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If you haven’t yet discovered rimless toilets in Perth, you’re missing out! Rimless toilets in Perth have been around for a little more than 5-years and are quickly becoming the preferred option for many Perth homeowners.

Rimless toilets have completely re-invented how they are designed and function – for the better, of course! As the name suggests, they are rimless, meaning there is no rim at the top of the pan as there is with standard toilets. While this makes for a more aesthetically pleasing design, it also offers great hygienic benefits, which our Perth customers love most about this revolutionary toilet suite.

As rimless toilets in Perth are still in their infancy, many Perth homeowners have never heard of them. Those who have only learned of them when building a new home or renovating an existing bathroom. As such, there is a lot unknown about them, and still, a lot to learn.

If you’re one of the many Perth homeowners who haven’t heard of rimless toilets and appreciate good hygiene and low-maintenance cleaning and want to create a state-of-the-art bathroom, then you will want to ensure it features a rimless toilet. The great news is you’ve landed on the right page! Not only can you purchase stunning rimless toilets in Perth from us, but we can also give you a rundown on rimless toilets to help you decide if rimless is your preference.

So, without further ado, let’s get started by answering the most frequently asked questions we receive about rimless toilets:

What are the major benefits of rimless toilets?

There are a few major benefits of buying rimless toilets in Perth over rimmed toilets. Primarily, the biggest advantage is the added hygienically they provide. The rimless design means there is no rim around the top of the pan as there are with rimmed toilets. As such, there are fewer crevasses for germs and bacteria to attach to and hide, making rimless toils much more hygienic than rimmed toilets.

Additionally, due to the rimless design, they are much easier to clean – you can see the pans entire the surface area to ensure it is 100% sparkling clean – rather than just cleaning the areas you can physically see. Moreover, most of them feature Nano Glaze; a unique anti-bacterial glaze applied to the inner pan to prevent the buildup of germs.

Then you have the design itself. Rimless toilets in Perth just look better than rimmed toilets – they’re modern and the perfect fixture for a contemporary bathroom. In fact, according to our sales records, 38% of Perth residents have opted for rimless toilets over their counterparts.

The final benefit is the flushing technology, which cleans the entire pan in a single flush. Due to this controlled water flow, the chance of rimless toilets splashing is far grater than rimmed toilets.

What are the major disadvantages of rimless toilets?

We searched high and low to get to the truth of this question to avoid a biased response, and there are very few, if any, disadvantages of buying rimless toilets in Perth.

Although no factual proof is provided, one blog does state that there is a potential for rimless toilets to overflow, saying, “if too much water comes out in a flush or the water power itself is too strong, then the water may end up in places it shouldn’t go. The water may splash or spill over the top of the pan on to the floor during a flush.” However, such a problem should be available if the toilet is installed correctly with the right amount of water in the cisterns.

I have the Montana Rimless Toilet installed in my bathroom (pictured below) and ensuite and have not experienced such a problem. In fact, I’ve not had any problems at all. Therefore, I believe this so-called disadvantage to more likely be model-specific or an installation flaw, and not a weakness of all rimless toilets, at least not the quality models you’ll find at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Montana Rimless Toilet
Montana Rimless Toilet featured in my bathroom

The only real disadvantage of rimless toilets in Perth is the price. Rimless toilets are marginally more expensive than standard rimmed toilets, yet they are still far cheaper than wall hung toilet with concealed cisterns.

Are rimless toilets a good idea?

If you weight up the advantages and disadvantages of rimless toilets in Perth, then the advantages far out-weight the disadvantages.

Rimless toilets certainly are not a bad idea! But buying a toiler is a personal decision that will likely come down to budget. If you’re on a tight budget, then rimmed toilets are the cheaper option. But if you trump performance and value for money over the price tag, then you will be delighted with your decision to purchase a rimless toilet.

How do rimless toilets differ from rimmed toilets?

rimless toilet flush

Aside from the advantages and disadvantages outlined above, there are differences between the two types of pans.

From a design perspective, rimless toilets are void of the top rim that rimmed toilets features. Many also feature Nano Glaze, which increases the cleanliness and hygiene of rimless toilets.

In terms of functionally, rimless toilets feature an advanced direct flushing system that distributes water around the pan more effectively, more forcefully, and in a more controlled manner. Water is distributed around the pan rather than around the pan and under the rim, significantly reducing water consumption.

How do you clean rimless toilets?

rimless toilet perth

Rimless toilets couldn’t be easier to clean! In fact, they are the easiest of all toilets to clean. Due to their rimless design and Nano Glaze coating, cleaning is as quick and easy as running a toilet brush around the pan with a standard toilet cleaning product. There’s no rim to try and get under, just smooth, easy-to-access walls.

I personally use a mixture of a no-name brand equivalent of Napisan as an alternative to expensive toilet cleaning products. It’s the Sodium Percarbonate that does all the work! Just dissolve a cap of the laundry soaker in warm water to dissolve and add it to your pan. Leave it in there till the next time you need to use the bathroom.

Where can I buy rimless toilets in Perth?

You can purchase quality and affordable rimless toilets in Perth from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have an option for all budgets, even those on a shoe-string budget!

Choose between our economical Denali Extra Height Rimless Toilet Suite, Daytona Tornado Rimless Toilet Suite, and Montana Rimless Toilet Suite. All three hold a 4-Star WELS rating.

For rimless toilets in Perth, shop nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Click here to view our online range of toilets or head into our showroom at 57 James Street to see our extensive toilet range in person.

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