Aluminium sliding doors: The pros & cons you need to know!

Aluminium sliding doors

No doubt, you have seen aluminium sliding doors in Perth. They have grown in popularity over the years and they are being used across many homes and offices. Aluminium sliding doors look incredibly sleek and sexy and I suspect that you want one for yourself as well.

However, as a consumer, you must always make an informed decision about your purchases. When it comes to aluminium sliding doors, you need to determine whether or not they will be suitable for you.

As Ross’s head of purchasing, I’ve helped many customers decide on whether to purchase aluminium sliding doors or not. If you’re someone who is thinking of making a purchase, this article will be a great help to you.

Continue reading as I list out the pros and cons of aluminium sliding doors that you need to know. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to make an informed choice.

First, let’s take a brief look at what aluminium sliding doors offer.

Aluminium sliding doors

If you’re considering installing aluminium sliding doors in your Perth home, you’ve made a great choice! Aluminium sliding doors are a fantastic alternative to traditional doors. These doors are wonderful to look at and they are incredibly classy and elegant.

Aluminium sliding doors consist of an aluminium frame, which is used to support a glass panel. The door consists of two parts – one which is fixed and the other which slides open.

While traditional doors are still being used, aluminium sliding doors have grown in popularity. Aluminium sliding doors in Perth are used in homes and offices. I’m sure you’re considering getting one installed yourself. To help you out with your decision, I’ve listed some of the pros and cons of aluminium sliding doors.

Pros of aluminium sliding doors

I am so glad we decided to install aluminium sliding doors at my home. They provide my family with many benefits. Firstly, they are very practical and provide a large doorway, which also allows me to enjoy unobstructed and wide views of the outdoors.

I also love the fact that aluminium sliding doors are incredibly sturdy. At Ross’s Home Discount Centre in Perth, our aluminium sliding doors feature exhibit great strength. Thanks to a sturdy frame design, our doors can easily be accommodated in cavity brick constructions. We also make use of high-quality, grade-A safety glass, which meets Australian safety standards.

Aluminium sliding doors also offer superior performance as compared to other types of doors. At Ross’s, our doors are tested by NATA-approved agencies to meet all the performance criteria of the AS2407 standards.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why I am glad to have aluminium sliding doors is that they are energy efficient. Our range of sliding doors features a unique dual-seal design that offers an air-conditioning rating. By installing these doors in your home, you can get the maximum efficiency out of your cooling and heating devices.

Cons of aluminium sliding doors

While aluminium sliding doors are great in many respects, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a few downsides. First of all, aluminium sliding doors may not be the most economical choice when it comes to door options in Perth. Moreover, they have higher installation costs.

Aluminium sliding doors can only open up to half the total width of the doorway opening, as one part is fixed and the other slides over it. So, considering you need an opening that is 2m wide, your door will need to be 4m wide.

There is also some amount of maintenance required. To keep the door sliding freely, you will need to clean the tracks regularly to remove debris.

In extreme cases, weather conditions can pose a concern. Wind storms can cause debris to fly and damage the glass in these doors.

Nevertheless, some of these problems are not a concern when buying from Ross’s. Not only do we offer some of the most competitive prices on aluminium sliding doors in Perth, but they also require very little maintenance. Our doors, which include a range of single sliding doors, double sliding doors, 3-panel stacking doors and 6-panel stacking doors, are made with toughened safety glass that can withstand a significant amount of force. We even offer an impressive 10-year warranty on our doors, so you can rest assured and buy from us.

Aluminium sliding doors
Ross’s aluminium sliding doors


Aluminium sliding doors are incredibly elegant and classy. These doors are highly practical and they offer wide, unobstructed views of the outside. They are also sturdy and offer better performance than other types of doors. Moreover, they’re great for air conditioners too!

On the flip side, aluminium sliding doors can be more expensive than traditional doors. Also, these doors only open up to half the total width and require some amount of maintenance. Extreme weather conditions may also pose concerns to aluminium sliding doors.

When it comes to finding the best quality aluminium sliding doors in Perth, Ross’s is the place to look at. Our doors are tested and approved by NATA agencies and meet Australian standards of safety. The best part about our doors is that they are quite economical, despite being high-quality products.

If you need more information about our sliding doors, please do get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable salespersons will be happy to offer you all the information you need.

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