7 reasons Perth homeowners love sliding doors

7 reasons Perth homeowners love sliding doors

I’m pretty sure you would have seen sliding doors featured in many homes and offices in Perth. Heck, your current residence no doubt even has them. Sliding doors are a trendy alternative to traditional hinged doors and they offer many added benefits. If you’re in the process of building a new home, or you’re planning a renovation, then you’ve probably included sliding doors into your design.

According to IBISWorld, the Aluminium Door and Window Manufacturing industry in Australia has enjoyed increased demand from residential and non-residential developers over the last 5 years. This in turn has produced 2.9% growth for the industry, to total $4.6 billion. I for one am not at all surprised by this growth. Here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, both our sliding doors and windows are constantly in high demand, which is why they continue to be some of our best selling products.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, it is my job to source and supply the best quality sliding doors in Perth. In doing so, I have learnt just why so many people want to install sliding doors in their residences. Continue reading this article as I list the top 7 reasons why Perth homeowners love sliding doors. After reading this article, I’m sure that you’ll be raring to have them installed in your new home!

1. They offer natural light transmission

Perth homeowners love sliding doors because they allow the transmission of natural light. Standard sliding doors in Perth consist of an aluminium frame that supports a large glass panel. The glass panels fill the entire frame, which enables more natural light to enter a room than traditional doors would otherwise provide.

Sliding doors also offer you wide and unobstructed views of the outdoors. Not only does this create a seamless flow between the indoors and the outdoors, but it is advantageous. My wife often tells me that our sliding doors are one of the best investments we have made at home. We can let our kids play outdoors, while keeping an eye on them – all thanks to our sliding doors.

If you enjoy views of the outdoors and want to maximise natural light, then get in touch with a sliding door supplier in Perth and obtain a quote. You can always use curtains or add blinds if you want privacy or to keep the light out.

2. The offer easy accessibility

Another reason why Perth homeowners, including myself love sliding doors is that they offer ease of accessibility. Sliding doors feature rails along which the doors glide to open. This makes them incredibly easy to use and they offer quick accessibility to patios and outdoor areas. Furthermore, they can easily be opened by the elderly, by kids and even by people in a wheelchair; they take hardly any strength to open.

Sliding doors also offer an opening that is usually twice as wide as traditional doors. When you need to move heavy objects such as furniture throughout your home, sliding doors are a godsend. You’ll never worry about causing dents or chipping paint off the walls if you have sliding doors installed.

3. They are energy efficient

Those savvy homeowners who have install sliding doors in their Perth homes also benefit from some great savings. Sliding doors are highly energy efficient and are incredibly environmentally-friendly. This makes them the logical choice for homeowners in Perth looking to ‘go green’.

While sliding doors effectively keep dust, rain and drafts out of your home, they also keep out the heat. This ensures that your home can stay cool during the summers and warm during the winters. Sliding doors offer far better energy efficiency as compared to traditional doors.

Ross’s sliding doors feature high quality glass panels that offer excellent insulation. The toughened, safety glass that is present on our doors also reflects heat away. By installing our sliding doors at your home, you can achieve maximum efficiency out of your heating and cooling devices.

4. The are super attractive

There one thing you have to agree with, sliding doors look spectacular. They are sleek, simple, and incredibly functional. Moreover, they are sure to add a touch of elegance to any home or office that they are installed in.

Opening a sliding door feels much more majestic as opening up a traditional door. You simply need to gently slide the door and it will glide because of inertia.

5. They offer added security

I met many customers who have questioned the safety or security offered by sliding doors. But let me ask you – when is the last time you heard of a burglar breaking through a sliding door? Probably never and there is a reason behind this. Sliding doors consist of two panels and burglars would much rather break through a single door than two. As such, even though it may sound counterintuitive, sliding doors are more secure than traditional doors.

Most sliding doors in Perth, especially those we offer at Ross’s, feature a sturdy aluminium frame, gaskets and toughened safety glass which only adds to their level of security. Furthermore, those that feature an over-hook mechanism ensure that the doors are kept tightly shut and that the locks are kept firmly in place. It takes significant effort to lift the door out of the frame. Moreover, it will take a huge amount of force to break through the toughened safety glass. Burglars will never even consider breaking through sliding doors – they provide a robust barrier to entry.

6. They save space

Probably the biggest reason why Perth homeowners love sliding doors is that they save on space. Sliding doors work without any hinges and they glide horizontally along a track. They do not swing open and do not protrude outdoors or indoors. As such, you don’t need to keep provision for extra.

Do note that sliding doors consist of two panels, where one panel remains fixed and the other slides open. This means that when fully open, both panels are stacked on each other. While you will need to sacrifice a little bit of wall space, you need not make provisions for an arc.

7. They are very reliable

I’m not sure if most people realise this, but sliding doors are far more reliable than traditional hinged doors. Even if a sliding door does happen to come off its rails, it can easily be pushed back into place. This process is so easy that even a child can do it without any help. However, if a traditional door comes off its hinges, a lot of effort is required to put it back in place.

These are only some of the top reasons why Perth homeowners love sliding doors and there may be many more. I bet you’ve realised that sliding doors are a far better alternative to hinged doors and want to get one yourself.

When it comes to the best sliding doors in Perth, you simply can’t beat Ross’s Home Discount Centre. Our sliding doors are sturdy, offer exceptional performance and have a great air conditioning rating. We make use of glazed Grade A safety glass in our doors, which are held firmly in place with high quality gaskets and seals. Our doors are easy to maintain and are available in a choice of 7 designer colours. Best of all, they are incredibly affordable and start from just $785. You will not such high quality sliding doors at such low prices elsewhere in Perth.

Please note: We offer sliding doors in Perth as special orders only. You will not find them on sale via our website because they are generally made to order. Please visit our store or get in touch with us to place an order for sliding doors.


Sliding doors are a sleek and sexy alternative to traditional hinged doors. Many Perth residences and offices have sliding doors installed and people simply seem to love them. Sliding doors allow the transmission of natural light and they provide a grand, seamless opening to the outdoors. They offer easy accessibility and they are highly energy efficient. Sliding doors also offer space savings, they are reliable and they are far more secure than hinged doors. And of course, sliding doors are incredibly attractive to look at!

For the best sliding doors in Perth, consider Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our high quality aluminium sliding doors are loved by customers and are available at a very reasonable price. You won’t go wrong in choosing to buy from us.

Do get in touch with us if you’d like to order sliding doors in Perth or if you need more information. Our expert salesmen will be really happy to help you out.