Oak Timber Look Tiles – The Perfect Flooring Solution


Is your flooring looking worn out? Are you renovating or building and looking for a robust flooring solution to meet your family’s demands? If you answered yes to either of these questions, might I suggest considering our new range of oak-look timber tiles?

As someone recently completed a home renovation, I understand the importance (and stress) of choosing a flooring solution. Your flooring must look great, complement your design style, and, most importantly, offer longevity. Finding one flooring option that checks all three boxes can be challenging, especially with the many options available today.

While timber flooring, whether hardwood or hybrid, is always a popular choice, it never checks all three boxes. The fantastic thing about our oak-look timber tiles is that they do! They look as good as timber flooring and offer the benefits of being durable, low maintenance, attractive, and stylish.

If you’re looking for timber flooring in Perth, I strongly suggest you consider these timber-look tiles as an alternative.

Please continue reading to discover more about the benefits of timber-look tiles, such as our oak-look timber tile range, and learn about the tiles themselves.

Are timber look tiles better than solid timber flooring?

There’s no denying that timber flooring looks fantastic. It’s a timeless classic, and with the various hardwoods available, you can find the perfect timber to complement any design style. However, timber flooring – solid timber flooring, is high maintenance and damages easily.

I saw just how easily solid timber flooring damages first-hand. I had a housewarming party for the first house I ever renovated – freshly sanded and polished hardwood flooring – it looked amazing. That was until the guests left, and I saw nail punctures everywhere from someone’s high heels. That was all it took, and I had to live with the clearly visible holes for the next 15 years until I undertook my most recent renovation.

Hardwood flooring also scratches and marks very easily. Each time I had to move my fridge or dishwasher out from the wall, it would scratch the floor. As the years passed, the polish would also start flaking away.

My point is that solid timber flooring does look fantastic for a certain amount of time, but daily wear and tear will be noticeable over time. More than likely, you will need to have the floorboards professionally sanded and polished at least once every 10-15 years or sooner if they experience high foot traffic. And according to hipages.com.au, this will set you back around $35 – $60 per sq/m plus GST – today’s rates. I would expect this to be much more in  10-15 years’ time.

On the other hand, timber-look tiles look fantastic from the day you lay them till the day you decide to renovate again, especially if they’re porcelain tiles. Our range of oak-look timber tiles are glazed porcelain, so you’re guaranteed many years of use – 10 years in fact. They come with a 10-year Quality Assurance Guarantee that the tiles will be repaired or replaced when the product is proven and acknowledged to be faulty.

Being porcelain, they’re extremely hard and very durable. I would have never had any nail punctures from high heels if I had chosen our timber-look tiles over solid timber flooring, that’s for sure!

Porcelain tiles are also very resistant to stain and water, far more so than ceramic tiles, which is why our range of oak-look timber tiles are so great. Moreover, because they are tiles, they can be treated with anti-slip features, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The same cannot be said for solid timber flooring.

Are timber look tiles better than engineered timber flooring?

Bias aside, I’m not a huge fan of engineered timber flooring. It’s the vinyl of the twenty-first century. Unless you pay a premium, it looks cheap and will last you no time at all. Even if you invest in top-of-the-range hybrid and engineered timber flooring, you can’t expect the longevity you would otherwise have from porcelain tiles.

Engineered timber flooring ranges in price, and like many things, you get what you pay for. The cheapest engineered timber flooring looks cheap and won’t fool anyone. Moreover, it’s not water-resistant. From what I have seen from installations at the homes of friends and family, the cheaper options are prone to bend, kicking up the sides, which can then easily chip.

Even top-of-the-range engineered timber flooring cannot guarantee to be 100% waterproof. I looked into hybrid timber flooring when renovating my home because it was said to be more water-resistant. However, the salesperson couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t be affected by water – hence, I went with porcelain tiles.

In terms of longevity, it comes down to the quality of the flooring. Engineered timber can be re-sanded 2-4mm, while laminate and hybrid timber flooring can’t be re-sanded at all.

Engineered timber flooring is excellent in the respect that it comes in various colours, which you can’t get from solid timber flooring. However, you can get a variety of colours with timber-look tiles. So, let’s see how they compare.

Timber look tiles are still a better option than engineered timber flooring, primarily due to their durability and longevity. Our range of oak look timber tiles are made from porcelain, so they’re highly water-resistant. They won’t expand or separate if water spills or your dog decides to pee on them.

Our oak-look timber tiles are priced at $50 per sq/m plus GST, which is more than budget-engineered timber flooring but cheaper than the top-of-the-range options. They also come in a range of contemporary colours to match any and all designer styles.

Our oak look timber range comes in four colours, which rival any engineered flooring option. The four colours are pictured further down in this article.

Timber look tiles and timber floorboard comparison

Let’s look at how timber look tiles compare with their timber counterparts:

Timber Look Tiles Solid Timber Flooring Engineered Timber Flooring
Affordability $50-$60 per sq/m $50-$150+ per sq/m $75-$100+ per sq/m
Durability  Highly Durable,
Low Maintenance.
Prone to scratching
will need to be re-sand every 10-15 years.
Prone to scratching, bending, expansion. It can only be re-sanded 2-4mm.
Longevity 20+ years Lasts a Lifetime 20+ years
Water resistance Highly resistant to water & stains. To some extent To some extent
Style Unlimited styles Limited by timbers As many styles as tiles, if not more

Why Choose Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s Timber Look Tiles?

As mentioned, Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers a fantastic range of Oak Timber Look tiles, which are the perfect flooring solution for any new home, renovation, or re-flooring.

Our timber look tiles are glazed porcelain tiles, which are extremely durable. Standard porcelain tiles are known for their hardness and resistance to water and stains. But glazed porcelain tiles go through a second firing process where they’re covered in a protective coating of liquid glass, making them even more resistant to water and stains, along with scratches, chips, and dirt.

In addition to the added durability that our glazed porcelain timber look tiles offer, they also provide fantastic anti-slip properties in the structured finish option. Oak Timber Look tiles with the structured finish are so slip-resistant that they’re also suitable for outdoor application, which is ideal for creating a seamless flow from your indoor living area to your outdoor living area.

The range comprises four design options, which complement any design style. There’s Avorio; a lighter honey timber, Natural; a natural mid-tone timber, Grey; a weathered-look timber and White; a white-wash look timber. They are so natural, so life-like, that they require close inspection to reveal their true composition.

They come in one size, 200 x 1200mm, and have rectified edges. This means they can be laid with tighter joint spaces with less visible grout to provide a more realistic finish.

Whether you’re looking for a flooring solution to complement a modern, traditional, Hamptons, beach, transitional, luxury, or contemporary design style, you’ll find a design in the Oak Timber Look Tile range to fit the bill, in both design and price!

At just $50 per sq/m plus GST, the Oak Timber Look Tile range offers excellent value for money and is undeniably a worthy flooring choice.

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FAQs about Timber Look Tiles

With the growing popularity of timber-look tiles in Perth, it’s only naturally for interest and enquiry to grow. To help you decide whether timber-look tiles are the perfect flooring option for you, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs.

Will timber look tiles date?

No! Today’s timber-look tiles are so realistic that they’re often mistaken for solid timber flooring or engineered flooring. If you consider how long timber flooring has been around for, literally decades and decades, you will realise that timber-look tiles will never date. They will continue to be as current and as popular as their counterparts, but you have the added benefit of their superior durability and lower maintenance requirements.

Are timber-look tiles any good?

Is the sky blue? If you’ve read this article up to this point, you will see that the many benefits they offer over their solid timber and engineered counterparts make them not only a good flooring option but, in make cases, a better flooring option. They’re more durable, require little to no maintenance, more affordable, offer excellent longevity, and (glazed porcelain timber look tiles) are resistant to water and stains, along with scratches, chips, and dirt.

What are timber-look tiles made from?

Timber look tiles are made from either ceramic or porcelain. Both fair well in replicating the natural look of solid timber floorboard, but porcelain is a more dense, harder material than ceramic. Therefore, for longevity, porcelain timber look floorboard will withstand daily use longer and provide a longer lifespan.

Are timber look tiles expensive?

No! They are priced around the same price as any other quality tile, which, as the comparison chart above shows, is generally cheaper per square meter than solid timber floorboards and engineered timber floorboards. Moreover, unlike their counterparts, which will likely need re-sanding in 10 years, tiles, especially glazed porcelain tiles, won’t require any maintenance, so the long-term costs are nill.

Our Oak Timber Look tiles are a low $50 per sq/m plus GST. You also need to consider the cost to have them laid, around $45-50 per sq/m.’

Where can you buy timber-look tiles in Perth?

You will find timber look tiles in Perth at any reputable tile store, but for the glazed porcelain tiles discussed in this article, the Oak Timber Look tiles, you’ll find them only at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Our oak timber look range is available from our online store, where you can enjoy shipping across Perth Metro, or you can walk into our showroom, located in Guildford, to view the range in person before making any decisions.


Whether you’re building, renovating, or looking to re-floor your home if you have always dreamt of having solid timber floorboard, timber look tiles aren’t the next best thing, but the BEST thing!

Unlike solid timber floorboard and engineered timber floorboard, timber-look tiles offer greater durability and lower maintenance, and they are more affordable. Tile design has come a long way over the past 5-10 years. Today, timber-look tiles such as our Oak Timber Look tiles appear so realistic that they’re often mistaken for their counterparts.

Make a smart flooring choice by choosing porcelain timber look tiles for your new project. You’ll find no better than the quality tiles in our range. Shop online for delivery across Peth Metro, or head into our showroom at 57 James St, Guildford, to see our wide range of flooring options in Perth.

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