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Kitchen Wall Tiles

Aussies are known to be vibrant and fun-loving people. However, when it comes to choosing a colour for kitchen walls, most Australian homeowners are restrained and conservative.

According to Houzz’s Kitchen Trends survey, 59% of homeowners who updated their kitchens last year chose white for their walls, while 16% chose grey and 14% chose beige, respectively.

Given this information, I thought I would share some of our tiles that match these tending colours. If you want to upgrade or renovate your kitchen, choose any kitchen wall tiles in Perth to stay on trend!

White walls

You can’t go wrong with white walls in your kitchen. White is always a great choice as it allows you to create various looks, from classic to contemporary. Regardless of what other colours are in your scheme, white will perfectly complement them all.

To update your kitchen walls or splashback with trendy subway tiles, choose our Gloss White Wall Tile 10x20cm. Available in a high gloss finish, this subway tile will help you create an elegant and refined look.

Alternatively, you can use our Foster White feature wall tile to adopt a bold look in your kitchen. With a unique embossed pattern, this wall tile will allow you to add depth to your space.

Or, to create a lively and contemporary space, you’ll find nothing better than our Charm Arabescato wall tile. The natural stone look of this tile will help you to create a lavish kitchen that others will envy.

Grey walls

Grey is also a great choice for kitchen walls as it can easily blend in with most colour schemes. Use different shades of grey on your walls to create an interesting look, or go with a single shade to create a minimalistic look.

Our Brickbold Gris wall tile is an excellent choice for grey kitchen walls. This wall tile will allow you to create a stunning and visually appealing kitchen and features 16 different patterns in varying shades of grey.

Alternatively, the Matang Zinc ceramic tile is a good choice if you’re looking to create a more streamlined and minimalistic kitchen. Its faux zinc look will do very well to complement both traditional and modern design schemes.

If you’d like to create a bold and stylish kitchen, use our Image Décor feature tile. Available in a geometric design with different patterns in multiple shades of grey, this feature tile will allow you to add some character to your kitchen walls.

Beige walls

Beige is another neutral colour that goes well with just about any other colour. Using it on your kitchen walls is a great option whether you’re looking to create a monochromatic space or a colourful and vibrant kitchen.

To create a minimalistic and contemporary kitchen, choose our Deiva Dark Beige wall tile. Featuring a dark shade of beige with subtle patterns, it comes in a glossy finish. This tile will work well both with light and dark colour schemes.

For adding some subtle style to your kitchen walls, nothing works better than our Brickbold Almond feature tile. This feature tile includes a variety of patterns in different shades of almond and offers elegant looks. Its aesthetics will perfectly complement modern interiors.

And, to adopt a really interesting look in your kitchen, choose our Loft (Beige) wall tile. This wall tile will also allow you to add more depth to your kitchen and features raised hexagons with internal patterns. And, the soft beige colour will do well with a range of décors.


If you want to stay on trend, you should consider white, grey, beige, green or blue on your kitchen walls. Choose our Gloss White Wall Tile 10x20cm, our Foster White or our Charm Arabescato wall tiles to go with white kitchen walls. To create a grey kitchen, choose our Brickbold Gris, Matang Zinc, or Image Décor wall tiles. Go with our Deiva Dark Beige, Brickbold Almond or Loft (Beige) wall tiles for beige kitchen walls.

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