4 sliding door solutions for the ultimate home renovation

If you are planning a home renovation, then no doubt you’ve considered installing sliding doors. They are by far one of the most popular products we sell here at Ross’s Home Discount Centre – and a necessary product for any home – simply because of the magnitude of benefits they offer.

Let me explain. First and foremost, since they operate without hinges, they allow great space saving and also offer easy access to outdoor areas. Moreover, as these doors feature large glass panes, they maximise the amount of natural light entering a home. Sliding doors made out of shatterproof glass or meshes are also very safe and secure. Most importantly, sliding doors are sleek and they add a graceful aesthetic to a home environment.

Customers often ask me which type of sliding door is best to install in their home. The answer to this question really depends on your needs and your budget. As such, in this article, I will outline 4 of the most common types of sliding doors so you can choose which type best suit your needs.

1. Sliding Security Doors

Sliding security doors feature a mesh or grille and are designed to offer great protection. When the Western Australian DUMA (Drug Use Monitoring in Australia) conducted a survey of their detainees in 2015 and asked them what would deter them from breaking into a home, 19% stated security grills on windows and/or doors would deter them. As you can see from these findings, it certainly pays to have sliding security doors fitted to your home.

As per Australian standards, sliding security doors contain three locking points with an interlocking mechanism, which makes them incredibly secure. Thanks to innovative designs, despite a mesh or a grille, modern-day sliding security doors offer unobstructed views.

However, it still seems that not enough homeowners are taking their security seriously. According to a 2004 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), only 45% of Western Australian households have security screens on all external doors. If you’re concerned about safety and security, reduce the risk of being burgled by installing sliding security doors into your home renovation.

2. Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors are by far the most commonly installed external sliding doors all over the world. Sleek, classy and cost-effective sliding doors, such as those we offer at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, typically exhibit a sturdy aluminium frame and glazed safety glass. The biggest benefit of these sliding doors is that they are slim and they allow a maximum amount of natural light to pass through them.

Aluminium sliding doors offer a bold look and are far cheaper than bi-fold doors and French doors. Due to their immense popularity, these sliding doors are available in a range of colours, sizes and design options. If you’re considering sliding doors to separate the interiors of your home from the outdoors, aluminium sliding doors are the way to go.

At Ross’s we offer a range of aluminium sliding doors to meet your needs and requirements. With shipping across Perth Metro areas, it’s as easy as clicking here, choosing a frame width and height, selecting a colour, a sliding direction and completing checkout. We have single sliding doors, double sliding doors as well as 3-panel stacking doors and 6-panel stacking doors in our sliding door range.

With over 1 million dollars of stock in our warehouse and ready for dispatch, you can rest assured knowing there will be no delays on your delivery, in fact, you’ll receive it 2-3 days of placing your order!

3. Internal Sliding Doors

As the name would suggest, internal sliding doors are used to divide interior space between rooms, offices or conservatories. These types of doors can be made out of timber, glass or a combination of both. They offer easy access from one room to another and they also allow you to save on valuable space. Cavity sliding doors are a special variant of internal sliding doors that slide into wall pockets.

Whist we don’t stock internal sliding doors here at Ross’s, I have seen their popularity continue to grow over the years. I believe this is due to not only the great space saving they offer, but also the exposure such doors are having on home renovation shops like Reno Rumble and The Block – they are certainly more expensive than a standard entrance door, but they certainly make for a better entrance.

If you’d like to save space and create more of a feature entrance to a room, then consider internal sliding doors.

4. Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are often custom-made and specifically designed for wardrobes. Like the other sliding doors that I’ve mentioned here today, the sliding mechanism also offers great space savings. Modern sliding wardrobe doors are available in a range of styles, colour options and materials for you to choose from. Many also contain mirrored backs as an added convenience.

If your home renovation includes the bedrooms, to convert your closet or wardrobe into a dream storage space, consider sliding wardrobe doors.


For the ultimate home renovation, you should definitely consider installing sliding doors. Sliding doors are slim, elegant and they offer great space saving benefits. There are several types of sliding doors you can choose from, including security sliding doors, aluminium sliding doors, interior sliding doors and wardrobe sliding doors. Hopefully, with the information that I have provided above, you will be able to

If you’re considering getting aluminium sliding doors for your home renovation, then you should definitely take a look at our collection of sliding doors at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our sliding doors are tested to meet Australian standards and boast of incredible quality. Best of all, our products are extremely affordable.

Our warehouses are stocked with home improvement products worth over $1 million. When you choose to buy from us, we ensure quick and speedy delivery. While we do keep our warehouse well stocked with aluminium sliding doors, special colour options may need to be manufactured and these require a lead time of 10 to 15 days.

Visit our showroom in Guildford, or take a look at our online store to view the range of aluminium sliding doors that we have on offer. While our sliding doors are available in a range of 7 colour options, you can also request for a custom colour finish. Talk to our experts about your specific needs and requirements and we will be happy to entertain your requests.

Get in touch with us to know more about sliding doors for your home renovation. Our helpful team of salesmen will be glad to help you out.

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