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So much time is spent designing our kitchen; selecting the right layout, choosing the best cabinet configuration, and deciding on the cabinet and benchtop design. We often rush through the process of selecting other elements of the kitchen. The kitchen sink is one such element.

If you ask me, the kitchen sink is not given enough importance in the kitchen design process. Think about how many times a day you use your kitchen sink. Whether you’re washing your hands, preparing a meal, getting a cup of coffee, or washing the dishes, a kitchen sink is used.

In fact, it’s the MOST used element of a kitchen. So why do we often choose any old sink? Why do we not put the same effort into choosing a kitchen sink as we do with our kitchen cabinetry or benchtop? It’s seen just as much and used a lot more!

I’m here to change all that.

Today, I will provide you with everything you need to know to choose the perfect kitchen sink for your kitchen; a sink that you’ll love just as much as your cabinetry and benchtop selection.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

The first thing you want to look at is the types of kitchen sinks available. We’re well past the traditional sink that dropped into a benchtop and gives you little other option. Today, there are plenty of types to choose between, each of which will significantly impact the overall kitchen design.

  • Top-mount kitchen sinks: A top-mounted sink is a traditional sink that is dropped into the benchtop from above. It’s the standard option, which is still popular and suitable for all benchtop materials, but it won’t give you a ‘wow factor’.
  • Under-mount (underbench) kitchen sinks: An under-mount sink is a modern alternative to top-mount sinks and is generally only suited to stone or engineered stone benchtops. It’s mounted from the underside of the benchtop to provide a seamless contemporary appearance that will wow. You can learn more about under-mount sinks in our more recent post, ‘Underbench Sinks – A Simple Yet Stunning Kitchen Sink Choice‘.
  • Farmhouse kitchen sinks: A farmhouse sink is both traditional and modern. It is semi-recessed into the benchtop with the front-facing side exposed. They are suited to most benchtop materials and are popular in Hamptons, Industrial, and country-style kitchens.

Sink Configurations

Kitchen sinks come in a range of sizes and configurations, and choosing the right one for your needs will play a significant role in your kitchen’s overall level of functionality.

  • Single-sink: Single kitchen sinks are a popular choice for apartments and single dwelling residences. They offer the bare minimin functionality and nothing more. Single sinks are available in round, square, rectangular (standard) and large trough formats and depending on the material, are usually the cheapest option.
  • Double-sink: Double kitchen sinks are traditionally the popular choice in Perth. They provide two separate bowls and drains so you can soak and wash simultaneously. Double sinks are a functional choice and are available in square and standard formats.
  • Single-sink with drainer: Single-sinks with a drainer provides additional draining functionality to a standard single sink. The drainer element is a flat surface, which can be configured to the left or right of the sink’s bowl. It allows kitchenware to dry naturally, with excess water running off the drainer into the sink.
  • Double-sink with drainer: Like above, double-sinks with a drainer provides additional draining functionality to a standard double sink. The drainer can be configured to the left or right of the sink’s bowls. This configuration is perfect for families, or those that prefer handwashing dishes overusing a dishwasher.

Below is just a sample of the sinks configurations in our kitchen sink range. Click here to view our complete range now.

Consider the Material

The next consideration is material. The days of only having stainless steel sinks to choose from are long gone. Today, there is a vast array of material options to consider. Again, each will impact the final look of your kitchen’s design. So choose wisely. But you don’t want to choose style over longevity. You want your kitchen sink to offer excellent value for money and to last the test of time, so take note of the warranty.

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel kitchen sinks in Perth are the most popular. This is due to their affordability and longevity. They are the cheapest and most durable material of all. Modern stainless steel sinks are available in various finishes options, including black/gunmetal grey, to offer a more contemporary appearance. A high-grade (304) stainless steel sink will offer a 25-30 year warranty. They’re a good option any day of the week.
  • Granite or Quartz: Granite or Quartz kitchen sinks are growing in popularity. They are a modern alternative to stainless steel sinks and provide an impressive finish that will undoubtedly be noticed. They are however much more expensive and don’t offer the same lifespan as stainless steel links. A high-grade (80%+) quartz sink will offer a 15-year warranty.
  • Composite Material: There are various patented composite materials used to make modern kitchen sinks. They are generally resistant to scratches and dints, making them an attractive, but expensive option. A high-grade composite sink will offer up to 30-year’s warranty.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has more than 40 quality stainless steel and quartz kitchen sinks to choose from, providing excellent value for money and longevity. Be sure to view our range before looking elsewhere for kitchen sinks in Perth.


If you’re designing your new kitchen in 2021, don’t drop the ball when choosing your kitchen sink. The sink you choose will play just as big of a role in the overall design as your kitchen cabinets or benchtop.

To help you choose the very best kitchen sink for your kitchen design and needs, consider the following: Look at the types of kitchen sinks available in Perth. Consider the best configuration for your needs, and choose a material that not only looks good but will last the test of time.

For quality kitchen sinks in Perth, look nowhere else by Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a large range of more than 40 sinks to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that you’ll love as much as your cabinets or benchtop.

Visit our showroom in Guildford, Perth, or shop online and receive free skipping to all Perth Metro addresses. Happy shopping!

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