Update Your Laundry with These Essential Products

Update Your Laundry with These Essential Products

I know from my own experience that the laundry is the most overlooked room in any home. When I renovated my first property, I renovated every room in the house expect the laundry! It wasn’t till probably 5-years later that I finally got around to giving it the attention it deserved to match the standard of the rest of my home.

If you’re in the same position and have been putting off your laundry update or renovation, then now’s the time to get into gear and start planning.

Today, we take a look at the essential products needed for a total laundry update – and don’t forget, you can find all these products at very affordable prices on our website.


Storage is essential for any laundry that you want to be functional and practical. It allows you to store your washing powders and fabric cleaners, along with your ironing facilities out of sight.

Our pre-assembled modular wall and base cabinets are the ultimate laundry storage solution. You can combine multiple modules to create a custom storage solution to best suit your needs. Whether you have a small or large area, you’re sure to find a combination to fit your space. Our linen cupboards are also a great addition and can be used to store washing or your ironing board etc. It also matches our modular cabinets for seamless installation.

Bench Space

Nothing makes a home look more unorganised than having washing sprawled out on a dining table for sorting because you didn’t plan your laundry design well enough. My home used to look like this, that was before I renovated my laundry.

By topping the laundry base cabinets with a laminate benchtop, I was able to create an area that I could use to fold and sort my laundry. We have a range of laminate benchtops to choose from, along with stylish stone benchtops.

Laundry Sink

What would a laundry be without a laundry sink? For those fortunate enough to have a separate laundry room, a sink is just as essential as the washing machine itself. A sink allows you to soak stains, and as I often do, rise off chemicals, paints and other substances, so you don’t have to use the kitchen sink. Moreover, they look great when paired with our cabinetry and benchtops!

We have many great options when it comes to kitchen sinks. For those looking for a sink that is large enough to soak sheets consider the Squareline Plus 42L Utility Sink. For a smaller sink, the Circo 6 Litre Multi-Purpose Sink is an affordable and stylish option. We have many sized in between to suit your needs.

Laundry Units

Opting for a laundry unit over modular cabinets and a laundry sink is often the only option for smaller laundries, but with today’s flashy designs, it can look just as impressive.

We stock a range of hard-wearing high-functional all-in-one laundry units that not only look good but can take a beating also. The Nugleam™ 45L Drawer System Laundry Unit is a popular choice; as too is our unique 100% waterproof PVC 45 Litre Laundry Cabinet & Sink. There are many options in our range, so you’re sure to find one at the right size and price to meet your needs.


Stop putting off your laundry update or renovation and start planning today with essential products from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have everything you need to complete your new laundry including all the essentials; cabinets for strange, benchtops for bench space, and laundry sinks and units for soaking fabrics.

Everything you need is right here on our website, and, by shopping online, you can score free delivery across Perth Metro. Visit our online store for the most extensive range of laundry products in Perth.