A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Wall Tiles

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When it comes to a kitchen or bathroom renovation, many homeowners in Perth choose to upgrade their wall tiles in the process. Adding new wall tiles is an excellent way of giving a space a makeover without breaking the bank.

If you’re planning an upcoming home renovation, then you should also consider updating your space with wall tiles. However, I’ve found that most people don’t know much about choosing the right wall tiles. And, I don’t expect them to!!

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I meet clueless customers on a daily basis. I thought that this would be a poignant time to compile a beginner’s guide to choosing wall tiles in Perth.

So, continue reading this post as I list out everything you need to know about choosing wall tiles for your renovation. Hopefully, after reading through, you’ll know exactly what to look for – whether you’re undergoing a kitchen or a bathroom renovation.

Types of wall tiles

Before you jump into buying wall tiles in Perth, you should know that wall tiles come in various types. Some common types of wall tiles include glazed ceramic wall tiles, glass and metal wall tiles, stone wall tiles, mosaic wall tiles and border and trim wall tiles.

Glazed ceramic tiles are the most popular wall tiles, presumably because they are also the most affordable. They are made of clay mixed with natural minerals, making them incredibly durable and hardwearing. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, glazed ceramic tiles are available in various colours, designs, styles, shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

Glass tiles and metal tiles are more upscale choices, and they may not suit everyone’s budget. Metal tiles are usually made out of iron, stainless steel, copper or brass, and they offer an elegant metallic finish. On the other hand, glass tiles are available in both transparent and coloured options in a range of textures. Both glass tiles and metal tiles are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for use as wall tiles.

Stone tiles made of granite, marble, slate or limestone are great choices both for flooring and for walls. They are available in a range of designs, styles and colours and their texture ranges from rustic to formal, depending on the stone material. While stone wall tiles may be slightly expensive, you can expect to find marble tiles and granite tiles in Perth at reasonable prices. However, if you’re after a more affordable option, consider marble look tiles and stone look tiles.

Mosaic tiles are another popular type of wall tile. These tiles are usually much smaller than normal tiles and come in square, circle or hexagonal shapes. Combining many small mosaic tiles together offers an interesting visual effect, allowing you to create designs or patterns. Mosaic tiles can be created from various materials, with stones and pebbles being the most common. They are also an economical choice for use as wall tiles.

Border and trim tiles are a special type of tile used to create a finishing effect. Usually, these tiles are used to separate one section of tiles from another. Border and trim wall tiles are available both as mosaic sheets and as single tiles. Depending on your space, you may or may not need to use these tiles. If you do choose to use them, you’ll give your space a much more professional and finished look.

UPEC classification

Depending on the particular application, wall tiles are rated under the UPEC classification system. In this system, U refers to the trampling wear of the tile and is rated between 2-4, P refers to the resistance to shock and is rated between 2-4, E refers to the water resistance and is rated between 1-3, while C refers to the resistance to chemicals and is rated between 0-2.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the rating, the more resistant a wall tile is. For most indoor areas, an average UPEC classification of U=2, P=2, E=1 and C=0 will suffice. However, for bathrooms and kitchens, it is recommended that you choose wall tiles that have a higher rating. This is because these areas are prone to moisture, and kitchen walls are also exposed to grease and chemicals.

Now that you know a little more about wall tiles, let’s take a look at which tiles are suited to particular applications.

Wall tiles for kitchen splashbacks

Edge Wave Tile
Edge Wave Tile Available at Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Kitchen splashbacks are always subject to stains and spills. As such, you should choose splashback tiles that are durable and resistant to water and chemicals for your splashback. Glass tiles, ceramic tiles, subway tiles, and mosaic tiles are wonderful choices for wall tiles for kitchen splashbacks.

While all these types of tiles work wonderfully well for splashbacks, you should consider your budget before making a choice. Glass wall tiles are a sophisticated and refined choice for splashbacks, but they are a relatively expensive option. On the other hand, mosaic tiles and glazed ceramic wall tiles are comparatively much more economical.

Glazed ceramic tiles, as well as subway tiles and mosaic tiles, are available in a range of colours, designs and styles. Regardless of what design style you’re trying to achieve, you can do it by choosing ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles wisely.

For high-quality yet affordable mosaic, subway and ceramic wall tiles in Perth, consider us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. In particular, I’d like to recommend our new Edge range, Edge Wave Tile and Edge Frame Tile. These stunning wall tiles will allow you to create a stylish and functional splashback for your kitchen.

Wall tiles for bathrooms

white tiles bathroom
The Matt White Wall Tile (Rectified) 30x60cm by Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Bathrooms are always subject to high amounts of moisture. Therefore, when choosing wall tiles for your bathroom, you need to choose a water-resistant and durable tile. Glazed ceramic tiles, stone tiles and glass tiles are all great choices for bathroom wall tiles.

While using any of these tiles for bathroom walls is safe, do note that stone and glass tiles cost significantly more than glazed ceramic tiles.

Glazed ceramic tiles are available in many designs and styles; some even replicate natural stone’s look. Also, you’ll find plenty of choices with glazed ceramic tiles, while the choices with natural stone and glass tiles are comparatively limited.

For exceptional ceramic tiles for use in bathroom walls, consider our Matt White Wall Tile (Rectified) 30x60cm tile or our Della Ivory (Wall) tile. Both of these tiles feature a gorgeous design and are incredibly resistant to water. Buy any of these wall tiles in Perth, and you’ll give your bathroom a practical and attractive makeover.

Wall tiles for showers

Walk-in Shower

Showers are yet another area subject to high amounts of moisture. Again, when choosing wall tiles for shower spaces, you need to choose a tile that is exceptionally resistant to moisture. Glass tiles, natural stone tiles and glazed ceramic tiles all work well for shower walls.

One important thing you should consider before choosing a tile is the design of your shower space. Some shower spaces come in curved or other fancy designs. If your shower is designed as such, you may want to use mosaic tiles instead to create a more visually appealing effect. Even if your shower is designed in a standard style, mosaic tiles are still a great and cost-effective choice and much easier to install in a small space such as a shower. Subway tiles are another popular choice, as you will see from the two bathroom images featured in this post!

To use white subway tiles in your shower, choose from our wide range of white tiles. Alternatively, if you’re interested in installing mosaic tiles, check out our range of elegantly designed and highly water-resistant mosaic tiles range. You can view them here.

Apart from wall tiles, you’ll also find a full range of kitchen and bathroom products at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. From tapware to baths, sinks, cabinets, vanities and accessories, you’ll find quality products at rock-bottom prices at our store.


If you’re looking for wall tiles in Perth, you should know a little about them before purchasing. Wall tiles come in various types, including glazed ceramic tiles, glass and metal wall tiles, stone tiles, mosaic tiles and border and trim tiles. Also, wall tiles are rated under the UPEC classification to denote their resistance to stress, water and wear and tear. The higher the UPEC rating, the more resilient and durable a wall tile is.

For kitchen splashbacks, mosaic tiles and glazed ceramic tiles are great options. On the other hand, glass tiles, natural stone tiles and glazed ceramic tiles work wonderfully well for bathrooms and shower spaces. You can also use mosaic tiles in shower walls to create interesting visual effects.

And, for the best quality wall tiles in Perth, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer a range of mosaic and glazed ceramic tiles which are perfect for use as wall tiles.

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