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How to Choose a Vanity Top

Completing a bathroom vanity is easy with Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s range of quality vanity tops. Our vanity top range is designed to fit our extensive range of vanity units and all standard-size vanities, which makes choosing the right vanity top as easy as 1,2,3 and a,b,c.

The only considerations to make when choosing a vanity top is the size, configuration, and colour.

Vanity Top Sizes

Vanity tops are designed to fit our vanity and are available in all standard sizes. Our range of bathroom vanities and vanity top sizes include 75cm (w) x 46cm (d), 90cm (w) x 46cm (d), 12cm (w) x 46cm (d), and 150cm (w) x 46cm (d).

The right vanity top size is the size that fits your vanity unit. To ensure you have ample bathroom storage space, it pays to choose the largest vanity unit that space permits.

Vanity Top Configuration

The configuration of a vanity top is another important consideration in the selection process. A vanity needs to provide practicality and functionality, not just design style. Therefore, consider your needs and household structure. For example, a double bowl vanity top is a wise choice for an ensuite bathroom, while a large vanity top with a single bowl that provides bench space on both sides is better suited for a family bathroom.

Vanity Top Colour

The colour of your vanity top will impact the bathroom design as much as the vanity’s colour. Therefore, careful consideration is required when choosing the colour.

A white vanity top is a natural choice. A white top on a white vanity is timeless and will go with all bathroom design styles. However, it is a little expected. For something different, consider a coloured vanity top such as a black or grey vanity top – like those in our collection. A modern and very contemporary matt finish may also be a consideration.

Whether you’re looking to match, contrast or complement your vanity top with your vanity unit, we have the perfect colour choice for your bathroom in our range.

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