Underbench Sinks – A Simple Yet Stunning Kitchen Sink Choice

Are you planning a new kitchen or looking to give your existing kitchen a mini make? If you are, you have many items to consider. However, perhaps none make quite as much impact or offer as much value for money as underbench sinks.

Adding a modern underbench sink to your kitchen will instantly create a contemporary space that wows. And the best news is that underbench sinks are very affordable. In fact, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we have a range of underbench sinks starting from as little as $210.00.

An underbench sink offers many benefits, and there are many different underbench sinks to consider. Today, we’ll look at their benefits, and we’ll also look at some of the most popular underbench sinks for you to consider in your kitchen.

Benefits of Underbench Sinks

Seamless integration

One of the most significant benefits of underbench sinks is their seamless bench integration. Unlike standard kitchen skinks, which are top-mounted, meaning they sit on top of the bench and recess into a cutout, underbench sinks under-mounted – they sit below the benchtop, creating a seamless appearance.

Nothing looks more modern in terms of skink design than this type of installation. It’s very much on-trend with current kitchen design trends.

Facilitate Easy Cleaning

Due to their under-mounted design, underbench sinks create a continuous flow from the benchtop to the sink, making whipping down the benchtop a breeze. Traditional top-mounted sinks prevent you from being able to wipe food scraps from the bench directly into the sink, which is very inconvenient.

With an underbench sink, food scraps can be whipped directly into the sink for no fuss and convenient bench cleaning.

Use less bench Space

The other benefit of underbench sinks is that they take up less bench space. As they are mounted below the benchtop, there is no lip/edge of the skip sitting on the benchtop, taking up space. Although the savings are minimal, it can make a big difference when bench space is limited.

They make a kitchen more attractive

They say a kitchen sells a home. Having an underbench sink installed ensures your kitchen has everything that potential buyers will be looking for in a kitchen design.

Wide Range of Styles and Materials

The popularity of underbench sinks in Perth has grown so much over the past few years that there are now just as many options as there are for standard top-mount sinks. You only need to look at the vast array of underbench sinks in our Kitchen Sinks range to see that they come in a range of configurations and colours.

Underbench sinks can be round, square or rectangular. They can have a single bowl or double bowl and can feature a drainer. Moreover, they’re also available in a range of materials/finishes to complement your kitchen design. Although Stainless Steel and Brushed Stainless Steel are the most common, quartz, brushed gunmetal grey, brushed gold, and other finishes are also available.

Disadvantages of Underbench Sinks

Require additional support

Underbench sinks don’t have the support of the benchtop to hold them in place. They count on brackets, which can fail if not properly installed. Professional installation is vital for underbench sinks. They require silicon and clips or straps screwed into the underside of the bench to provide the needed support.

Not suitable for all benchtops

Underbench sinks are not suitable for all benchtop materials. Laminate benchtops, in particular, are not ideal for underbench sinks. They’re made from MDF, which can expand and flake if exposed to water. Moreover, laminate doesn’t have the strength needed to support the weight of an under-mounted sink. Quartz or a composite stone benchtop, such as our Silestone range, is ideal.

Underbench Sinks Buying Guide

Underbench sinks are a popular choice in Perth due to their many benefits outlined above. As such, an increasing number of Perth homeowners are opting to go with an underbench sink over a standard kitchen sink.

If you’re one of the many Perth homeowners looking to buy underbench sinks online, then you’ve come to the right place. As Perth’s kitchen and bathroom experts, not only do we have a huge range of underbench sinks on offer, but we’re also well-equipped to provide all the information needed to help you choose the perfect underbench sink for your new kitchen.

Before you settle on any underbench sink, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the best sink to meet your needs.

Skin Size & Shape

The first thing to consider before selecting an underbench sink is the size and shape. What size sink do you want? Now, it may be tempting to opt for a single square or round sink, which looks modern and contemporary, but when it comes to kitchen sinks, the functionality should also trump style.

Underbench sinks come in just as many shapes and sizes as traditional top-mounted sinks. They may be around a square bowl or rectangular, like a trough. They may also be large or small.

It’s essential to give thought to the size of your kitchen, the amount of bench space you have, and how often you cook at home. If you have a large kitchen with lots of bench space and you love to cook, then you’ll want to get a decent-sized sink, likely rectangular. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment, for instance, and have a small kitchen with limited bench space and tend to eat out or order take out, a small kitchen sink such as a single square or round bowl will suffice.


Once you have an idea of size, you can narrow down the choice by settling on a configuration. Not all kitchen sinks are the same. In terms of configuration, there are various options to consider.

Underbench sinks are available as single bowls, double bowls, 1.5 bowls, 1 & 1/4 bowls, 1 & 1/3, 1 & 3/4, 1 & 2/3 bowls etc., with or without a draining tray.

It’s important to consider how you use a sink to ensure you choose an underbench sink that meets your requirements.

If you’re inclined to wash dishes by hand or cook using large pots and/or many pans, then a double bowl sink will likely be more convenient. On the other hand, if you prefer to wash dishes by hand and have them drip dry, then an underbench sink with a drainer would be a wise choice.

If you rarely cook and only use your sink to fill the kettle, then a simple single bowl may be suitable. In saying this, it also pays to think beyond your personal needs and to consider the needs of others. Eventually, you will sell your home, and you want to have an attractive and functional kitchen that works. Therefore, opting for an underbench sink with a double bowl configuration is a safe choice for many reasons. You should only opt for a single small bowl if you don’t have bench space to fit a large or double bowl.

Sink Material

Consider the material of the underbench sink. The material used to manufacture the sink will impact the appearance and the longevity it offers.

As mentioned, underbench sinks are made from various materials and in many finishes. Stainless steel underbench sinks with either a polished or brushed finish are the most common due to the durability and cost-effectiveness. 304 stainless steel underbench sinks, such as those for sale at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, offer as much as a 30-year warranty.

Other materials and finishes are growing in popularity, namely, quartz, enamel, composite,  acrylic, copper, brushed gunmetal grey, and brushed gold. Each offers its pros and cons and is worth investigating. However, compared to stainless steel, they are much more expensive in price. Most offer the same 30-year warranty, while others, such as fragranite (a composite), can offer up to 50 years.

In choosing a material, you really have to weigh up the cost versus the look. If you’re more budget-conscious, then a stainless steel underbench sink will be most cost-effective. However, if you have your heart set on a coloured sink, such as black, gunmetal grey, white, gold, or rose gold, then you can choose from other materials at an additional cost.

Underbench Sinks from Ross’s Discount Home Centre

For 304 stainless steel underbench sinks in Perth, look no further than Ross’ Discount Home Centre. As mentioned, we have a wide range of quality stainless steel underbench sinks in our Kitchen Sinks collection, any of which would be a great addition to your kitchen.

Our top-selling underbench sinks are the following:


Underbench sinks have proven to be more than a fad. They’re here to stay and are steadily taking over as the preferred kitchen sink of choice. If you’re looking to renovate or build a new kitchen, then you have to include one in your kitchen design.

Underbench sinks present many benefits. Primarily, they look great – they seamlessly integrate into a kitchen and allow the benchtop to shine. They also make a bench very easy to clean as they present a continuous flow from benchtop to sink. Less bench space is used, and they provide a contemporary look that is attractive to potential buyers.

Underbench sinks are available in various materials and finishes, with stainless steel being the most common.

Although underbench sinks present many benefits, they do come with some minor drawbacks. They require brackets and clips to hold them in place and should be installed by professionals. They’re also not suitable for all benchtop materials, especially laminate.

If you agree that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, then be sure to include an underbench sink in your kitchen. You can find a wide range of affordable underbench sinks right here at Ross’s Discount Home Center.

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