8 Key Features of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding Doors

As a Perth homebuilder, you aim to deliver superior finishing in all your residential projects. Thankfully, with the range of fittings and accessories that are available today, a superior finish isn’t difficult to achieve. That is of course, provided you choose your fittings wisely.

To make your custom-built homes or residential projects stand out from the rest, I urge you to consider aluminium sliding doors over all other dooring options. As the owner of Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I deal with a lot of builders and homeowners. In doing so, I’ve noticed that more and more homeowners are looking for aluminium sliding doors in Perth – this trend is only rising.

There is a good reason behind this – quality aluminium sliding doors offer several benefits over standard doors.

For starters, aluminium sliding doors are highly energy efficient, and they are incredibly environmentally friendly as well. Furthermore, they are much more durable than other types of doors, weather-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. They also offer multi-point locking systems that make them far more secure than standard types of doors, and if that’s not enough, they are available in a wide variety of designs, colour options and finishes.

When you opt for sliding aluminium doors for your Perth home, you can be sure that you will get a stylish and elegant solution that allows you to save on space. However, the biggest advantage of aluminium doors is that they are incredibly cost-effective and will give you the best bang for your buck.

Let’s now look at some of the key features of aluminium sliding doors that we feature here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Guildford, Perth.

1. Exceptional strength

Quality aluminium sliding doors in Perth, such as those we feature here at Ross’s, exhibit exceptional strength. The sturdy frame design of our aluminium sliding doors with a minimum width of 75mm ensures that the structure is highly robust. Such aluminium doors are designed specifically to suit cavity brick construction.

2. High performance

Our aluminium sliding doors are designed to meet the stringent performance criteria as laid out in the AS 2047. Moreover, our doors are tested by NATA-approved agencies. Performance labels are placed on all our aluminium doors and windows to confirm water performance capabilities and structural ratings.

3. Great air con rating

Our aluminium sliding doors feature a dual seal design, which minimises air leakage. By installing our doors in your home, you will get the maximum efficiency out of your cooling and heating appliances.

4. Glazed glass

Our sliding doors are glazed with Grade A safety glass. This helps reduce the risk of break-ins and makes your home much more secure.  Believe me, when it comes to aluminium sliding doors in Perth, you won’t find them better than the range we offer!

5. Anti-skid threshold

Our aluminium sliding doors feature extruded sills with built-in ribs. This helps cover any unsightly dirt traps and increases traction dramatically.

6. Plaster stops

Our sliding aluminium doors are equipped with a unique plaster stop mechanism, which minimises the chances of the frame cracking under pressure. This mechanism significantly lowers the maintenance cost and prolongs the doors’ life.

7. Built into the walls

With twist-in lugs added to external and internal brick courses, our aluminium sliding doors feature added strength and enduring frame fixing. As such, we offer a 10-year warranty on our doors, providing the door frame and external windows are cleaned thoroughly every 6 months (or every three months for areas exposed to high levels of industrial pollutants or salt). These are some of the best warranties you’ll find from a door supplier in Perth!

8. Variety of options to choose from

For a comprehensive range of aluminium sliding doors in Perth, you will find no better than the range available right here at Ross’s. Our range includes two, three and even four-panel sliding doors, which can be coupled to window combinations. Our doors will allow you to make the most of your living space while also letting you take advantage of outdoor views.


As a home builder, offering superior finishing in your residential projects certainly pays. This can be achieved by sourcing quality aluminium sliding doors in Perth. Aluminium doors are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Moreover, they are durable, resistant and maintenance-free. They are also incredibly secure and attractive to look at. However, one of the most significant advantages of aluminium doors is that they are much more affordable than other types.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer one of the largest ranges of aluminium sliding doors in Perth, which includes single sliding doors, double sliding doors as well as 3-panel stacking doors and 6-panel stacking doors in our sliding door range. Our doors are available in a variety of colours and exhibit exceptional strength. They also have a great air con rating and are glazed with grade-A safety glass. However, the biggest benefit offered by our aluminium sliding doors is the price.

To buy the best quality aluminium sliding doors in Perth, visit Ross’s at Guildford. You can also purchase our doors from our online store. If you need any further information about our doors or the buying process or require custom sizes, simply give us a call. We’ll put you through to one of our expert salesmen who will assist you with every need of yours.

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