The Ultimate List of Tips for Choosing Tapware


So you’re in the market for new tapware. Great, you’ve come to the right place! Ross’s Discount Home Centre is one of Perth’s leading tapware suppliers, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about tapware and, more specifically, how to choose tapware.

Tapware comes in many shapes, styles and forms. Tapware for the laundry won’t be suitable for the bathroom, and tapware for the bathroom won’t be ideal for the kitchen. So, there is a thing or two you need to be conscious of.

While you may think choosing tapware is as simple as walking into our store, viewing our range and choosing the one that you think looks the best, you’d be wrong to do so. Of course, you can do this, and I find that the majority of our customers do, do this. However, there are better ways to go about choosing tapware, and I’ll be sharing these with you today.

Continue reading as I uncover every tip I’ve discovered over the years in choosing the best tapware for your taste, design style and family needs.

Design Style

The first step in choosing tapware is to consider the design of the space. Is it modern or traditional? Your tapware should mirror the design style and blend seamlessly with your scheme.

For a modern design, consider simple designs with fewer embellishments. Tapware with a sleek rounded design or sharp square design is the right choice.

For a traditional design, consider tapware with a classic, heritage style. Tapware with knobs, crosshead handles and embellishments is the right choice.

Colour palette

Think of the colour palette of the space and pair your tapware to match.

For a monochromatic or industrial design, matte black tapware is a good choice. For a modern or contemporary design, choose those made from stainless steel, chrome, brushed metal, or with a matte black finish. This tapware finishes blend well with a range of colour palettes and will allow you to be as bold or minimalistic in design as you like.

For a traditional or country design, choose those made from brass, gold, nickel or chrome. A nice touch is to select tapware with a cream finish or lever handles.

Tapware Type

The type of tapware also plays a role in the selection process, which will differ from kitchen to bathroom to laundry.

Kitchen Tapware

black tap

The kitchen only requires one piece of tapware; the kitchen tap. But there are many styles and types available.  The first step is to decide on a wall-mounted or top-mounted tap.

Wall-mounted or top-mounted – Consider your needs, kitchen design, and how you want the tap to function.

Wall-mounted kitchen taps are more widely available as a three-piece tap over a mixer tap, though you can get wall-mounted mixers. You also need to consider the material on your wall. If you have a tiled splashback, wall-mounted taps are suitable. However, if you have a glass panel that acts as a window, then wall-mounted faucets are out of the question.

Top-mounted kitchen taps are more common, and there is a broader range of styles and designs to choose from; single-lever mixers, deck-mounted taps, mixer taps, monobloc mixers, pull-out spray taps, and many more. They are easy to install into any kitchen, regardless of the splashback material.

Bathroom Tapware

bath tap

The bathroom requires various tapware items, which will depend on your bathroom design. Common bathroom tapware includes basin tapware, shower tapware and bath tapware, of which there are also many styles and types available.

One important thing to remember when shopping for bathroom tapware is to match each piece or purchase each for the same range to create a consistent look. If your basin tapware is matte black, so should your shower tapware etc.

Basin tapware – Like the kitchen tap, there are wall-mounted and top-mounted taps for vanities and basins. Basin tapware also comprises traditional basin sets and basin mixers.

Wall-mounted basin taps are growing in popularity and are becoming a stylish choice for bathroom vanities as they provide more bench space on the vanity. They are available as wall mixer sets and traditional three-piece tap sets.

Top-mounted basin taps are the preferred choice as they offer a more vast range is available. Styles include mixers, three-piece tap sets, and pillar taps. Which is right for your bathroom will depend on your choice of vanity top or basin – whether it has one hole or three holes.

Shower tapware – Shower tapware comes in many shapes and forms and delivers what is, perhaps, the most broad variety of options of all tapware. There are shower mixers, shower sets, shower heads, shower arms, shower rails, twin showers, shower sets, and hand showers. Your choice is entirely personal. However, the functionality should be considered.

For functional shower tapware, shower rails, twin showers, and hand showers are the preferred options. Each features an element of flexibility in the design to move the height, location or direction of water to a more convenient position.

Bath tapware – There is also a range of styles and designs for bath tapware. The right choice will significantly depend on the type of bath you choose. Do you have a bath/shower combination, a freestanding bath, a back-to-the-wall bath or a traditional insert bath? Can you have a wall-mounted or top-mounted tap?

Bath/shower combination – Combined bath/shower combinations are best paired with a single shower rail or a shower mixer with a diverter to divert the water to the separate bath mixer/tap set. Both wall-mounted and top-mounted taps are suitable.

Freestanding bathFreestanding baths offer a little bit of design flair when choosing tapware. If positioned away from a wall, a freestanding floor-mounted bath mixer is best. If the bath is placed close to a wall, a  wall-mounted bath mixer or a bath set can also be considered.

Back-to-the-wall bathBack-to-the-wall baths are best suited to any wall-mounted bath tapware, including bath mixers and bath sets.

Traditional insert bath – Traditional insert baths are matched well with wall-mounted and top-mounted taps. The right choice depends on whether the bath has provision for tap holes or not. If it doesn’t, a wall-mounted tap will likely be the better option.

Laundry Tapware


Choosing laundry tapware may be the easiest of all tapware to purchase. It needs to be functional and should look attractive. Like other types of tapware, both wall-mounted and top-mounted taps are available. However, along with a tap, you will also need washing machine stops. And getting matching tapware will produce a better finish.

The variety of laundry tapware is not as wide as kitchen tapware – you are confined to mixer taps, three-piece taps and spouts. The most critical function is that the tap’s spout swivel be moved aside, giving access to the sink when needed.

Family Needs

Aside from the style and design of the tapware, consideration should be given to your family, who will be using the tapware.

If you have children or the elderly living with you, tapware that is easier to turn on and offer is a preferred choice. Mixers are ideal in this regard.

Quality and Price

Style and design should not be the only factor when choosing tapware. Quality and price are just as important, and one should not be considered without the other.

Cheap tapware with a good design may be tempting, but it’s likely low in quality. High-quality tapware with an affordable price tag may not have the most modern design, and high-quality tapware with a good design probably won’t be the cheapest, but it will be the best.

Tapware is not an item you want to skimp on, especially considering the kitchen and a basin tap are two of the most used items in a house. It definitely pays to invest in quality fittings that will offer high quality and longevity, such as those offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre.


Shopping for anything for the home is always fun. However, when it comes to buying tapware, you’ll choose a better product if you consider more than personal taste.

From my personal experience, I find that the following tips are handy in choosing tapware, and I’m sure you will, too; choose tapware that matches your design style and colour palette. Choose tapware from the same range in each room for consistency. Consider the type and mounting options of each tapware and whether it is suitable for all members of the family. And lastly, the quality and price are just as important as the design. After all, you get what you pay for!

Now that you know all these tips and tricks, you can shop to your heart’s content, knowing that you will make an informed decision. And, if you happen to be looking for tapware in Perth, then look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a vast collection of kitchen and laundry tapware, along with bathroom tapware, that will suit your tastes, design style and family needs.

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