtains, which were the only solution to this problem.

Thankfully, times have changed. Now, there’s a new solution to keep water at bay while showering, with modern bath screens! Bath screens transform a daggy shower/bath combo into a stylish solution that will complement the most modernistic bathroom designs.

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower curtain or looking to renovate your small bathroom to include a shower/bath combo, then you’ll need a bath screen. But, before you rush into purchasing a bath screen in Perth, then there are a few things to consider.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of these things so you can choose the right bath screen for your design needs and personal preferences.

Types of bath screens

Fixed bath screens

Fixed bath screens are the most common type of bath screens in Perth – they are standard and come in the widest variety of designs and styles. They’re also the most economical option due to their simplicity. Unlike hinged bath screens, a fixed bath screen cannot swivel. It is fixed to the wall by a U-Channel and the bath rim with a seal strip. They are a permanent feature that sole purpose is to contain water and prevent it from splashing about the bathroom during showering.

In terms of designs, options are plentiful. Fixed bath screens can be frameless or framed, and if frameless, you will find design options such as square, curved, and sail, which is the shape of the glass.

Hinged bath screens / Swing bath screens

Hinged bath screens, also known as swing bath screens, are a practical and functional option for those seeking bath screens in Perth. A hinged glass panel defines them, which connects to a fixed panel and rotates 180 degrees – 90 degrees into the bath and 90 degrees away from the bath. This functionality aids easy access without compromising design.

Hinged bath screens come in various designs, including square bath screens, sail bath screens and curved bath screens.

Framed bath screens

Framed bath screens may not be as modern as their frameless counterparts, but there is a place for them in the market. As the glass is fully framed in aluminium, they offer higher stability and robustness, which can be important when boisterous young kids are bathing.

While framed bath screens don’t offer sail and curved variants, they do come in various panel options in terms of design. Options include framed double panel bath screens, framed triple panel bath screens, framed four-panel bath screens, and a framed bi-fold bath screens, which are a safe and functional option for kid’s bath time.

Frameless bath screens

Frameless bath screens are by far the preferred option today and perceived as standard. As there is no frame to restrict the design, so possibilities are endless. The glass panel seamlessly blends into a bathroom without distraction and can be sculpted in contemporary shapes such as curved and sails to soften the look. In fact, all designs mentioned below are frameless bath screens. They are much more modern in design and are much easier to clean and maintain than framed bath screens.

You will also find frameless bath screens in Perth to offer the most variances, including towel rail and double panel options such as those offered in our bath screen range.

Folding bath screens / Bi-fold bath screens

Folding bath screens, often referred to as bi-fold bath screens, are another not so common option to consider for your shower/bath combo. Such bath screens maximise the space available in your bathroom as they do not open inwards or outwards and can fold back to expose the bath almost in its entirety. Such screens look stylish, and they’re also very practical.

Bath Screen Designs

Today, bath screens are available in various designs to suit multiple design styles and personal tastes. The most popular bath screen designs in Perth include square bath screens, sail bath screens, and curved bath screens. But, bath screen designs are not limited to just these few.

Below, I’ll outline these bath screen designs for you to consider for your shower/bath combo.

Square bath screens

Square bath screens are the most common type of bath screen in Perth. They can also be referred to as panel bath screens because they are simply one frameless glass panel that gets fixed to the wall with a U-channel. They’re modern and stylish and suitable for all bathrooms, regardless of style. Crisp, clean lines define this square-edged bath screen.

The Square Panel Bath Screen offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre is the perfect example of such bath screens. This particular screen is just $380.00, and there are various variations available such as the Square Panel Bath Screen with Towel Rail, Square Double Panel Bath Screen, and the  Square Double Panel Bath Screen with Towel Rail.

Square bath screens in Perth come in plenty of sizes, and you’re sure to find something to meet your budget and requirements with ease.

Square Panel Bath Screen
Square Panel Bath Screen

Sail bath screens

Sail bath screens offer a little more design flair than square bath screens. Like square bath screens, they get their name from their shape, which is just like the sail of a ship – they’re curved at the top and straight at the bottom. The sail shape helps to soften the look of the glass, which enables it to blend with the surroundings better. Such bath screens look very sleek, and they are suitable for contemporary bathrooms.

An excellent example of a sail bath screen is the Kensington bath screen and the Sculpted Bath Screen, which we currently have in stock in our bath screen range. The Kensington bath screen is a budget-friendly option at just $280.00, while the Sculpted Bath Screen is the more lavish, higher-quality option, starting at $380.00. The Sculpted Bath Screen also comes with various variations, such as the Sculpted Bath Screen with Towel Rail, Sculpted Double Panel Bath Screen, and the Sculpted Double Panel Bath Screen with Towel Rail.

Sail bath screens in Perth come in an array of options, so you’re sure to find one to meet your budget and requirement needs.

Kensington  Bath Screen
Kensington  Bath Screen

Curved bath screens

Curved bath screens are another great bath screen. They are very similar to sail bath screens in that the glass is curved, but the curve isn’t as significant – it is radial to the top corner rather than the entire length of the panel. As such, these bath screens sit in between square bath screens and sail bath screens and look great in just about any bathroom design style.

The Waterford Swing Bath Screen is a budget-friendly curved bath screen for just $220.00. In fact, it’s the cheapest in our bath screen range and provides excellent value for money. The Curved Bath Screen is the better quality version, starting at $340.00. It is also available with variations, such as the Curved Double Panel Bath Screen.

You will find curved bath screens in Perth in various sizes to meet your budget and requirements with ease.

Curved Bath Screen
Curved Bath Screen

Buying Considerations

While the size and space in your bathroom may play a role, choosing the right bath screen ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. Modern bath screens in Perth, such as those offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre, are designed to fit into most types of insert baths – however, they are not suitable for freestanding baths.

There are a few considerations to make to help you select the perfect bath screen.

  • Consider whether you want a fixed bath screen or a hinged bath screen. Hinged bath screens offer easier access but are more expensive than fixed bath screens.
  • Select between frameless bath screens or framed bath screens. Frameless bath screens look more contemporary, but a framed bath screen may be a safer option if you have younger children.

Consider the bath screen design and which will look best or work best in your space. If you opt for a frameless bath screen, options will include square, sail, and curved shower screens. Framed bath screens only offer square design but do have panel variations.

  • Consider cleaning requirements. Framed bath screens are the most challenging to clean, and Lakes Bathrooms bath screens, coated with AllClear, are the easiest to clean, practically cleaning themselves.
  • Not all bath screens are of the same quality. Some may only last a few years, others a lifetime. Consider how long you want your screen to last – If it’s a permanent fixture, opt for a Lakes Bathrooms shower screen that offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Lastly, consider whether you want accessories with your bath screen. Accessories such as towel rails or towel rings are available with some bath screen models. These accessories will enhance your bathing or showering experience, so do consider whether you want them.

Quality bath screens in Perth

For the best quality bath screens in Perth, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s range. Our bath screens are manufactured with toughened glass and meet Australian standards of safety.

The majority of bath screens in our range are Lakes Bathrooms bath screens and come with a unique AllClear coating and an unmatched lifetime warranty! AllClear is a unique state-of-the-art coating that prevents the glass from getting dirty – it is specially formulated to repel water, soap sum and limescale, to reduce all nearly cleaning requirements. They offer easy maintenance, and they come in a range of styles for you to choose from to meet all personal preferences.

Lakes Bathrooms is one of the worlds leading shower screen and bathroom manufactures, winning the 2018 BMJ Industry award for Best Bathroom Band. By choosing one of our Lakes Bathrooms bath screens, you cannot go wrong.


When it comes to choosing bath screens in Perth, there are some factors you should consider. Bath screens are available in various types and designs, including fixed bath screens, hinged bath screens, frameless bath screens, framed bath screens, square bath screens, sail bath screens, and curved bath screens, among others.

Deciding on the type and design is the first step in buying a bath screen. You also have to consider its function. For example, if you have young children, you may opt for a framed bath screen over a frameless one. Likewise, if you’re looking to create a contemporary space, then a modern frameless bath screen would be a better choice.

It’s also important to consider whether accessories like a towel rail or added functionality like an additional glass panel are important to you.

Bath screens are affordable and range in price depending on their quality. If you’re looking for a bath screen to withstand the lifespan of your bathroom, then choosing one from Lakes Bathrooms will ensure this. The Lakes Bathrooms screens come with an unbelievable lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured they won’t let you down.

When you’re ready to shop for bath screens in Perth, choose Ross’s Discount Home Centre. You can view our range of quality bath screens in our online store or see them in person by visiting our showroom, located at 57 James Street, Guildford, Perth.

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