Laundry Renovation Made Easy with Ross’s Laundry Cupboards

Laundry Renovation

When it comes to updating or renovating a laundry, you must always make sure to pay attention to functionality. After all, laundries serve a very practical purpose, so it’s important to remember this.

One easy way to ensure that you give your laundry a practical upgrade is by choosing the right laundry cupboards. Choosing the right cupboards will make your laundry functional and determine your space’s look.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre is the leading supplier of pre-assembled laundry cupboards in Perth. So today, we’ll look at how our cupboards can help you renovate your laundry with little effort and no fuss.

Our laundry cupboards allow you to create any layout

The layout of your laundry plays a significant role in determining the usability of your space. While most people opt for a simple u-shaped or l-shaped layout, there are other layouts you can choose from. The placement of your laundry cupboards is what will determine the layout of your space.

Regardless of your desired layout, you’ll have no trouble achieving it using our laundry cupboards. Our laundry cupboards are modular units that can be arranged per your needs. With our cupboards, you can easily design and create any layout or structure.

Our laundry cupboards are available in various shapes and sizes

When choosing your cupboards, you should choose cupboards according to the size of your laundry – they should be proportional to the space. Our laundry cabinets at Ross’s Discount Home Centre are perfect for this. Our laundry cabinets come in various shapes, sizes and configurations, allowing you to create just the laundry you need.

From wall cabinets to base cabinets, full linen cupboards, and laundry sinks and troughs, you’ll find every type of cupboard you need for your laundry at our store.

Our cupboards come completely pre-assembled

Unlike flatpack cabinets, which require DIY assembly, our laundry cupboards come completely pre-assembled. Thereby choosing our cupboards over flatpack cabinets, you won’t have to spend hours trying to put the cabinets together, only to find that, in most cases, you’re missing screws or other essential components.

While our cupboards come fully pre-assembled, they are also designed to offer easy installation in any space. Simply purchase our cabinets, place them as per your requirements, and you’ll have a functional laundry in no time at all! With our pre-assembled cupboards, you needn’t bother looking at flatpack cabinets!

Our cupboards are affordable

While you can certainly choose to get custom laundry cupboards made, they can be quite costly. However, if you choose our pre-assembled cupboards, you’ll save a considerable amount of money, which you can then spend on other aspects of your renovation.

Our laundry cupboards start from as low as $160 per unit, far cheaper than the starting price for custom cabinets. While flatpacks are similarly priced to our cupboards, ours will save you from having to deal with any installation requirements.

We offer super-fast shipping and free delivery across Perth Metro

When undertaking a laundry renovation, you’ll no doubt want everything to run smoothly and efficiently – after all, who wants to be without a laundry for longer than a week? This is precisely what will happen by choosing to purchase our laundry cupboards.

We offer super fast shipping and free delivery across Perth Metro on all our products. When you purchase from us, your cupboards will be delivered within 2-3 days. This means you can complete your laundry renovation in a matter of days!


If you’re looking for a quick and easy laundry renovation, then choose to purchase your laundry cupboards from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. By choosing our cupboards, you can create any layout you want, instantly and with ease.

Our cupboards are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and configurations, so regardless of the size of your laundry, you’ll find the right cupboards to fit your space. And because our cupboards come completely pre-assembled, you won’t have to dread assembling them.

For affordable laundry cupboards in Perth that will arrive in 2-3 days, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. To take advantage of our free delivery across Perth Metro, shop for our laundry cupboards from our online store today!

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