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If you’re building a new kitchen or undergoing a renovation, no doubt a cooktop is on your list. Cooktops are the most important part of a kitchen – after all cooktops are heavily used to cook many meals.

When it comes to buying cooktops in Perth, there are several options- induction, gas and electric cooktops. According to, gas cooktops lead the way among homeowners replacing appliances at 49%, which in itself is a testament to the popularity that they hold. If you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation or planning to renovate your kitchen in the next 6 months, then no doubt a gas cooktop is in your sights. Before you jump in and purchase one based solely on design, size or price, stop and read this article.

I’ve been the head of purchasing at Ross’s for a number of years now. Therefore, it is fair to say that I know a thing or two about the range of gas cooktops available in Perth. I’ve written this article in order to help you out with your purchase. By following the tips that I mention, you can make sure to choose the best gas cooktop for your kitchen.

Safety features

Whenever someone asks me how to choose a gas cooktop, the first thing I tell them is to consider safety. While most offer instant control overheat, some fall short of necessary safety features. When you’re looking for gas cooktops in Perth, I recommend that you choose high-quality units with flame failure safety. These cooktops will automatically cut off the gas supply or reignite in case the flame goes out. If you’re unsure whether the cooktop you have selected contains this feature, look for the specifications or ask one of our salespersons in store.

Size of cooktop

The next thing you should consider is the size. This can be quite overwhelming, given that the gas cooktops offered in Perth are available in an array of shapes and sizes. I recommend that you choose one based on the size and space available on your benchtop. Make sure that you check the dimensions and specifications of the cooktop you are planning on before making a purchase. Gas cooktops have minimum distance requirements from rangehoods on top or cupboards at the bottom. When you’ve found a model that suits your space requirements, go for square or rectangular cooktops as per your fancy.

Number of burners

Once you’ve decided on a size, you should next consider the number of burners you’ll require. You’ll need to make this decision based on your personal cooking requirements. Most gas cooktops in Perth contain 4-5 burners and this offers ample space for cooking basic meals. Consider the layout of burners in relation to the pans and pots that you use.

A handy piece of advice – make sure to choose a cooktop that has good space between the burners. This way, you can easily accommodate large-sized pans and pots in case you’re cooking more than usual.

Other features

Other things to look for when selecting gas cooktops in Perth are the control knobs and their surface. The control knobs select should be sturdy, easy to grip and large in size. They should also not be too close to the burners. The surface of the cooktop should be spacious and easy to clean.

Ross’s range of gas cooktops

Now that you know the basics of how to select a gas cooktop, you’re ready to go shopping! Here, at Ross’s, we offer a stunning range for you to choose from. There’s no better place to shop for gas cooktops in Perth than at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Here are our top 3 gas cooktops for low, standard and top-end budgets:

60cm Gas and Wok Cooktop: Our 60cm gas and wok cooktop unit features 3 gas burners, a wok burner and front control knobs. This cooktop also features cast iron trivets.  Available in an elegant stainless steel finish, the 60cm gas cooktop works both with LPG and natural gas.

90cm Gas Cooktop: Our elegant 90cm gas cooktop features 5 gas burners, including a wok burner. This cooktop includes one-touch electric ignition and works with both LPG and natural gas. This cooktop is available in a stylish stainless steel finish.

75cm Gas Cooktop: Our 75cm gas cooktop also includes 5 gas burners, including a wok burner. It is equipped with a flame failure device and includes one-touch electric ignition. Featuring a classy stainless steel finish, it also features cast iron trivets. Our 75cm gas cooktop works with both natural gas and LPG.


If you’re thinking of selecting the perfect gas cooktop for your kitchen, you must make a few considerations. First and foremost, you must choose one with a flame failure safety device. Always select an appropriate size according to the space available in your kitchen and choose the number of burners as per your cooking requirements. Finally, consider other necessary features including the control knobs and cooktop surface.

When it comes to buying quality gas cooktops in Perth, you simply can’t beat the products we offer here at Ross’s. Our range features an electric one-touch ignition and flame failure safety. They are elegant and feature a sleek stainless steel finish. Best of all, our products are featured at incredibly budget-friendly prices. You’ll not find such high-quality products at such prices elsewhere in Perth.

To know more about our range of gas cooktops, take a look at our online store. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information. We’d love to be of help!

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