Bathroom Basins: How to choose the right one

Bathroom Basins: How to choose the right one

The bathroom basin is definitely the most used item in your bathroom, if not your entire home. As such, when looking for new bathroom basins in Perth, you must carefully consider your purchase. While your bathroom basin needs to be highly functional, it must also suit your personal lifestyle. Moreover, the design of your basin also needs to be chosen according to your bathroom space. Fortunately, we feature a range of bathroom basins at Ross’s, which can meet all these needs.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ve met my fair share of customers looking for bathroom basins in Perth. Over many years now, I’ve gained significant knowledge on which types of basins work out best for specific needs. In this article, I have compiled a list of some of the most popular types of bathroom basins for you to choose from. This guide will help you choose the right basin that suits your particular requirements.

Wall mounted basins

At Ross’s, we stock some of the most modern bathroom basins in Perth including many wall mounted basins. Due to current trends, many customers are after a minimalist feel in their bathrooms. Wall mounted basins are absolutely perfect in this regard. As the name implies, wall mounted basins can be attached to the wall and do not have any cabinets or benchtops underneath. These basins save on space and make your bathroom appear bigger. Remember – when opting for wall mounted bathroom basins, make sure that you have an outlet in your wall for the plumbing and waste to go in. This will offer a clean and finished look.

The Melise Wall/Pedestal Basin is a popular choice

The Melise Wall/Pedestal Basin is a popular choice

Top mounted basins

Top mounted basins are another popular option with customers looking for Bathroom Basins in Perth. As our most popular type of bathroom basin, top mounted basins are designed to sit atop a bathroom cabinet or benchtop and are available in a range of styles, designs and textures. These basins are suitable to be used with almost all benchtop materials. With top mounted basins, you need to make a worthy investment as it becomes the focal point of your bathroom. When choosing your basin, keep in mind these basins are best suited for elegant ensuites and grand bathrooms.

Top mounted basin

Consider the Olix Decor Counter Top Vessel Basin

Pedestal basins

There have been customers who want wall mounted basins for their bathrooms, but have no wall outlet for the plumbing or waste. In this instance, I recommend pedestal basins as the perfect alternative. Pedestal basins are freestanding basins which are mounted on top of a pedestal or a support column. Although often associated with traditional style bathrooms, pedestal basins have definitely come a long way. Modern day pedestal basins, such as the ones we feature here at Ross’s, are available in a range of designs for you to choose from. While pedestal basins do not leave any storage space underneath, they do look aesthetically pleasing and can add a classic vibe to any bathroom. If you’re looking for pedestal bathroom basins in Perth, look at our collection.

Pedestal Basin

Consider the Heart Wall/Pedestal Basin

All-in-one basins

Another popular choice for those looking for bathroom basins in Perth, especially if you’re doing a DIY reno or own an investment property, is to opt for an all-in-on basin. All-in-one basins, or bathroom vanities as they are better know, are perfect for those looking for a no-fuss, quick and easy bathroom install simply because they offer a cabinet / basin combo. At Ross’s we offer a range of bathroom vanities, available in different styles and designs to meet you’re desired look. If you’re looking for affordable a bathroom basin in Perth, then then a vanity is for you.

Bathroom Vanity

The 90cm Wall Hung Vanity with White Stone Top is very popular


If you’re looking for bathroom basins in Perth, you have more than a few considerations to make. The available space in your bathroom, your lifestyle, your design preferences and your budget will all factor into the decision of buying a basin. Those with minimal space in their bathrooms should opt for wall mounted basins, provided that they have a wall outlet for the waste and plumbing to go in. If a wall outlet isn’t available, pedestal basins work out well, although they do not leave any storage space underneath. Those who can afford to spend a little extra on their basin can opt for top mounted or all-in-one basins. Top mounted basins are designed to fit on top of a benchtop, while all-in-one basins include a benchtop. Both these types of basins are great and act as the focal point in a bathroom.

For the best quality bathroom basins in Perth at affordable prices, visit our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. You can also buy our products online and we will deliver the products to your doorstep – with free delivery for Perth Metro areas. Whether you’re looking for wall mounted basins, pedestal basins, top mounted basins or all-in-one basins, we have all these products in stock. For more information on our bathroom basins, get in touch with us. Our expert salesmen will be more than happy to help you out.