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How to Choose a Microwave

Whether you rarely use a microwave or use it multiple times per day, a microwave needs to be reliable. This is why, like any appliance, you need to consider more than just the price in the selection process.

While all microwaves provide a defrost and reheat setting,  beyond that, they may vary significantly. As you will notice with our range, there are various types of microwaves, each offering different functions and features, each varying in size and quality too.

Types of Microwaves

Thankfully, choosing microwaves in Perth isn’t too tricky as there are only two types to consider. First, you have a conventional microwave oven; then, you have a convection microwave oven.

Conventional microwaves are considered the standard type, the more common and economical choice. They offer the basic functionality of heating, reheating and defrosting; think of them as the ‘no-frills’ option. Convection microwaves, on the other hand, are more advanced in their offerings. They comprise multiple cooking functions, including a grill, and can be used for heating, reheating and defrosting, as well as browning, baking, and crisping.

The key to choosing the right type of microwave is to consider your cooking requirements and decide accordingly. If you prefer to use your oven for browning, baking, and crisping, then a conventional microwave is a more economical choice.

Microwave Size

A microwave’s size should also be considered when shopping for microwaves in Perth. Like fridges, microwave ovens come in a range of sizes. It’s important that you not only find one that’s big enough to facilitate your culinary needs but, more importantly, that you find one that fits into your cabinetry.

Microwaves range in size from 20L capacity to 44L. Consider what you will be using it for, how much space you have in the kitchen and where it will be placed, and how much you intend to use it to decide on a suitable size.

Microwave Quality

Last but certainly not least is the quality of the microwave. Factors contributing to a microwave’s quality include the wattage; the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking, its features and warranty.

Choosing a quality microwave is easy. Simply look for one with a high wattage, good features, and a minimum 2-year warranty.

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