How to introduce colour into your kitchen

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The kitchen is arguably one of the most used areas of any home. Because of this, it’s fairly common for people to renovate their kitchens over any other room in the home. In fact, kitchen renovations are incredibly popular here in Perth, with hundreds of homeowners opting to renovate every year.

Getting the design of your kitchen right is one of the most important elements of any renovation. Not only does the layout have to be functional but the design also needs to be right.

After all, going by the latest Houzz survey, Australians are willing to fork out $14,600-$22,600 on kitchen renovations. So, it definitely pays to get things right the first time around. But this can be risky, especially if playing it safe with an all-white kitchen is the last thing you want to do.

Last month, I offered some tips on how to introduce colour into a bathroom, and now, it’s the kitchen’s turn. So, continue reading this post as I list some easy and effective tips to introduce colour into your kitchen. These tips will allow you to create a kitchen that you love and make it one of the most stylish kitchens in Perth!

  1. Replace your kitchen cabinetry with coloured cabinets. Typically, cabinets occupy almost 60% of a kitchen’s surface, so by using coloured cabinets you can completely transform your kitchen. Modern-day kitchen cabinets come in a range of colours and styles, allowing you to easily inject colour into your kitchen.
  2. If adding coloured kitchen cabinets seems too much, you can always go for a subtler effect with feature walls. This design helps you create a colourful focal point in your kitchen, and you can even divide spaces with it. You can easily create a feature wall by choosing colourful wall tiles that complement your kitchen’s style. At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we stock a range of colourful wall tiles that are perfect for your kitchen. Our stylish wall tiles will allow you to create a fantastic and colourful impact in your kitchen on a budget.
  3. As an alternative to a feature wall, you can choose to add colourful splashback tiles in your kitchen. Not only will splashbacks inject colour into your kitchen, but they will also protect your walls from spills and stains. To create a colourful splashback, consider our range of subway tiles, mosaic tiles and feature tiles. Our tiles are easy to install, easy to clean and extremely durable.
  4. Adding colourful kitchen appliances is yet another simple and effective way of introducing splashes of colour in your kitchen. Modern appliances are available in a range of colours apart from the traditional white, black and stainless steel. Simply update a few appliances in your kitchen with coloured models, and you’ll create a captivating look. You’ll find an entire selection of coloured kitchen appliances at our store. In particular, I’d like to recommend our range of coloured freestanding ovens. Our freestanding ovens offer the perfect blend of style and functionality and are reasonably priced as well.
  5. Replace your old benchtop with a colourful benchtop. Modern-day benchtops are manufactured in a range of materials and are available in any colour imaginable. Consider your overall kitchen style and choose a coloured benchtop to complement it. Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer a range of coloured stone benchtops for you to choose from. Our stone benchtops are manufactured to the finest standards of quality, and they offer exceptional value for money.
  6. Adding colourful fabrics is another excellent way of introducing colour into kitchens in Perth. While there may not be enough opportunities to use fabrics in a kitchen, you can always throw in coloured cushions on chairs and banquettes.
  7. You can also throw in a couple of colourful stools to add colour to your kitchen. Kitchen stools are available in sleek and minimalistic designs, so you can really choose something to your fancy.


There are several ways to inject colour into kitchens in Perth. Updating cabinetry with coloured cabinets, adding a feature wall or a splashback, adding coloured appliances, upgrading to a coloured benchtop, and adding colourful fabrics and colourful stools are all simple and effective ways of adding colour to a kitchen.

And, for all the kitchen products mentioned in this article, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Visit us in Guildford or browse through our online store to check our massive selection of kitchen products today!

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