Baths in Perth

Nothing says luxury more so in a bathroom than a sleek stylish bathtub, which is why choosing the perfect bath is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed. You must consider your needs and purchase accordingly. Are you seeking a bath that will act as a relaxing retreat or simply as a functional means to bath the kids before bed?

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we stock a range of baths, all offering the ultimate in design and quality to accentuate your setting. Whether you are after a free-standing bath or an insert bath, Ross’s is sure to have the right size and configuration for you.

Choose from our designer freestanding and inset baths below.

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Update - 31 March 2020

Our warehouses still have plenty of stock and our showroom is full.
Call 9378 2233 if you have any questions regarding DIY or product specifications.
Our delivery truck is on the road and delivering online orders to the Perth Metro area.

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